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Friday, January 22, 2021

Chocolate covered fruit – how to melt chocolate with Chef Allison Davis

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Chocolate covered fruit – how to melt chocolate with Chef Allison Davis
Chocolate covered fruit – how to melt chocolate with Chef Allison Davis
Melting Chocolate in a Double Boiler

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Allison davis: yeah.

Speaker 1: that could be a good ... what am i doing volunteering us?

How are you darling?

Allison davis: i am wonderful.

Speaker 1: you're sitting there.

Allison davis: i'm being very patient.

Speaker 1: very patient with melting chocolate.

Allison davis: oh isn't it look gorgeous?

Speaker 1: it's gorgeous.

Allison davis: so i'm not one for baking.

Not much of a baker.

Speaker 1: no we didn't do a lot of baking.

Allison davis: i know.

I'm not one ... i just don't love it.

I like it, i don't love it like i do cooking.

Speaker 1: yeah.

Allison davis: but this is just perfect for easy, again, healthy dessert.

Speaker 1: i feel like i'm hiding chocolate from my teeth.

Allison davis: no, you're good.

Had you already snuck some in?

Speaker 1: hello.

Allison davis: no, so i went to old kentucky chocolate.

Speaker 1: yeah.

Allison davis: and of course everybody knows about chocolate dipped strawberries.

Speaker 1: of course.

Allison davis: but if you haven't had a chocolate dipped grape, with a little bit of sea salt, it is phenomenal.

Speaker 1: really?

Allison davis: yeah, so we're doing some chocolate dipped fruit.

Speaker 1: okay.

Allison davis: and again, if you are trying to stick to those resolutions, and you are trying ... speaker 1: forget this.

Allison davis: no this is okay.

A little bit of dark chocolate, right?

Speaker 1: okay.

Allison davis: so this is dark chocolate, at least 60% cacao, right?

I would've liked to have even 70% cacao.

Speaker 1: what is it?


Allison davis: which is the chocolates.

Speaker 1: what?

Allison davis: i've gone with bittersweet cacao, see?

Speaker 1: she's no fun.

Allison davis: which one?

I don't know.

I didn't get it.

I'm too blonde.

Speaker 1: i know.

Allison davis: alright but, 60% or higher.

Speaker 1: okay.

Allison davis: okay.

And so, this is more of a bittersweet or a dark chocolate.

And then we're gonna just dip and have fun with it, but i want you to really try this.

So i'm gonna drop our grape in.

I typically will use a fork when i'm dipping, because ... speaker 1: that makes sense.

Allison davis: i can drizzle off, right?

Speaker 1: yeah.

Allison davis: and then we're just gonna go right on some parchment.

And then we're gonna sprinkle this with a little sea salt, just right on top.

Speaker 1: oh, like a caramel fudge.

Allison davis: and we're gonna let that set- speaker 1: that's it?

Allison davis: -and you're gonna enjoy that, and you're gonna tell me what's up.

Speaker 1: i just want to make it cool immediately.

Allison davis: you can drop it in the freezer, and honestly if you were doing this a day ahead, you could keep these in the freezer- speaker 1: oh really?

Allison davis: and pull them out for your party.

Speaker 1: oh.

Allison davis: yeah.

And when i do the chocolate dipped strawberries, i don't use the fork.

I go left and right.

So that kind of gives you that sweetheart chocolate, see that indent?

So you just go left and right, let that drizzle off, and then we're just gonna go there.

You could do some white chocolate the same way.

As far as the method of heating, this is double boiling.

So you want to- speaker 1: get those grapes happening, boo.

Allison davis: so you want to bring your water to a boil, and then you have a heat proof glass dish above it.

And so the double boiling method is just a better way, i think, of melting your chocolate, to prevent it from seizing up.

You know?

Speaker 1: are we putting chocolate ... i mean, this ... what is this?

Allison davis: no i typically don't do the sea salt on the strawberries.

But on the grapes i do.

Another way- speaker 1: oh that's got a taste to it.

Allison davis: yeah.

It's a lemon.

It's a lemon sea salt.

We actually sell it here in the store.


Speaker 1: oh it's got a good kick.

Allison davis: right?

Speaker 1: yeah.

Allison davis: okay.

So once we get these dipped, there's a couple other variations of this you could do.

I've done a caramel dipped strawberries, and rolled them in pistachios.

Speaker 1: yeah i could imagine.

Allison davis: yeah so you could do a nice little variation.

These are just, again, healthy, simple, low carb, no gluten dessert- speaker 1: let me get over there and try this.

Allison davis: -to go with your entertaining at parties.

Speaker 1: now, i want to show everyone at home.

What do i do again?

Allison davis: so left and then right.

Speaker 1: right.

Allison davis: or right and then left.

Yeah so that just gives you the nice indention.

Speaker 1: oh look.

Allison davis: so if you wanted to, you could even use the white chocolate and kinda do the little tuxedo edge.

Speaker 1: now what do i do?

Allison davis: so then you just lay it on your parchment.

Speaker 1: okay.

Allison davis: so this is still a little not quite there yet.

I wanted you to try it.

Speaker 1: oh don't worry.

Allison davis: i love these.

Speaker 1: let's keep doing some strawberries.

Allison davis: just a note to the audience.

When you're buying your strawberries, always purchase your berries organic.

If you ever heard of the clean fifteen or the dirty dozen, there's a few vegetables and fruits that you should always buy organic.

Speaker 1: alright.

Allison davis: and that is your strawberries- speaker 1: whoops.

Allison davis: -because they're so porous.

Speaker 1: are they?

Allison davis: yup.

Speaker 1: alright if you want to find out about this recipe and many more, head over to, click on the recipe tab.

It's all over there everyone.

Allison davis:


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