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Monday, January 25, 2021

Cougar attacks dog in backyard, Springfield woman says

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Cougar attacks dog in backyard, Springfield woman says
Cougar attacks dog in backyard, Springfield woman says

Tasha Smith, who lives on S.

70th Street near Main Street says the attack happened just after 12:30 Wednesday morning.

Man to be evacuated off that cruise ship this week.

A family in the thurston area is shaken up after they say their four- legged friend had a close call with a mountain lion this morning.

As kezi 9 news reporter michael sevren shows us... they say the cougar attacked their dog in their own back yard.

Stand up: it was past 12:30 on wednesday morning in this backyard on south 70th street near main street where a woman says a cougar jumped her back fence and attacked her dog.

But the dog only suffered some minor scratches.

Sot: i just heard this evil growl and i've heard a cougar before and then in the midst of that growl my dog just starts yelping.

Tasha smith says after hearing that she jumped out of bed and into action.

Grabbing a gun, she ran into her backyard yelling.

There her dog makiaya - a 9 year old black lab boxer mix - ran indoors.

Smith says she saw the mountain lion jumping over her back fence.

While smith says makiaya escaped with only scratches... she says she was ready to shoot the cougar if she had to.

Sot: that's my dog i love her 've heard about cougars here in this area but i never thought i 'd have to experience it myself but it was scary.

Officials with the oregon department of fish and wildlife tell me they haven't started an investigation yet and say they will need to that before they can be sure it was a mountain lion.

They say if it is a cougar... their next step will be to learn if the animal was passing through or staying in the area.

Coming up at 5 hear from a wildlife biologist at the oregon department of fish and wildlife about tips you can do prevent something like this from happening in your own back yard.

Michael sevren


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