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WCBI News at Six - Saturday, July 13th, 2019

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WCBI News at Six - Saturday, July 13th, 2019
WCBI News at Six - Saturday, July 13th, 2019
WCBI News at Six - Saturday, July 13th, 2019

And thank you for joing us i'm cash matlock.

And i'm rylie livingston.

Video from coastal louisiana shows flooding as hurricane barry moves into the area.

--vo script-- the police chief of golden meadow shot this video near the south lafourche levee.

A lower than predicted storm surge on the mississippi river friday relaxed fears of massive flooding in new orleans -- but the storm is moving slowly at just five miles per hour.

That gives it more time to continue dumping rain.

Toss to kendall smith first look saturday night: some showers/storms may remain in the region for this evening and overnight hours.

Look for lows in the 70s with mostly cloudy skies.

Wind will be out of the se around 5-10 mph.

We could see rainfall amounts near a quarter to a half of an inch possible.

Sunday: the remnant circulation of barry is expected to pass well to our west through louisiana and arkansas; however, a band the magnolia and lowndes county amateur radio clubs joined together for a radio day in starkville.

The amateur radio operators had a chance to test their equipment while connecting with the community.

Ham radios can be seen as a fun hobby but during emergency situation they can make all the difference.

They can help guide emergency responders and get information out.

Wcbi stinger a starkville teen rescued from a pool monday night has died.

Oktibbeha county coroner michael hunt confirms 18-year- old zemerrio jones passed away this morning.

Jones had been taken to the university of mississippi medical center in jackson after nearly drowning at the swimming pool at golden triangle town- houses on highway 25 in starkville.

An autopsy will be performed, but hunt says he does not expect foul play.

A friday afternoon accident leaves one person seriously injured.

A tractor spraying unit called a mud monster overturned at mississippi state's north farm.

East oktibbeha fire chief greg ball says the driver of the tractor received a serious head injury.

He says the east oktibbeha fire firefighters provided medical treatment until och regional medical center arrived.

The driver was flown to university medical center in jackson.

The name of the driver has not been released.

Monroe county political candidates and a few state wide candidates rallied together for more than just their campaigns this morning in amory.

That's right rylie, the event is called paws for politics, and in addition to having time on stage, the candidates helped to raise money for the amory humane society.

When butch palmer thought of the idea for paws for politics, he wanted an event aimed at educating people on local politics, as well as informing them on a dire need in the community... the local humane society.

"we knew it was a big politica season, and we've got a lot of state races and local races going on, so the idea was for them to pay to get on stage and we've got some silent auction items out there."

Attendee philip lindsey owns "healing horses" ranch amory and says he has a soft spot for any animal in need.

"my heart goes out to an animals left and neglected in an abused situation where they're hungry.

In this heat where it's just unbelievable what a lot of animals are going through right now."

He says when he first heard about the event, he knew he had to be there.

"this is something that i thin would bring awareness to people and help people understand more about what they need to do to take care of their animals in a proper way."

And in addition to seeing political candidates face-to- face, he says it's nice to know they too share his love of animals.

"it's an encouragement to m to see that these candidates will not only come out and support the amory humane society but also take this opportunity to educate people about the decisions they need to make about truth and justice."

Event coordinators say stray animals are a big issue in amory, and they hope the event will bring more awareness to that.

"there still is a populatio control problem with animals in monroe county, but as mitzi can tell you, the rescues that are done locally are well taken care of and they're loved.

They find forever homes for them."

Although many attendees had never heard of an event quite like this before, they say they're open to having more like it.

"not only does the amor humane society care about animals, they care about people.

They care about how people can learn and how people can grow and how we can do all of this together."

For more information on the amory humane society, you can visit our website at wcbi dot com.

Gop gubernatorial candidate robert foster was also in attendance at amory's paws for politics.

Foster made national headlines when he denied a female reporter a ride-along interview in his truck unless she brought a male colleague along with her.

Foster says he refuses to be alone with any female unless it's his wife.

That stance has gotten him both positive and negative attention over the past few days.

We had a chance to speak with foster after his speech, and he says he's standing by his words.

"it's really a crazy idea to sa that someone doesn't have the right to be able to be accompanied by a third wheel.

That's been going on for a long time.

Billy graham has followed that rule, vice president mike pence has followed that rule, many other executives, men and women all over the country have the same policies in place in their corporations."

Foster is running against former state supreme justice bill waller jr. and current lieutenant governor tate reeves in the august 6th republican primary.

Vo in monitor there are families and homes still in need of assistance after an ef-3 tornado hit columbus back in february.

Over the past couple of months, volunteers have been working their way through the community lending a helping hand.

Our stephanie poole joins us in the studio with more on how two groups came together to help.

The community recovery of lowndes county along with vibrant church began construction on a home that experienced tornado damage.

And the homeowner says all the help she received is something she will never forget... " oh my god, i'm just s blessed.

You talking about blessed,do you know how it feels like to be blessed?"

Homeowner annette bradley has lived in her home for over 30 years.

She says she never expected her house to experience damage from a tornado.

However,when the ef-3 tornado hit, she was left with a severe leak in her roof and cracks in her dining room window.

The community recovery of lowndes county and vibrant church made the plans to assist mrs. bradley's home.

" taking out windows tha were cracked during the storm.

And we had to take entire windows out and replace them.

Also because of some storm damage on the roof,they're placing about four square of shingles on top of the roof.and repairing those holes."

Nats " all this wor that is being did, god sent these angels to me and i'm blessed.

I thank them all and i love them all for what they are doing."

Volunteers even worked on the beautification of bradley's home,pulling up weeds and throwing out large sticks.

Tommy gillon says project materials cost around 25- hundred dollars, which is funded through donations and other organizations.

But the cost of it all isn't important, gillon says, when it means bringing joy to a family.

" it brings a smil to your face but then to see the homeowner sitting on the porch with a big smile and say they love it and thank y'all so much that what makes it worth it all."

" people that have never seen before are coming here to help me."

Bradley says she's just happy and blessed to see there are people in the world who are still willing to lend a helping hand.

" i didn't reall know there were all these caring people out there.

You don't know who god is gonna send to you do you?

But i have them knocking on my door, they been coming in my yard.

I just blessed.

I'm seeing angels, i'm seeing everything except the wings that fly on their back."

" i don't kno their names, but they're all my angels and i love them all.

" gillon says this is about 4th home that community recovery of lowndes county has worked on.

Coming up after the break we'll tell you all about how members of the community are gathering together to support a local law officer in a time of a member of the mississippi highway patrol is suffering from a rare form of cancer and today a special motorcycle ride was held to help take care of his medical expenses.

Wcbi's chad groening has more.

They gathered at the tupelo furniture market for a special ride to raise money for mississippi highway patrolman keith cole who in april of 2018 was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer known as eg junction which affects the stomach and the esophagus, and he has had to make several trips to the md anderson cancer center in houston texas for treatment.

Recently he had his entire stomach removed.

Captain chad moore is commander of f troop where cole serves.

"he's a great man of fait because he told me when he found out he had cancer, he had just got out of patrol school.

As you know our school is a pretty tough school and he told me that that was god's way of getting him in the best shape of his life where he could face this battle."

Steven floyd is a fire fighter and president of the tupelo chapter of the iron warriors motorcyle club which took part in this weekend's event.

"keith's a great guy.

W actually done a number of fundraisers for him.

It's something we wouldn't miss.

His family means a lot so anything we can do as an organization and as just friends to help him out we'd do anything we can."

And the wives of first responders were instrumental in making this event a success.

Melinda whited is the wife of a mississippi highway patrolman and understands what keith's wife monica is going through.

"they put their lives on th line and we sit at home at wait for them to come home and so you know she's dealing with a different struggle but it's still hard regardless whether he's working or not working.

You know he's a trooper he's hurting.

She's hurting so we're there for them."

Today's event here at the tupelo furniture market was all about family, a family of highly dedicated law enforcement professionals coming together to help a brother in need.

"we just want to pitch in an help him as much as we could so a bunch of my staff i can't take credit for a little part of this because all these workers here are troopers and their wives or friends or some are family and they put this together it's a great great thing."

"it's a special breed whether i be law enforcement or fire when your phone goes off you know you're going into something that most people would run away from.

So it does take a special breed of person."

"it's a family.

It's not just th troopers or their wives, that we're one great big family.

We support each other.

The wives are there for each other because we know what you know our husbands go through and what they do every day so we stick together."

Chad groening wcbi news, tupelo.

After a ride over to new albany, everyone gathered for lunch in the furniture market.

Maddie tosses to break saturday night: some showers/storms may remain in the region for this evening and overnight hours.

Look for lows in the 70s with mostly cloudy skies.

Wind will be out of the se around 5-10 mph.

We could see rainfall amounts near a quarter to a half of an inch possible.

Sunday: the remnant circulation of barry is expected to pass well to our west through louisiana and arkansas; however, a band of heavy rain may still affect our region.

Showers and thunderstorms are likely throughout the day with the greatest threats being flash flooding, gusty wind, and isolated tornadoes.

Some rotation may be associated with these thunderstorms so the tornado threat is low, but not completely out of the question.

Wind will be out of the se around 10-20 mph.

Highs will be in the upper 70s.

Monday: showers and thunderstorms are likely with the for our next stop on the high school football tour, we take a trip up highway 315 as we visit with the water valley blue devils.

Class 3a's reigning state champs look to defend the title for the first time since 1991.

Water valley is stop #20 on the high school football tour.

Billboard " we're on everybody's list.

W won state last year.

We're on everybody's list so it's going to be hard winnng it again.

So we just want to let them know bring it!

We got it!"

Nat cheering the hardest task in high school sports is to repeat as state champs.

Coming off of winning the gold ball in 2018, the water valley blue devils are prepared to receive everyone's best shot as team's look to knock them off the top.

"we talk to them.

Coach ni says that once a day to them in the weight room that you're no longer hunting.

You're being hunted.

That's something i hope the kids understand, but after the first few games i'm sure we'll get a good picture of it.

That's great.

That's a good place to be.

That means we've done things right."

"it's kind of hard.

You have t turn around and make that decision again.

You have to turn around and stop celebrating and comeback to work.

I think the guys have done a great job."

The blue devils look to retool after graduating the starting defensive line and wide receiver core featuring jones junior college signee bud tolbert.

"i tried to stress to a few o our guys that you don't have to be bud tolbert.

Be yourself.

We may be a little different this year on offense and defense, but we'll find a way long as we work each and everyday.

I think it's impossible to try to replace an exact person each and every year.

Just got to be the best us we can be."

"we lost a lot of guys but a the same time we have a lot that are returning.

We have some young guys coming up that i think can really help us so i think we'll be alright."

Despite the losses, water valley brings back senior quarterback jacob truss who looks to showcase the growth and development he's made this off season in his game.

"i think that's a big place t start when you got your quarterback coming back.

I expect a lot out of him because last year he was just using his god given ability.

I expect this year for us to become more of a quarterback as the season goes on and throughout this summer and be even better."


He's a pretty goo athlete.

Him returning back brings a lot of pride and and courage to this team because he mostly did the majority of everything."

"truss is huge.

He's a craz good athlete and a good leader on our field.

He'll be good for us this year, real good."

Reporting in water valley on the high school football tour.

Chris bolton.

Wcbi sports.

Billboard twenty stops down and forty more to go...our high school football tour continues on tomorrow stop #21 checks in with the winona tigers and then we head into alabama week...that kicks off with the aliceville yellowjackets, followed by the sulligent blue devils on tuesday stop #24 wednesday will feature south lamar if you miss any they're available to watch on our m former ole miss rebel and n-f-l pro channing ward returns to his hometown of aberdeen for his annual football camp the camp provides kids the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the game while ward is able to give back to his own community by providing football knowledge ward addresses the importance of the event, saying he knows all too well of how much it means to the people of aberdeen "when i was growing up i ha these same opportunities these kids have now.

I just want to show them that anything is possible.

You can make it from this situation you're in right now.

I want to keep doing it and try to make it bigger and bigger every year.

Try to do more and more things and bigger and bigger."

We're going to take a quick break but when saturday night: some showers/storms may remain in the region for this evening and overnight hours.

Look for lows in


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