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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Dahl Family YMCA vandalized

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Dahl Family YMCA vandalized
Dahl Family YMCA vandalized

Around 2:15 Friday morning, surveillance cameras at the Dahl YMCA branch in La Crosse captured video of a younger white man breaking equipment at the front desk.

I'm mike thompson.

La crosse police are looking for the man who broke into the la crosse y-m-c-a... causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

It happened early this morning... news 8's tyler job has our top story and more details on the break-in.

Mike and martha ... branch director amy holte told me that the incident was isolated and nobody was hurt.

And while the break-in is a big let down for staff and community members, safety always remains the top priority.

(nats sound) around 2:15 friday morning, surveillance cameras at the dahl ymca branch in la crosse captured this.

(nats sound) "this individual caused extensive damage to a couple areas within our facility."

Police say the younger white man broke into the building by breaking a window on the east side along west avenue.

"we've never had a break- in like this this year."

This surveillanc e video shows just part of the destruction.

The man caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to the facility's computers, gaming systems, primetime center and other parts of the building.

"if people do have the cameras and they have any additional images of this gentleman, you know certainly we appreciate it if they'd share them with us."

La crosse ymca branch director amy holte says it's upsetting for everyone involved.

"we have a good crowd this year at 5 (a.m.) who relies on our facility to get their workout in before they go to work.

That is an inconvenience for our members.

It's also very stressful on all of our staff to walk into that type of situation."

Staff at the y were able to work together to get the mess cleaned-up fairly quickly... the y was able to reopen about 3 hours late..

While these incidents are rare, holte wants the community to know to be prepared for the unexpected.

"just really comes back to willing to share this story and building that awareness that these incidents do happen within our community."

Holte told me that the y-m-c-a does not know specifically how much damage the man caused.

But says it's fortunate he did not target any y-m-c-a staff or community member ... mike and martha.

Thanks tyler.

Police say the man was wearing a white baseball hat ... blue jeans with a torn knee ... white nike tennis shoes and a maroon uw-la crosse alumni hoodie.

If you have any information.... call crime stoppers at 784- tips.


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