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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Monday Morning Sprint

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Monday Morning Sprint
Monday Morning Sprint
The search for Madison's next police chief starts Monday.

Morning sprint as we get your week going with more local news than anyone else.

We start downtown ... where keely arthur has the details on the search for madison's next police chief.

The search for madison police departments next cheif begins today.

Former chief mike koval says he decided to step down rather than go through another budget fight with the city -- saying politics was a factor in his decision.

As for who replaces him... the madison professional police officers association says this could end up being a nationwide search... while mayor satya rhodes- conway has said she'll work with the police and fire commission to organize the search.

She also says the department and public should have significant input in choosing the new chief.

Frost advisory until 9 am for marquette, green lake, sauk, columbia, dodge, iowa, dane, jefferson, lafayette, green, and rock counties today: mostly sunny and continued cool.

High: 49 wind: bec.

Sw 5-10 mph tonight: becoming mostly cloudy with scattered showers developing.

Low: 38 wind: s 5-10 mph republican state senator david craig is requesting a full investigation from u-w chancellor rebecca black after a student covered the windows of the u-w madison's college republicans student office with signs calling president trump a sexist and racist.

Craig sent a letter asking for a complete report about the process u-w will be using to investigate and respond... the findings from the investigation... and disciplinary actions.

A disturbing video of a fake president donald trump killing his critics and the media is causing outrage by many online... the video was played at a conference held by a pro-trump group in the video, a fake trump's head edited onto the body of a man killing people in the "church of fake news."

Event organizers say they reject 'all political violence."

President trump's former top russia adviser is scheduled for a deposition today in the house's ongoing impeachment inquiry.

It comes as a new c-b-s poll shows a majority of americans approve of the inquiry.

However-- most republicans disagree... and feel the administration shouldn't cooperate... the president's phone call with ukraine's leader is at the center of the inquiry.

A majority of americans say a u-s president should not be able to ask other countries for help with u-s election campaigns... president trump is tweeting this morning saying quote 'big sanctions' are coming for turkey after their invasion of northern syria.

It comes as turkish forces continue to advance as their offensive is in its sixth day.

Secretary of defense mark esper says the president's move to pull out of the area was aimed at getting american soldiers out of harm's way.

Twelve deomcratic candidates prepare to take the stage tomorrow... for what the new york times reports will be the largest presidential primary debate in recorded american political history.

The same 10 candidates from the september primary will be there... as well as two candidates who didn't make the cut for the previous debate the debate starts tomorrow night at 7.

Community members are calling for more answers... after a black woman was shot and killed in her own home by a white police officer in fort worth, texas over the weekend.

Police were conducting a welfare check for 28-year-old atatiana jefferson.

This comes less than two weeks after former dallas police officer amber guyger was sentenced to 10 years in prison for killing her black neighbor.

Madison police are asking for your help... as they search for a suspect in a robbery on madison's west side.

Police say it happened just before 4:30 yesterday afternoon near the walgreens on south whitney way.

A woman told police she was approached by a man who took her purse... then ran.

Officers are describing the suspect as being around 5 feet 7 inches tall... wearing a grey stocking cap and a hoodie.

Today is "indigenous peoples' day" in wisconsin... governor tony evers issued an executive order to rename the holiday traditionally known as "columbus day."

This doesn't remove columbus day... which has been a federal holiday in the u-s since 19-34.

Madison has been recognizing indigenous peoples' day since at least 2005... tonight ... the packers will be hosting the detroit lions on monday night football.

The vikings won yesterday ... meaning the packers need a win to stay at the top of the division.

It's also a chance for the pack to right some wrongs... they've lost 4 straight games to the lions ... including getting shut out 31-to-nothing at lambeau to close last season.

Kickoff is at 7-15 tonight... you have one last chance to get your yard waste picked up... as madison's final guaranteed round of brush collection starts today.

Crews will be out again this morning collecting things like tree branches and shrub clippings.

This is different than the city's leaf collection -- so make sure you have those in separate piles.

The environmental protection agency is looking to change how you can find out if there's lead in your drinking water.

W-p-r reports that the e-p-a is proposing a change to the rules that would require water systems to make a list of all lead service lines publicly available.

The change would also require schools and day care centers to have their water sampled.

Walter street at the milwaukee street intersection will re-open ahead of the morning commute... it's been closed since friday for re-paving.

That intersection should be opening in the next few minutes ... 6:5 now... let's turn it over to jason stone with a look at your first-alert traffic.

A vehicle is blocking the right shoulder of the westbound beltline prior to seminole, expect to tap the brakes prior to todd drive.

Westbound drivers are slowing down prior to stoughton road and clearing before west broadway; all other lanes are at the posted speed limit.

No troubles on john nolen, just some minor crowding at north shore drive.

With your first alert traffic, i'm jason stone frost advisory until 9 am for marquette, green lake, sauk, columbia, dodge, iowa, dane, jefferson, lafayette, green, and rock counties today: mostly sunny and continued cool.

High: 49 wind: bec.

Sw 5-10 mph tonight: becoming mostly cloudy with scattered showers developing.

Low: 38 wind: s 5-10 mph

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