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Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey announces 'very treatable' lung cancer diagnosis

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Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey announces 'very treatable' lung cancer diagnosis
Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey announces 'very treatable' lung cancer diagnosis

We start with breaking news out of the state capitol.

Governor kay ivey is now battling lung cancer.

The governor released a statement just hours ago -- saying she got her diagnosis within the past few weeks during a routine exam.

Her doctor discovered an unusual and in her words "tiny" spot on her lung -- which turned out to be malignent.

Despite the grim news -- governor ivey says she feels blessed to have discovered it when she did.

Just as so many others who have been affected by cancer, i am confident of god's plan and purpose for my life and feel extremely fortunate this was caught so early.

Governor ivey says tomorrow morning -- she will travel to the universiry of alabama in birmingham to start a series of radiation treatments.

She says her team has assured her the treatment has a "very high rate of success" and will have "minimal impact" on her schedule.

Thanks for joining us this afternoon.

I'm dan shaffer.

State leaders are voicing their support for the governor in the wake of her diagnosis.

Liutenant govenor will ainsworth released a statement in the last hour.

He wrote: throughout her career, kay ivey has proven herself to be a strong and determined woman who will confront any obstacle placed in her path.

The courage and tenacity she has shown in the past will serve her well in the challenge that lies ahead.

Waay 31's will robinson smith had a chance to talk with our politcal analysts about what this might mean for governor kay ivey and her ability to perform duties in office.

I spoke with waymon burke in the last 30 minutes.

He said there is precident in alabama for a governor having cancer.

He doesn't think the lt.


Will need to take a more active role.

I think that's highly unlikely.

Governor lurleen wallace of course had cancer and it was discovered late, as i recall, back in the late 1960s.

And she did not miss any time as governor.

He added that because they made the diagnosis early, that's another indication that ivey will be able to continue on in her full duties.



Waay 31 is working to learn more on governor ivey's diagnosis - her medical history - and the treatment challenges ahead for her.

We'll keep you update on air and online as soon we we get that

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