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WCBI News at Six - Saturday, July 20th, 2019

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WCBI News at Six - Saturday, July 20th, 2019
WCBI News at Six - Saturday, July 20th, 2019
WCBI News at Six - Saturday, July 20th, 2019


And thank you for joing us i'm rylie livingston.

And i'm cash matlock slow moving storms this afternoon left some people in oktibbeha county under water.

Around 2pm oktibbeha county fire coordinator krik rosenhan says he got a call about flooding at old hwy 25 and poorhouse road.

The call then expanded to three different locations.

When emergency officials arrived on scene, several people were trapped inside their homes.

The district 5 fire and rescue brought ropes to the scene to help guide residents out of their homes.

Residents say the water rose quickly and within ten minutes was in houses.

They tell wcbi the lost everything including some vehicles and some were even shocked by their electrical devices that were plugged into the wall.

"trying not to ge electrocuted from the floor water...ended up getting electrocuted."


My refridgerato and freezer were floating in the water.

My drawers, the cadnet i keep my clothes in, that was floating upside down in the water."

The oktibbeha county sheriffs office, ema director, and district 5 fire and rescue responded to the scene.

Now time to turn things over to meteoroligist kendall smith for a first look at out forecast.

Kendall how long is this rain going to stick around?

First look saturday night: lows in the 70s with a slight chance of a few showers and storms continuing throughout the evening and overnight hours.

Wind will be out of the s around 5 an officer involved shooting in alabama leads to the discovery of a body... things unfolded around 11 o'clock friday morning when aliceville police were notified that a car was stolen... police spotted... and tried to stop the car... that's when the suspect led them on a chase.

The chase came to an abrupt end on the intersection of columbus road and third avenue.

There were multiple scenes from when the chase started and when things ended with gunfire... police chief tonnie jones says one of his officers did discharge their firearm..

However... neither the suspect or officer were shot during the incident..

" it's unknown of the locatio where the vehicle was stolen from.

It started out at the intersection on memorial parkway, and went over the overpass at memorial parkway and ended up and we are now."

"we didn't know what wa going on.

At first i thought it was maybe like an accident and we kind of ran out of the back to see, and then we didn't see him go towards the pickens be away, we didn't see him go that way so we come back in and that's when we realize they had him in between both stores."

Once investigators were on scene... they discovered at least one body inside of the stolen vehicle.

At this time chief jones says they don't know how long the body was in the car and can't release how it's connected to the incident.

One person has been arrested, but charges are still pending.

The investigation is now in the hands of the alabama state bureau of investigation... the investigation involved three different locations, all within a few hundred yards of each other.

One location was by a restaurant, the other by the napa auto parts store, and the third near spiller furniture.

We spoke to a few people who say they've lived in aliceville all their life and have never seen or heard of anything like this happening in their community.

"well it was shocking.

"i saw the police chase the down the road and i said man what's going on because if something like this happens in aliceville, everybody in aliceville knows everybody."

"it could happen anywhere.

"this little town here something like that happens, that'll shock anybody.

That's kind of scary."

"in small towns, always expec the unexpected because you never know."

We'll have more details on the investigation as they become available.

A massachusetts man will be sentenced this fall after pleading guilty to a federal sex crime.

34 year old michael petrucci pe-tru-see of dedham dead ham, massachusetts admitted in greenville federal court thursday he talked a lowndes county child to send him partially or totally nude photographs.

Prosecutors say the child who is under 15 was contacted through social media.

Petrucci is currently an inmate at a massachusetts prison on sex related crimes in that state wcbi stinger centered the 155th armoured brigade has returned from deployment to several locations in the middle east.

And today they attended an event to help transition from warrior to citizen soldier.

Wcbi' chad groening has the story.

The 155th armored brigade combat team, headquartered in tupelo, returned earlier this year from a nine-month deployment to the middle east in support of operation spartan shield.

And saturday returning soldiers descended on the bancorp south arena for a yellow ribbon reintegration program, a department of defense effort to promote the well-being of national guard and reserve service members, their families and communities by connecting them with local resources before, during, and after deployments.

Lt colonel christopher jurney is commander of the 1st squadron of the 98th cav regiment headquartered in amory.

He is proud of how his unit performed their mission.

"i'm very proud to be a part o this organization, not only this orginization but this organization has made a lot of history so being here, being able to thank the families being able to thank the soldiers for their service and what they've done is huge and very important to me as a commander."

Sergeant first class james hall is with the headquarters and headquarters detachment of the 2nd-of the 114 field artillery regiment in starkville.

He says these events are invaluable for a returning soldier.

"my first two deployments came home to these yellow ribbons and i listened somewhat and i didn't listen to everything and i tried to zone out but this yellow ribbon i've learned a lot there is a lot more i'm taking home that i wish i had learned during my first deployment or after my first deployment so my life could be completely different now had i listen as i should have.

" specialist brianna irby serves with hall.

She is impressed with all the resources on hand.

"i really didn't know whic direction to go.

And it's nice that a lot of people are there to you know answer my question, especially about school.

I was really anxious to get back to school we had those resources available today."

And besides educational opportunities, soldiers attended a job fair with representatives eager to utilize their job skills, including the federal bureau of investigation.

"with the fbi we look for a lo of the same values that the military instills.

You know communication, collaboration, team work, dedication that kind of thing.

So we always look to our military partners for some of the best recruits for our positions not only for special agent but other positions as well.

And we also give veterans preference."

This is one of seven such events being held across the state as the 155 returns from its deployment.

Even though the 155 is headquartered in tupelo it has members from every country in the state.

Dr. david anderson is a motivational speaker and counselor who was on hand to give the troops encouragement.

"a lot of it is just coachin folks up, both soldiers and their family and loved ones of how to navigate the deployment cycle and to where their deployment is not just like a downer but could be a time where they flourish."

Chad groening wcbi news, tupelo.

Approximately 11-hundred service members and their familes took part in today's event.

It's that time of year again.

Back to school time.

Coming up after the break we talk to a local church is helping kids get ready for the big day.

Stay with us.

Centered the start of school is quickly approaching and to help get parents and students ready for the new year life church held a school supply giveaway.

The line was out the door at sudduth elementary with families hoping to get a back full of goodies.

Pencils and paper, notebooks, and folders were just some of the supplies kids received.

The team at life church started filling the bags earlier this week.

Ramon forbes says they put on the event to help students reach their full potential.

It's awesome for me love always gives us one of the principles that jesus taught him so his shoes just been able to get back to the community to help our students as well as our parents because ultimately we want to ensure that every child has everything that they need so that they can reach their full potential supplies were first come first serve and by ten thirty everything was picked up centered it's tax free weekend in the state of alabama and local stores are seeing a boom in business wcbi's tyler hull went to vernon and has that story.

Local businesses owners are reminding people to shop small during tax free weekend.

Sam durham owner of durham's pharmacy is grateful that people did not leave town and shop somewhere else..

"we need local people to sho here all margins do is really nice for people who support our business and get out and come out on tax free weekend" other businesses are seeing the impact of the locals shopping close to home.

Gigi sudduth a cashier at "tha little store somewhere" say they could see the impact right away.

"well today, this morning it' been very very good and we appreciate everyone shopping local here in that little store somewhere is been very good" sudduth also says the store has many items that are tax free "what is good about tax fre here at that little store somewhere is not only the clothes it's everything the metal, if you need a flower just everything on this side is tax free."

Durham says that they have a surplus of items that are tax free as well..

"we have backpacks clothing clothing for kids, as well as for adults and several other things that we could use for tax free weekend" mississippians will be able to join in on the benefits and savings next weekend, tyler hull wcbi news.

Tax free savings in alabama are available through sunday at midnight.

Maddie tosses to break saturday night: lows in the 70s with a slight chance of a few showers and storms continuing throughout the evening and overnight hours.

Wind will be out of the s around 5 mph becoming calm after midnight.

Sunday-monday: rain and storm chances remain around 60%.

Rainfall totals could be anywhere between a tenth and quarter of an inch.

Higher rainfall amounts are possible in thunderstorms. temperatures may only peak in the upper 80s.

Lows stay in the low 70s.

Tuesday: showers and storms are still possible but most of them may migrate south of our area during the day in the wake of a cold front that will be passing through the region.

Lows tuesday night could get down into the mid 60s.

Wednesday- thursday: spectacular july weather could set up for a day or two.

An another mississippi state bulldog gets an opprtunity to make a name for himself in the pros...courtney has the details next in sports speechless.

It was the only word tweeted by former mississippi state outfielder elijah macnamee after not coming off the board in the 2019 mlb draft.

It's how most fans felt could big hit mac not be going pro?

Well, the wait is finally over for the return of the mac elijah macnamee announcing on twitter that he is headed north the former bulldog lands a spot with the evansville otters in the frontier league he wrote in his twitter post that he is "beyond blesse for the opportunity" msu legend and dallas cowboys quarterback dak prescott returned to starkville today to host his 3rd annual youth football camp.

The camp gives boys and girls the chance to get hands on training from the bulldog great as well as coaching from many other football minds.

Participants receive a camp tee shirt, a souvenir autograph, and team photo with dak.

Dak feels it's only right that he comes back to share the love the community gives him.

"it's the 3 places that are nea and dear to my heart that made me who i am.

They made me the man i am and the football player i am so to be able to go back and interact and just to hopefully inspire some of these kids.

Give these kids hope and belief that they could easily be me one day.

I'm a testament of that.

A small town kid that worked his tail off and in this position.

I just want to make sure that each and everyone of them know that they can do that as well or be whatever they want to be."

Tomorrow is the last day of the camp.

We wrap up alabama week with our preview of the gordo green wave.

Head coach ryan lolley doesn't lose much from last year's team as the wave look to make some noise in 20-19.

Gordo is stop #27 on the high school football tour.

Billboard nat pop one word to describe the gordo green wave.


Coming off a 10 win year, gordo enters the 2019 season returning the team's core.

"we got a lot of older guys.

Veteran team that's done a great job of leading us.

They know what it's like because they've been here awhile so they do a good job with the young guys."

"we got a lot of veteran that's back.

A lot of guys that know what to do so it gives our team a confidence booster."

"we try to be an extension o the coaching staff as much as possible.

We just try to lead by example and we just tell them to follow our ropes because we were underclassmen once and that's how we better ourselves by following the others."

The green wave bring back 10 starters on defense led by a tough group of linebackers.

"we should be pretty toug defensively.

We feel like we have a good group of linebackers, in the backend and our d-line.

All of them.

We feel contributed a lot last year.

They'll do a good job."

"what we expect is we'll b fast to the ball.

We're going to be vicious.

We're just going to give it all we got."

7 sec nat pop offense isn't lacking either for gordo.

Nine starters return on that side of the ball including sophomore quarterback tyler bailey.

"he's our quarterback.

H shows great leadership.

He keeps us calm in tough moments.

He just keeps everything going.

He's just an upcoming sophomore and already plays like a senior."

"he's progressed really well he's grown really fast to be at a young age.

He's really smart and we're just glad to have him."

Leadership keep the green wave grounded as they enter the new season.

"we play hard teams week i and week out but we know we're in competion with ourselves.

Long as we beat ourselves that week we'll be alright."

Reporting in gordo alabama on the high school football tour.

Chris bolton.

Wcbi sports.


We're going to take a quick break but when we come back maddie will have a final look at weather.

Stay with us you're watching wcbi news at 6.

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Saturday night: lows in the 70s with a slight chance of a few showers and storms continuing throughout the evening and overnight hours.

Wind will be out of the s around 5 mph becoming calm after midnight.


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