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Sunday, November 28, 2021

DBL Homicide

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DBL Homicide
DBL Homicide
KBI investigates a Double Homicide in Iola

Oklahoma woman.

Chris: authorities in oklahoma say a person of interest in a southeast kansas double homicide was shot.

This is koam news at six... ben converse -- is that person of interest in the murder of two people in iola kansas.

We're told he was shot after a confrontation with police in tulsa.

Koam's zach dodge spoke with neighbors of the victims and he has more for us tonight.

Zach: 36 year-old molly wilson and her father 69-year-old john tadlock were found dead at 114 south kentucky street in iola.

Others that we talked to in the neighborhood say that they are sad and shocked to hear the news.

Around 5 p-m thursday afternoon, officials with the iola police department responded to 114 south kentucky in iola -- where they found 36 year-old molly wilson and her father 69-year-old john tadlock dead from apparent gunshot wounds.

Neighbor and friend to wilson -- robin hyden..

Didn't hear what happened until the next morning.

Hyden:"all of the police and everything showed up here around four o'clock in the afternoon.

But i haven't heard anything like in a couple days..

It's been pretty quite."

Hyden says wilson and tadlock moved to the neighborhood a little over a month ago..

And already were leaving an impression.

Hyden:"i just got to know her and met her over the last couple weeks.

It's very sad..

She was a good person."

Nancy rice lives on south fourth street..

And was surprised to hear what had happened in her quite neighborhood.

Rice:"the neighborhood here..

Everyone kind of looks after each other and keeps an eye on things."

Rice, hyden and many people in the area are sad they won't get to see wilson or tadlock's smiling facess in the neighborhood.

Rice:"i don't know them.

I see them out every now and again, but i feel sorry for the family that this has happened to."

Hyden:"my heart goes out to her family."

We've reached out to the k-b-i, the allen county sheriff's office, and iola police department for more information.

We will continue to update this story as more becomes available.

Reporting in iola, zach dodge, koam news.

Chris: thanks zach.

Again authorities say 38-year-old ben converse was the person of interest in the homicide..

We're told he was shot in tulsa.

We'll have more information on that including his condition when it's available.

Chris: the kansas

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