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Saturday, July 24, 2021

06-09-19 11

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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06-09-19 11
06-09-19 11
Lexington, KY.

C1 3 the tragedy..

### weekend open good evening.

I'm ryan schmelz... it's great to have you with us for abc 36 news at 11..

#### we begin tonight in jessamine county, where the coroner confirms 48 year old ronnie ray hall - died after an early morning fire..

His uncle spoke with abc36's alexus larson, calling it a tragedy..

"thomas sallee and his wife were sitting downstairs when they started to smell something burning.

Thomas immediately ran upstairs to the room where he knew his nephew was but all he could see was smoke and fire."

"took off upstairs and it was too late."

When fire departments got on scene - they were aware ronnie was upstairs - but couldn't get to him in time to save him.

Coroner michael hughes believes ronnie died of smoke inhalation.

"he was a good guy.

I'm shocked, i just don't really know, i don't know how to put into words how i feel."

It took fire crews about seven minutes to extinguish the fire..

The jessamine county fire chief says only the upstairs room was damaged, the same room the fire started in..

"it's not in good shape at all and underneath his room, the ceiling in the dining room is falling in.

It's pretty bad."

Sallee says they will repair the damage - but this home will never be the same.

For 12 years all three of them lived together - and he says it'll be sad to walk by ronnie's room and see it empty.

"it's a tragedy, it's a shock, it still hasn't hit me yet."

Sallee says they will take it day by day and will cherish the memories they made here with their nephew.

In jessamine county, alexus larson, abc36 news.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation and the body has been taken to frankfort for an autopsy..

### a teenager is fighting for his life after he was accidentally shot in lexington..

Lexington police say it happened on ohio street around 1:30 this morning..

The teenager was rushed to the hospital with life- threatening injuries..

The investigation is still ongoing..

### we're continuing to track rain showers and thunderstorms across the bluegrass..

Let's send things over to meteorologist george zabrecky with first weather..

### swat and negotiation teams were called to a home in boone c1 3 county after a man barricaded himself inside his ex- girlfriend's house..

The boone county sheriff's office says on saturday, deputies were called to a home on plum tree lane around noon..

There, it was reported to dispatch 44 year-old derek gibson had broken his ex- girlfriend's back window and poured gasoline on the home before running away..

After the search was called off, neighbors told deputies they saw him walking into the home after deputies had left..

The sheriff's office says after hours of negotiating didn't work..

The swat team entered the home and found gibson in the attic..

The ex-girlfriend wasn't in the home during all of this..

He's charged with failing to appear in court for other charges of unlawful imprisonment, assault, and for violating an emergency protective order from a january arrest..

#### the sheriff's office in metcalf county needs your help to find this missing teenager..

He's 15-year-old eli smith..

He was last seen around 11 at night saturday wearing a blue and white baseball hat, a hoodie and black under armor shoes..

He has blond hair and braces..

If you have any information on where he may be, call the metcalf county sheriff's office..

#### we have an update with some great news tonight..

Last night we told you about a missing pug in need of medical treatment..

Paws for a cause tells us the dog named pugsly has been found safe and is getting the treatment he needs..

#### at least one person is dead and several others injured after a construction crane fell on a residential and parking building in dallas..

Here's chuck sivertsen with what we know so far..

Severe weather being blamed for this terrying scene - a construction crane knocked on its side.

Nats oh my god the crane is collapsing!

Slicing a hole in the roof of this residential building in dallas - parts of the structure completely shredded.

Presser: everyone is aware of the fact that the storm did roll through so it would be a strong possibility that yes, the wind did play some role in the collapse of the crane itself a parking garage also struck - inside, several cars could be seen piled on top of one another.

Presser: "every single level of the parking garage in part has collapsed...we have no idea at this point whether any people were in those cars or in that parking garage in general" urban search and rescue teams rushing to the scene.

Presser: we have some live-find dogs on location trying to help go inside some of the zones we're not sending first responders into several people injured in the incident - some seriously.

Sot: we have two people who are listed as critical, 3 who suffered serious injuries but were not critical, one person who has in fact been discharged from the hospital already and one person who has been confirmed deceased a ferocious storm moving through the area, whipped up near hurricane- strength wind gusts at dallas love field - at one point knocking out power to the airport.

And blowing down this overhead sign outside a nearby restaurant.

Chuck sivertsen, abc news new york.

#### lexington got hit with some strong storms earlier..

But dare we say a sunny day is finally on the horizon..

George has weather after the break..

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C1 3 hate crimes during pride month..

C1 3 that story after the break..

Break 2 pride celebrations continue c1 3 investigate possible hate crimes against members of the lgbtq community, here's lana zak with the details.

Sunday's pride parade in west hollywood, drawing huge crowds nats - parade.

But as pride month celebrations continue across the country and around the world - the fbi reports attacks against members of the lgbtq community are on the rise saturday's capitol pride parade in washington dc turned to chaos when people panicked after hearing a series of loud pops and rumors of an active shooter nats: what did you year?

We don't know crowds scrambled to find cover - several people injured rashard frost/dc resident: "when you have a lot of people and you hear a loud bang, you're just trying to you know get from the area."

Many in the crowd there telling me just before the incident that they were on edge in the wake of recent fatal attacks on the lgbtq community authorities in detroit recently charging this man, devon robinson, with the murder of three pepole - paris cameron, timothy blancher and alunte davis davis family sot - "it's rough.

We just want justice.

For all of them."

Officials saying the victims were targeted because they were gay or transgender - robinson has pled not guilty and in georgia police are searching for a gunman who killed ronald trey peters - witnesses saying the attacker used an anti-gay slur before shooting peters several times sot mos: "i feel like lately we've been moving a little bit backwards and i think it's important to stand up for what matters."

Some lawmakers say its' time to stand up - wisconsin's democratic governor tony evers ordering the rainbow flag flown over the state's capitol to recognize pride month.

The move drawing criticism from some conservative republican lawmakers - one tweeting: "is this any more appropriate that erecting the christian flag over the capitol?"

But others hailing it as a show of inclusivity.

### kentucky senator rand paul expressed his disappointment towards members of the united states senate this week..

Including members of his own party..

No democrats and only 22 republicans voted for paul's pennies plan..

The plan would have cut spending over a decade by more than 11 trillion dollars in an effort to balance the federal budget..

Senators ted cruz and mitt romney were among those who supported the plan..

While senators like kentucky's mitch mcconnell and florida's marco rubio voted against it..

### nothing says summertime like some old school baseball..

Well tell you all about it after the break..

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C1 3 agreement to avoid president trump's proposed tariff's..

Here's rachel scott at the white house..

A last-minute deal met with both a sigh of relief and skepticism.

Sot - sen.

Roy blunt: i think this is a big win for both sides sot - bernie sanders: you can't have trade policy based on tweets after a marathon of negoations with mexican officials - president trump announced a breakthrough.

His adminstration suspended a threat to impose escalting tariffs on mexican goods.

In exchange - mexico promised to take up measures to curb illegal immigration.

Republicans who first cautioned aginst the president's approach are now celebrating the results.

Sot - sen.

Johnson he's using tariffs as leverage in trade negotiations and i think he used them as leverage in the situation brilliantly, quite honestly mexico agreed to station 6,000 national guardsmen at its southern border with guatemala.

And vowed to crack down on smuggling and human trafficking.

Plus, an agreement between the two countries to expand "migrant protection protocols" still, some remain doubtful -- after a new york times report said parts of the deal were hammered out months ago.

Sot - beto o'rourke the president achieved nothing but to jeopardize the most trading relationship that the united states of america has the trump adminstration pushed back.

Sot - mcallenan baier: how much of this is new?

Mcaleenan: all of it is new.

I mean, we've heard commitments before from mexico to do more on their southern sot - mcallenan baier: how much of this is new?

Mcaleenan: all of it is new.

I mean, we've heard commitments before from mexico to do more on their southern border.

/ we've heard anything like this kind of number of law enforcement being deployed in mexico to address migrations.

#### how about some history now..

A week from today, you'll get the chance to see some vintage baseball the bluegrass barons vintage baseball club will play a double- header against the cincinnati reds hall of fame 1869 red stockings team at historic shaker village near harrodsburg..

This is a vintage baseball game which means pitchers will throw underhanded and fielders make plays barehanded..

The red stockings are sponsored by the cincinnati reds hall of fame, and recreate baseball's first professional baseball team..

### 46 years ago today - one of the greatest horses ever to race made history.

It was june 9th 19-73 when secretariat claimed the triple crown - the first in 25 years.

His record-breaking run in the belmont stakes is often regarded as one of the greatest races of all time.

Big red - as he was called by his owner - blew the field out of the water with a giant 31-length win.

Secretariat also set several speed records in 73.

His times at the kentucky derby and belmont stakes still stand.

Secretariat died in 1989.

And a disappointing week for x-men fans..

The newest installment of the superhero franchise, dark phoenix, came in a disappointing second place at this weekend's box office after receiving very disappointing reviews..

The film totaled 33 million dollars while the secret life of pets 2 finished at number one with 47 million..

### and then there were two.

Tates creek and mccracken county battling for the k- h-s-a-a state baseball title today.

Bryan kennedy has the highlights in sports.

Break 4 c1 3 to end the drought...taking on mccracken county for the championship.

Bottom fifth tied 2 to 2.

One on for noah blythe.

He lasers this one to left center.

Trenton taylor turns on the jets and will score all the way from first...3 to 2 tates creek.

Same inning.

One on for colin burgess.

That single lands just short of the outfielder... another run will cross the plate...4 to 2 commodores.

Top out...two on and mccracken threatening.

The ground ball is fielded cleanly...turn two..and that's your ballgame.

Tates creek beats mccracken county 4 to 2 to win their first state title since 1986.

The k-h-s-a-a state baseball championship is coming home to centre parkway.

A worker at an orlando theme park is being hailed a hero for helping a worker at an orlando theme park