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Sunday, June 20, 2021

school threats keep them on high alert

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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school threats keep them on high alert
school threats keep them on high alert
school threats madison county

Today c1 3 response to a threat made online against the state's schools.

Several districts sent letters home to parents this week...assuring them the f-b-i found no evidence the threat was credible.

Still, many districts say they were prepared...and madison county says it was actually facing another threat abc 36's alexus larson reports...the district was more concerned about.

#### "school's been back in session for less than two weeks in madison county and already it's had its first threat."

"doesn't matter what it is.

Nothing can be discredited."

A threat - it's scary - and it can be hard to determine whether it's real.

"it's a different kind of stress."

Early wednesday morning - the madison county school district heard about a threat made in a snapchat group.

Erin stewart from the district says the threat involved students from madison middle school - but the message never mentioned a particular school as a target.

"it was just very threatening language and refrences to a gun."

The district says right away it got police involved.

After an investigation - stewart says officer didn't find the threat credible - but there were more police at schools...just to be careful.

"with those types of things we always want to be sure people are safe."

Threat - or no threat - stewart says the schools are always on alert.

At every school in the county, staff members are hired just to walk around campus and make sure nothing seems out of place.

Plus...middle and high schools have trained school resource officers.

"we have units that patrol all our school campuses routinely throughout the week."

Stewart says the district also stays alert online.

It has a system that monitors social media...notifying staff anytime the district or a school is mentioned.

"we are in charge of 11,100 plus lives of students and a couple thousand employees, that's nothing to be taken lightly."

"if students or parents hear or see anything that could be related to a threat, it's best to tell someone at your school so they can keep everyone safe.

Reporting in madison county, alexus larson, abc36 news."

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