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Mt. Pleasant church stolen

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Mt. Pleasant church stolen
Mt. Pleasant church stolen

A relic is now missing from one of the st.

Landry parish churches destroyed in arson attacks this past spring.

News 15 rain augustine spoke to a church memeber a who says, she just wants the cross to be returned.

Candance, church leaders believe it was stolen from the site.... long time church memeber of mt pleasant says she feared this may happen.

"after all this congregation has gone through, and having just a few little memories to be able to put in the new church is really important, and for this to go missing, it's extremely disapointing," mt.

Pleasant baptist church was one of three historically black churches that were the target of arson attacks earlier this year.

"and they would ask, 'when are they going to build the church?"

I said, well, we gotta wait on the lord, wait on him."

The congregations paitience paid off.

After months of not having a church home, the re- building process finally began.

"we were hired several months ago to start doing the design work to rebuild the church that was destryed in the fire."

Architect of the new church design says they were excited to incorporate salvaged materials into the new building.

"one of those things was the cross that was on the front of the church," stephan ortego, architectbut that cherished relic vanished, church member virgie ??

Says she felt the cross was easily accesible to theives.... "i'm serious.

I said, "i would not leave this cross out," virgie.

Virgie feels the suspected theives violated the church, and wants the cross to be returned.

"i think that's so wrong you know to go on god's land, which all of it is his land, and take something that don't belong to them...... "it belong to mt.

Pleasant and they should've left it there."

For now mt.

Pleasant will patiently wait for the cross to be returned.

The architect says they are still in the design phase right now.

But he hopes the cross will be returned before they break ground.

In studio, rain augustine, news 15 if you have any information regarding the location of the missing cross you're urged to contact

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