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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Tawnya's top 5 (3/11/19)

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Tawnya's top 5 (3/11/19)
Tawnya's top 5 (3/11/19)
Tawnya compares her top 5 box office predictions with the box office results

>> captain marvel makes a winning debut.

It is a big honor planned for the original mary poppins.

>> we have those stories and more.

>> captain marvel made her way to the top spot of the box office.

The first female-led superhero movie was the first time they've won in the opening weekend.

It stars assumal larson and samuel jackson.

Country music star, brett eldridge is wrapping up the country to country tour.

He said playing overseas has been an exciting experience.

The tour, which featured a number of country superstars went to ground in the u.


European audiences seem to hang on to every word of every song.

>> the level of the fans in u.


And europe is where everyone has driven -- it's number 9 on the album.

They know the song was a big hit song.

>> stars keith urban and lady antebellum were among the performers.

They will be honored with lifetime achievement award.

The 83-year-old film icon starred in more than 40 movies including "sound of mus music", "mary poppins" and others.

That's your eye on entertainment.

Chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles.

>> so, we told you captain marvel was number one at the box office.

We didn't tell you how much money it made.

>> we have another one of those record breakers.

>> it did prit good.

It did pretty good, 153 million.

>> are you kidding me?

>> that is the 7th highest opening for marvel movies.

>> 153.

>> it did good.

Number 2, "how to train your dragon" made 14.7.

And the lego movie ii, 3.8.

Alita battle angel, done to 3.2.

At that point, it's just which one are you going to throw back?

>> that is unreal.

>> so, obviously, captain marvel was my number one pick.

>> yeah.

>> i did pretty good.

I had "how to train your dragon" at number 2.

>> okay.

That's the thing, nobody can blame you because after captain marvel, nobody made any money.

They were all gathered so closely together.

Yeah, i mean -- yeah.

You honestly could have picked anything number 5 and had a chance to beat them.

>> i know we don't look at the numbers during the week, but because it's spring break, i bet captain marvel, how to train your dragon do well this week.

>> here's what i'm dying to find.

You do such a good job of informing us how many theaters everything is in.

>> yeah, captain marvel and "how to train your dragon" were in 4,000 theaters.

>> i would love to have a geographic breakdown on what makes money where.

I'm not talking about our neck of the woods.

I'm talking about a heat map.


Good weather, bad weather.

No -- >> i'll work on that for you.

>> that would be really interesting to see if we could find a heat


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