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Monday, May 10, 2021


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When you think of law enforcement going undercover, a telemarketer doesn't usually come to mind.

Northern district public commissioner brandon presley says agents from his office will be undercover to stop those annoying calls.

He says agents will talk with the telemarketers and collect information in order to prosecute the company.

Presley also wants to talk to phone companies to crack down on the calls.

Once july 1st rolls around, fines could reach 75 hundred dollars.

"we are going to use their own tactics against them, because they have no scruples.

They have no hesitancy to harass our people to try to steal from mississippians.

And so, we are going to sue undercover tactics and deception, quite frankly, to try to go out and make sure we track these companies down."

Can can report calls to the public service commission's office or on the psc app.

Technology is continuously áupdatingá.

With face recognition, touch-id, and passcodes keeping our devices secure is a top priority.

But even with enhancements, hackers seem to make their way into our phones.

Our stephanie poole talks with a phone tech and learns about ways to protect our electronic devices.

She joins us live in studio.

It seems as though 'anyone' can find personal information that we put in our cellphones.

However there are ways, like updating your passwords, that can help decrease the chances of your phone and information being hacked.

In today's world, we are constantly plugged in for hours on our cellphones.

A lot of times, our phones hold personal information.

Sometimes, that information gets into the wrong hands.

"on apple specifically, it'll send you a notification if someone is trying to access your information.."

Owner of cellphone repair geeks ben mitchell says that on apple devices you can protect your device with a few security options.

" you want to probably add two-factor authentication to your phone that way if someone is trying to hack information they have to get a code."

A code that you the user already have set up.

Mitchell also suggests to change your passwords often.

" reset the appleid passwords specifically , go into your email and reset the email passwords.

If they're the same as that password i'll go ahead and reset.

Facebook, instagram, snapchat all that kind of stuff."

Mitchell says making your password tricky is key when it comes to keeping potential hackers out.

" 6 digits is about 100x harder to hack into.

If you wanna be even safer, add the alphanumeric.

You can change it to where you can put any custom word.

It makes it even more difficult to get into it.

" many smartphones allow us store debit and credit card information.

Ensuring you have a secure login lessens the chances for your money to be stolen.

Candance bank branch manager shelley clark says they have a team that monitors accounts for possible fraudulent charges.

"any suspicious activity, if you live in columbus and you do a lot of traveling you need to tell the bank.

If you're going to california for a business trip, you need to let bank know because if you plan on using your card there they'll actually decline the charge thinking it'll be a fraudulent item.

With personal information easily accessible now days, cadence bank has an account designed specifically to help repay people back with in 60 days, if their account was compromised.

"if it is something that you didn't authorize, you get that provisional credit so you get it back immediately once you fill out the dispute."

A good rule of thumb both clark and mitchell say is to change your passwords every three to six months.

Centred up a lowndes county man will spend a decade in prison for a child sex crime.

43-year-old jerry burrus the third was sentenced today in lowndes county circuit court.

He pleaded guilty to one count of touching a child for lustful purposes.

Three other counts were retired.

The victim testified during an emotional sentencing hearing.

Prosecutors say burrus did know the victim.

Burrus must serve every day of the ten year sentence.

Wipe to gfx a smithville man is out on bond after being charged with several sex crimes.

63-year-old curtis wayne mckinney is charged with three counts of fondling and two counts of sexual battery.

Monroe county investigators are not releasing any information about the case.

Mckinney was arrested on monday and released the next day on a 15 thousand dollar bond.

Wipe to vo three subway restaurants in three monroe county towns are victims of a fresh burglary.

The sandwich bandits sliced their way inside the aberdeen, amory and nettleton locations.

Law enforcement in all three towns confirmed the early morning break-ins.

Nettleton police say a brick was thrown through the front door by two men.

The thieves skipped the salami and went straight for the safe.

They also got inside the cash register.

No one has been arrested in the investigations.

Centred up a calhoun county woman is killed in a motorcycle crash on interstate 55.

The accident happened about one this afternoon, near mile marker 180 in carroll county.

State troopers say 46-year-old charles alan russell of pittsboro lost control of the bike after the rear tire blew out.

Russell's wife, 48-year-old annie russell, died at the scene after being thrown from the motorcycle.

Charles russell was taken to a jackson hospital with life- threatening injuries.

The mississippi highway patrol is continuing to investigate the crash.

First look stinger first look tonight: we're anticipating a few scattered showers and storms through the night.

Most storms stay below severe limits, but some gusts of wind and small hail can't be ruled out in a stronger storm.

Overall rain amounts will be progress is being made on the sandbar that's blocking the tenn-tom waterway at the aberdeen lock and dam.

Tenn-tom waterway development authority administrator mitch mays got an update from the corps of engineers earlier this week.

They're hoping the waterway will re-open within the next week..

Our jory tally joins us with more.

Dredging has been going on since march... continued rain and severe storms have been causing the process to slow down.

However, the clean-up process is nearing the finish line.

"this is unprecedented.

This has never happened on the tenn-tom waterway before.

The situation with the continuous rains and storms has been an issue that we have never seen before, so i've described this as a generational type event."

And with a generational event comes what seems like a generational amount of work.

This is what's left of the sandbar that stretched across a large part of the tenn- tom waterway here at the aberdeen lock and dam.

Heavy rains and severe storms dumped tons of sediment into the waterway back in late february, early march, bringing river traffic áandá business to a standstill..

"it's been of great concern.

It's caused business and industry a lot of extra money in shipping, using other modes that they had not been using and were not set up for, but we're hoping this reaches a resolution very soon."

Although the dredge has been operating 24-7 for over two months, the work's still not over..

"it's 14 feet deep and the authorized depth of the waterway is 9 feet, so basically the high water left 5 foot of excess shoaling, sediment, sand and debris above what would be normal."

Crews are working two to three-hundred feet from the lock, which is where tenn-tom waterway development authority administrator mitch mays says they want them to be.

However, he says they had hoped things would be flowing freely by now..

"as the dredge clears out part of it, we have heavy rain or a storm and then of course, it washes more sediment into the areas that they've already dredged, so that's adding to the time that it takes to get the waterway back open."

Although the waterway isn't completely back open until the work is done here, there is ásomeá good news downstream.

"the waterway was open as far north as columbus, so from mobile to columbus, has been business as usual.

There's been a couple of little places where they have had to go in and clean up around the columbus port, but those have been addressed and fixed and then of course, north of aberdeen, they've been able to ship up and down the waterway, as well."

Mays says he's been told crews had estimated that that particular sandbar had over 600,000 cubic feet of sediment in it.

Stinger the resurgence of what was considered a áchildhoodá disease has many adults worried..

We have what you need to know when we come back... welcome back..

Measles has been a growing concern across the u.s. at the end of last week, the center for disease control reported 839 cases.

That has some adults questioning whether they need a booster shot.

Our rylie livingston takes a look at what adults need to do.

Though no measles cases have been diagnosed in mississippi, a person with the the virus reportedly travel through the magnolia state in april.

And that was enough to spark fear.

"i had a lot of adults asking me if they needed to have their titers checked titers is simply a blood test to determine immunity or whether they needed to be a repeat vaccination the short answer is probably not."

Dr. william rosenblatt says most people are immune.

If you were born before 1960, you were probably already exposed and built an immunity and if you were born after you probably got vaccinated.

But there are some special cases.

"most people have lifetime immunity to the measles.

Now there might be circumstances where you're immune system is compromised later in life and then again, that's the case where you might want to talk to your doctor and ask that question."

A report from the center for disease control says the measles have been reported in georgia, tennessee, and texas.

But dr. rosenblatt says the chance of it spreading to mississippi is low.

"well, mississippi, while we rank 50th in most things, were very good vaccinators so we are one of the countries leaders in vaccination rates, so for that reason, most of mississippians are already sort of innately immune if you were born in this area."

But if you do have concerns, there are some steps you can take.

"you can always get another round of the vaccine, which is the booster, there's no harm in getting the vaccine if you've already been immunized.

So if there is a question or concern you can just do that.

The other option you have is to come and see us, and we can draw a blood test the tiger that we discussed to see if you are immune or not and kinds make that determination then" dr. rosenblatt says if you travel for business or for vacation, it might be a good idea to get tested to make sure you are immune.

Stinger weather open tonight: we're anticipating a few scattered showers and storms through the night.

Most storms stay below severe limits, but some gusts of wind and small hail can't be ruled out in a stronger storm.

Overall rain amounts will be low and many will remain dry.

Best odds for a few scattered storms looks to be along and east of us 45 into west alabama.

Look for a partly cloudy sky with lows wednesday night falling into the low 60s.

Look for south winds between 2-7 mph.

Thursday: a few more isolated showers/storms are possible.

Most stay dry.

Look for a partly cloudy sky with temperatures climbing into the mid to upper 80s.

Friday - saturday: high pressure holds on allowing more sunshine with a few fair weather clouds.

Look for highs to soar into the upper 80s with a few 90s not out of the question.

Sunday - early next week: the upper level ridge is weakened a bit by a trough to our northwest, which could lead to a few isolated to scattered showers and storms sunday and monday.

Highs remain in the mid to upper 80s with a partly cloudy sky.

Lows fall into the mid to upper 60s.

Middle of next week: we think we'll dry back out, but trends are being monitored for some summer- time pop-up showers and storms. if that ends up being the case, we'll see some isolated showers and storms in the afternoon with temperatures remaining in the upper 80s.

Tonight: we're anticipating a few scattered showers and storms through the night.

Most storms stay below severe limits, but some gusts of wind and small hail can't be ruled if you're ready to make a career move or looking for a job, get your resumes ready and come to the starkville community job fair.

It's going on tomorrow from 10am to 1pm at the starkville sportsplex.

More than 30 businesses will be there from a variety of fields, including industry, education, healthcare, and military.

Employers will be taking resumes, interviewing, and possibly hiring.

The job fair is open to the public.

Stinger the final days of the high school baseball season are here... beautiful day for baseball in pearl...state championship highlights next in sports..

Spx for the second time in three years, and the second time in program history.....tourna ment softball will go through oxford the last time the rebels hosted a regional, was the cinderalla 2017 season which also saw an sec tournament championship... three players remain from that magic season, brittany finney, kylan becker, and kaylee horton head coach mike smith says he's relied on those three to prepare his team for postseason play "we talked a little bit about it at practice the other day, and just what we're about to experience.

I had them turn around and say look what's being built out there for you guys, and just picture the crowds.

You've seen the pictures in my office, and it?sa picture of the regional in '17, and a picture of that.

They know what we're about to experience."

"i've been telling them since the middle of the season that we needed to get big wins because i wanted to host a regional.

People don't understand how important those wins are seeding wise, and i kept telling them, its the best feeling ever, i'm so excited, we need to host."

"i think some of the thing that we've talk about going into it is just, you know, it's still a game.

The game doesn't change, the game doesn't remember, it's absolutely the same thing you've been doing since you were eight, nine, ten, however old.

So i think remaining in that humble spot, knowing that you can do this, you've practiced this your entire life, is just what to take away."

High school baseball state championships finally underway in pearl... the weather wasn't stopping anything this time... calhoun city taking on taylorsville in game 1 of the 2a baseball championships in trustmark park.

Gage lucius pitching for the wildcats.

Wildcats trailing 3-0.

Runner at first takes off but jobi cook isn't having it.

He guns him down at 2nd to end the inning.

Now bottom 4th, wildcats trying to rally down 4- 0.

Preston conlee who starts the inning off with a base hit to left bases loaded, no outs.

Cook at bat hits one towards second.

Interference is called at second.

Wildcats score a run and trail 4-1.

Coach miller isn't pleased with the call and gets tossed.

Taylorsville goes on to score 5 runs in the 7th inning.

Final score taylorsville 8 calhoun city 1.

North pontotoc back in the 3a title game...taking on magee top 1st, magee looking for a base hit....but ethan dyer with the diving grab for the out.

Incredible snag for the out bottom 2nd, tied ball game.

Bo howell batting and he laces one down the left field line for a standup double.

Howell would later score same inning, up 2- 1.

Kaden wilson hits one to right field for an rbi single scoring hayes malone.

Vikings take a 3-1 lead and put up 4 runs in the 2nd.

North pontotoc dominates game one, and is one win from its first ever state title vmeennnnn win 12-2 west jones out west jones out to a fast start on lafayette....dore s finally get on the board in the third commodores playing their third game in as many days....highlights at 10 on wcbi sports... congratulations to aberdeen basketball's solomon foster for signing with rust college foster averaged 10 points, 8 rebounds for the bulldogs in 2019, shooting 52 percent from the field last look last look tonight: we're anticipating a few scattered showers and storms through the night.

Most storms stay below severe limits, but some gusts of wind and small hail can't be ruled out in a stronger storm.

Overall rain amounts will be low and many will remain dry.

Best odds for a few scattered storms looks to be along and east of us 45 into west alabama.

Look for a partly cloudy sky with lows wednesday night falling into the low 60s.

Look for south winds between 2-7 mph.

Thursday: a few more isolated showers/storms are possible.

Most stay dry.

Look for a partly cloudy sky with


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