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Thursday, June 17, 2021

WCBI NEWS AT TEN - February 28, 2019

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WCBI NEWS AT TEN - February 28, 2019
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - February 28, 2019
WCBI NEWS AT TEN - February 28, 2019

Thank you for joining us tonight..

An okolona man is killed in a crash after investigators say the truck he was driving struck a tree.

Just after 2 this afternoon mhp troopers responded to the crash on ms 41 near county road 178 in chickasaw county.

The driver, jonathan marley, 58, troopers say was pronounced dead on scene.

Troopers say marley was driving south on ms 41 when he ran off the road and hit a tree.

Troopers say he was not wearing a seat belt.

The accident is still under investigation.

How safe are you when you go onto someone else's property?

And who's responsible if you get hurt while you're there?

Those questions are at the center of a controversy surrounding the landowners protection act being considered at the state capitol.

Courtney ann jackson has the latest from house members who voted on the bill today.

Right now---if you get injured while you're on someone's property by another individual---that landowner is fully liable.

Even if they don't know the person who hurt you.

But that could change if the landowners protection act is signed into law.

"business owners should not in and of themselves, bear the brunt of the crime that's occurring."

All of these logos represent business organizations supporting the act.


They say it will protect businesses from frivolous lawsuits.

"what we're trying to do is simply clarify when landowners are responsible that they be held responsible but when they're not responsible, how does that work."

Opponents say the proposed changes would lead to more crime because property owners won't have the same expectation to take reasonable security measures.

"if you just willy nilly, let someone do whatever they want to do, that's what they're going to do...nothing.

They're not going to do anything to make sure that things are safe for customers that are coming."

Meanwhile, representative mark baker argues that's not necessarily the case now.

"the misconceptions are that businesses are responsible for having lighting or they're responsible for having security.

They're responsible for having personnel.

Not necessarily.

And by the way, it doesn't stop people from suing these businesses that have all of those things in place.

If there were crimes on the property in the last three years that resulted in a felony conviction---the bill says the business would be liable because it would be considered an "atmosphere of violence".

But that's not enough for those who worry about the consequences.

"it would make properties less safe here in mississippi for people."

Courtney ann jackson, wcbi news starting tomorrow when you go out to eat in columbus you'll be seeing a tax increase on your receipt.

The 2-percent restaurant tax officially takes effect tomorrow.

The state legislature revived the tax, and governor phil bryant signed it into law earlier in the session..

You may remember last year, the tax came up for renewal, but died in committee..

Mayor robert smith says with the tax back in place it's going to have a great impact for the city and lowndes county.

Take new at 10 stinger tonight the city of columbus celebrates main street.

Main street's annual meeting celebrating milestones in 2018 was held at events off fifth.

Dozens of people involved with the city,both employees and volunteers packed the venue.

Downtown columbus is at 92-percent capacity beating the state average of 83- percent.

Out of 146 properties, only 12 remain vacant, according to barbara bigelow with main street columbus.

Also at tonights party they unveiled this years artwork for market street festival this may.

Hollywood comes to starkville.

At least it's going to feel that way with tomorrow's red carpet event.

It's being rolled out for the 22nd annual magnolia film festival.

The event kicks off tonight at hollywood premier cinemas.

This year will feature 32 different films ranging from comedy, drama, animation and documentaries from independent filmmakers all over the world.

"the magnolia independent film festival is very important not just this community and the golden triangle, but to the state.

Since the mag was the very first film festival in mississippi, it's behind a whole film festival culture within our state and an entire independent community.

Back in 1997 there was no other film festival.

There was no outlet for film makers.'

The red carpet event tomorrow starts tomorrow.

First look stinger thursday started of pretty nasty with areas of rain and drizzle.

Some of us saw a few peaks of sunshine thursday afternoon!

Unfortunately, it looks like that sunshine is going to come to an end this weekend.

A strong cold front is expected to push through, bringing us a potential for a as black history month comes to a close, we conclude our made by history series where we started -- the church.

After saturday's destructive tornado in columbus, there were church groups on the ground within hours to help.

One was missionary union baptist church - a historic african-american church near one of the hard-hit neighborhoods.

Our quentin smith has more on their efforts to put words into actions..

" if a movement is going to start it has been in the church the church has been the power based off our community."

It was just a few weeks ago when pastor tony montgomery explained how people find hope in the church...not knowing that hope would now be relied upon after an ef-3 tornado struck the columbus this past weekend.

" the church is a place of resource.

Yes we can pray for people, but when you talk about meeting needs, it should be meeting the spiritual and the physical needs for people.

It's not just about give them some scripture.

It's about give them some food, provide shelter."

Nat instead of serving people from the pulpit on sunday.... nat montgomery and his church were out in the community to serving those who were effected by the tornado..... " we did have a brief worship service on sunday morning, but my cook was cooking the whole time and servers were getting things ready, so at 12 o'clock noon we were ready to feed."

Nat montgomery says his congregation has fed close to a thousand people this week alone.

He says in dark and trying times, the church is a place many people seek first for relief.

"for us it's to make sure that this community is made whole again.

Yes this community may not have the resources of some other communities, but they are people, they are gods people.

We want to make sure that the city, fema, mima, and the governor they do with they are suppose to do."

All week long, other churches and pastors have also answered the call to service by giving back to a community that's lost so much.

Showing that not even a destructive tornado, or demolished homes, or a damaged community can stop them from continuing to do the lord's work.

"this is our community.

We serve here.

We work here.

We worship here.

We wanted to do it for this community to let them know we're not just here to invite them to church, but somebody who serves them when they have needs."

" they are not victims, they are survivors, but if we don't do what we're supposed to do, we will make them victims, and that's the problem.

The churches position in this is to do the work of god but to be the boys if we have to have people who are hurting."

Take vo in monitor montgomery says he and his church will continue to serve meals..

And keep their boots on the ground assisting everyone impacted by the storm... hundreds of volunteers were out at genesis church to help hand out supplies to tornado victims. 30-thousand pounds of supplies, loaded up in an 18 wheeler made it's way to the friendly city.

Bags were filled with food and hygiene products.

Volunteers say there was enough to hand out 15-hundred bags.

There are about 100 tornado damaged homes that cannot take electricity.

Columbus light and water employees and city leaders went to those homes today.

They handed out flyers to the people that lived there and explained the situation, while giving information on resources that are available.

Shady and moss streets, along with conway drive are particularly hard hit.

If electricity was hooked up to some of these homes, it could cause a fire.

"a large problem with the houses is that the roof is off, the walls are gone, the foundation is cracked and we have seen smaller problems where just limbs and debris have torn the weather head loose from the house.

So, you have both big and small problems."

The city inspection department will approve repairs to the homes before electricity can be connected.

If you believe that you should be receiving power and are not, call columbus light and water's emergency line at the number on your screen.

Stinger drizzle.

Some of us saw a few peaks of sunshine thursday afternoon!

Unfortunately, it looks like that sunshine is going to come to an end this weekend.

A strong cold front is expected to push through, bringing us a potential for a few severe storms, in addition to some well below average temperatures for next week.

Friday: friday might start off with a few sprinkles across eastern portions of the area.

Some of us could see a few patches of mist on our morning commutes, but most of the rain should be done by noon.

Clouds will hang with us through the day on friday, making our highs stay in the upper 50s and lower 60s.

Overnight, we could see our a few sprinkles of rain once again as lows drop into the lower 50s.

Saturday: saturday will be our last warm day for a little while.

Get out and enjoy it if you can!

Highs will top out in the middle 60s, with clouds remaining partly sunny.

Saturday night will be mild with lows only getting down into the lower 50s.

Our next major weather system begins to move into the twin states overnight saturday, bringing us another chance of severe storms and heavier rainfall.

Sunday: severe storms will be likely during the early morning hours of sunday.

Right now, damaging winds appear to be the main threat, but we cannot rule out the possibility of a tornado or damaging hail.

Highs on sunday will occur in the early morning hours!

We will start the day off in the upper 60s, and fall into the 30's overnight!

Winds will shift from the southeast to the northwest, ushering in some much colder air.

Before all is said and done with, we could pick up a good 1 to 2 inches of rain across the area, with some of us seeing locally higher amounts.

Monday, tuesday and wednesday: i have got some good news for all of you winter lovers!

During the first half of next week, our highs will struggle to make it into the middle and lower 40s!

Hopefully you haven't started you garden yet, because morning lows on monday, tuesday and wednesday will be well below freezing.

Most of us will drop all of the way down into the middle 20s, with maybe even an embedded upper teen or two.

On the bright side though , we will see sunshine return as early as monday morning, lasting through wednesday evening!

We the dawgs taking on lsu on the hardwood.

Highlights from women's basketball coming up later in sports.

This month we're talking all about cardiac care.

Tonight how low sodium diets can help lower heart disease risk in our health talk with baptist.


I'm brianna cooper, a clinical dietitian at baptist memorial hospital golden triangle remember that a heart healthy diet includes low fat, low cholesterol, and low sodium.

Tonight in health talk with baptist, we will discuss sodium.

Paying attention to sodium levels in foods may help to reduce your risk of heart disease.

Choose foods that contain less than 300 mg of sodium per serving.

Sodium intake should be less than 2400 mg per day.

One teaspoon of salt contains 2300 mg of sodium.

According to the cdc, americans get most of their daily sodium, more than 75 percent, from processed and restaurant foods.

Roughly 40 percent of all the sodium in the american diet comes from just 10 different types of foods which are: ?

Bread and rolls ?

Cured meats/cold cuts ?

Pizza ?

Poultry ?

Soup ?

Sandwiches ?

Cheese ?

Pasta dishes ?

Meat dishes ?

Snacks tips for reducing sodium intake include: ?

Choose low sodium or no added salt versions of foods ?

Avoid processed foods, such as frozen dinners, instant cooking foods, luncheon meats and potted meats, pickles, sauerkraut, and olives ?

Limit condiments and salt seasonings.


Do not add extra salt to your food while cooking or at the table.


Choose fresh or frozen vegetables use spices and herbs to enhance the taste of foods.

It normally takes about two weeks for your taste buds to adapt to a change.

Join us next time for health talk with baptist.

Stinger hail state hoops makes it back to back the bulldogs are on top of the sec once again....highlight s from starkville next in sports... spx open senior night in starkville as state takes on lsu 1st quarter big t finds anriel howard who drives, gets fouled and makes the layup.

Dogs up 4-0 later in the quarter, jordan danberry crossover, attacks the rim and bucket.

State up 6 then still in the first tieara mccowan hits this baby jumper putting state back up 6.

State ball now, xaria wiggins dribbles and finds jazzmun holmes in the corner who hits the j.

State goes up 19-13.

Now in the 2nd quarter, big t cleaning up the offensive glass.

Out battles 2 lsu defenders for the board...gimme that and the bucket.

Dogs go up 26-20 now jazzmun holmes finds big t down low for the turn around jumper.

State up 4.

Then the dogs clamp down on defense forcing this steal, holmes outlet to taylor who bounce passes to howard for the finish!!

State up 8.

Then off the inbounds, jaz holmes alley oop passes to tieara mccowan for the score.

Mccowan finishing with 25 and 13 on senior night then to finish off the half, danberry finds anriel howard who pulls the j in the high post.


Hail state hoops clinches a share of the sec regular season title......dawgs run it back to back.....topping lsu 76-56 ole miss drops a heartbreaker on the road at alabama... crimson tide winning 46-43 rebels fall to 3- 12 in sec play.....crystal allen finishing with 20 points time to punch tickets to jackson...the little egg bowl hoops version...starkvi lle taking on oxford jackets unleashing from deep...nice ball movement to tyler talley from the arkville up early oxford answers...jj pegues to tykel owens...baseline drive...takes the contact...and one... coach carter not so sure about that one then the starkville 3 barrage....talley takes two steps past half court....pulls up from pettys bbq for three jamarrion brown getting in on the action...assist from terry tate...starkville racing ahead chargers join the 3-point contest....pegues ...the big fella showing off the range....he'd have 30 in this one not enough....starkvi lle joins the final four....defeats oxford 79-65 the tupelo golden wave hoping to punch their ticket to jackson hosting jackson murrah in boys 6a playoff action..

Tupelo jumped in front as keondra hampton nails a three 3- nothing... then the shot is off but anthony nichols gets the offensive rebound and the bucket 5-nothing wave... the pass inside to josh mitchell--moves and lays it in 9- 6.... fast break it's mason gary with the slam..12-6.... tupelo joins starkville in the jackson...wave win 62-567 tupelo hosting hernando in girls 6-a action...they led girls 6-a action...they led 19-18 at half... third quarter....kenzie sharp drives and gets the basket to give tupelo a 21-20....lead...'s jalancia kohlheim....with the basket to cut a hernando deficit to 25-23... late 3rd quarter....halle traylor with a 3- pointer....30-30.

But hernando led 34-30 after three... 4th's jaliscia florence driving and scoring to make it a 36-35 deficit... with 1:45 to play...traylor again with a 3- pointer to cut it to 43-40...the lady wave had several west lowndes looking to earn its way to jackson...taking on mcadams close game out of halftime...not for long...nice ball movement from the inside to qua sanders...hoop plus the harm....panthers up..what an atmosphere at west lowndes tonight panthers swinging....if you're just going to leave jermaine williams that open....he'll have to make it rain... right before the end of the third quarter....panthe rs steal the inbounds...outlet to brooks...takes it coast to coast and makes the impossible layin at the buzzer... west lowndes punches its


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