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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Corning Stabbing Arrest

Credit: KHSL
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Corning Stabbing Arrest
Corning Stabbing Arrest

Corning Police arrested a man for stabbing another man outside a restaurant downtown.

Leading voices.### 2-shot stephanie stephanie new this morning.... an altercation at a restaurant end with one man in the hospital... the other behind bars!

Julia julia vo corning police say it happened at "la hacienda restaurant" on solano street in downtown corning sunday night.

Here's what investigator say happened: "juan hernandez" was sitting at a table, when "alfredo velasquez" punched him in the face - breaking his nose.

"hernandez" then followed "velasquez" outside and stabbed him in the chest and leg.

"velasquez" is expected to recover.



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