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Friday, March 5, 2021

Indiana Jones show

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Indiana Jones show
Indiana Jones show
Indiana Jones show

And later part of the week over to you guys.

>>all right you hear that music, you know what it means.

It's indiana jones harrison ford get in that plane and this morning here to talk about indiana jones movie and how you can hear the music live is david gross the executive director of the reading symphony orchestra, thanks so much for joining us.

Well thank you for having me.

>>so too neat idea, so you guys are going to actually play the soundtrack to indiana jones and the raiders of the lost ark as the movie's playing good the orchestra's doing that correct.

You'll hear all of the dialog, the sound effects.

>>and the musical will be played by the reading symphony orchestra life.

So they'll have a 15 by 35 foot screen on stage your custer's underneath that and it will be like old-time movies where they had live music accompanying.

>>has this been fun for the orchestra tell lar and to be involved in.

>>well so far we haven't started rehearsals actually don't start rehearsals until the day before the performance and the >>and what an iconic song.

I me and iconic soundtrack when everybody hears that i think you immediately go to to indiana jones at a big reason why this movie was chosen it's one of the more movies with a live symphony that are available we are going to be performing at the next night down at the mann center.

And so we coordinated with the mann center leadership has to what they want to have their and what would we thought would be successful in reading.

>>so you're going to be playing friday night june 14th that's up the scent and they're performing arts center at 7.30 and then you mentioned the man performance as well so that will be on june 15 so that's exciting for you to be able to perform at the man and absolutely.

>>the mann center typically a it's e one of the summer homes for the philadelphia orchestra and then there are touring orchestras many times includes the pittsburgh symphony, baltimore symphony.

So for the reading symphony to be there performing.

And you know along with orchestras like that it's big step for us.

>>now my question is who got chosen to crack the whip could you know in end it does that it's very loud as there is 0 with brought in for this is that is par and how they sound effect in the percussion section.

Ok so they do have a witness did the you this idea of doing this, i mean you know i'm ohio akron, ohio with blossom music center and i've done something similar to a indiana i think they're going to eat he may be back to the future so i mean it is really just a great classic way to to see a movie and it in no matter if it was 30 years ago or or or more are more recent.

>>well a i.

>>but i had been previously with the san antonio symphony.

And we did a number of these and the thing that always struck me was when the movie ended in the credits were rolling.

No one moved because they realize it's still a concert as well as the film experience and when the credits ended and the music stopped, everyone jumped up and is giving a standing ovation because it's such an unusual way to view a film.

>>and maybe a way to bring in folks who perhaps have unintended a symphony performance before you know we just heard the baltimore symphony orchestra having financial problem with an and cutting their summer program.

This a way to done to reach maybe you know and 8, 9.10 year-old who who hasn't been some people i think it's a way to reach out to all different audiences that as you say that haven't necessarily come to the symphony before.

>>because we're always looking for ways to broaden our audience and reach a different demographic.

>>and you have tickets available so let's get the info if you're into city and heading to the indiana jones symphony it is friday june 14th santander performing arts center at can see it around and here layers


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