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Thursday, February 25, 2021


Credit: KQTV
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Preview <<nats: whistle blowing.

Script: adam orduna/kq2 sports:"the looking to turn the season, and a tough chillicothe in the order to re-write the want start with play within the keeton/benton head coach:"we want to be at the top end of the mec, we feel like that's were we have the potential to be, we the top right now, them immensely, practicing to win in ourselves right exciting to see."

Orduna/kq2 playoffs, and of what their future moving forward, put their energy throughout this sot: caden senior:"it made us after the football think we attacked we did before, i us more for this script: adam sports:"the their grit and field, and the part of their dna to season."

Keeton/benton coach:"we're be tough kids, uh offensively and where and i like the spots we have the spots and that's script: adam sports:"the team this year, and the upperclassman next wave of on how to be successful.

Stone/benton lot to us, for us the class below us to be better than all we just want to go physically go as a is past districts and take it."

Standard>> and the benton


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