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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Local Authorities React To Amber Alert

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Local Authorities React To Amber Alert
Local Authorities React To Amber Alert

48 hours after a 3-year-old Birmingham girl has gone missing, Shosh Bedrosian talked to Huntsville police about how AMBER alerts play a crucial role in these situations.

In just 2 hours - we will hit the 48 hour mark - two days - since an amber alert was issued for a 3-year-old birmingham girl.

Police say - kamille mckinney - is in "extreme danger."

The alert was expanded to neighboring states - and right now her family is holding a vigil as they pray for her safe return.

The governor's office stepping in -- donating 5-thousand dollars to the reward fund for information that helps bring kamille home.

I'm dan shaffer.

And i'm najahe sherman.

When amber alerts are issued -- time is critical.

Waay 31's shosh bedrosian joins us live after talking with huntsville police about how amber alerts play a crucial role in situations like these.

Dan and najahe -- if you received an amber alert on your phone that looks like this sometime last night or today, it was to notify you of the missing girl from birmingham.

One officer from huntsville police tells me when an amber alert is sent out, it means officials are asking the public for help with a missing person and that time is critical in an investigation like this.


Michael johnson, spokesperson for huntsville police department "as you know, our children are the most precious thing for us and in the law enforcement world, when a child is a victim of almost anything, to include a possible amber alert, it's all hands on deck" lieutenant johnson works for huntsville police and tells me the alabama fusion center is responsible for sending out amber alerts to the public.

He tells me certain criteria needs to be reached in order for an amber alert to be sent out.


Michael johnson, spokesperson for huntsville police department "we want to be careful on how we use the amber alert.

We don't want to overuse it because in society if we over use something, it kind loses its all and wont get the attention it should get.

We do have a policy on amber alerts and what point we might actually initiate that amber alert system" an amber alert was issued for kamille mckinney, who goes by cupcake.

She was last seen at a housing community in birmingham around 8:30 saturday night.

The amber alert in effect for mckinney describes her as being in extreme danger.

The alabama law enforcement agency say she may have been abducted by a man and a woman traveling in a dark colored black or blue suv.

Officials found this vehicle and two persons of interest, but still have not located mckinney.

I spoke with one woman from birmingham who tells me this hits very close to home.

Monica richardson, from the birmingham area "i'm from birmingham but i'm out here, i mean i've been just looking around out here trying to...i mean it's sad but i just hope they find that little girl and bring her home alive" lieutenant johnson also told me with amber alerts, it is important to get a vehicle description out as quickly as possible.

He says it's important for witnesses to give the best descriptions that they can.

Monica richardson, from the birmingham area "i mean it's dangerous out here man.

You can't just be leaving you kids nowhere" huntsville police say they are briefed on this case daily and if anyone in the area has any information on the missing 3- year-old, they are advised to call huntsville police.

Reporting live in waay 3 news.

Updates on this case have been limited -- as the birmingham police department works with the f-b-i, u-s marshals, and the center for missing and exploited children to find kamille.

But -- here's what we've learned in the last 2 hours.

In addition to the feds -- birmingham police's special victim unit and robbery homicide unit are involved in the search.

We also know the 2 persons of interest are answering questions -- but haven't said anything about where kamille could be.

Authorities are searching for video evidence to link those 2 to the case.

Right now there are several tip lines in place for anyone who has information on this crime.

You're taking a look at some of them right now.

Birmingham police have 2 tip lines in place.

You can also anonymously report information through crimestoppers.

You can find all these numbers -- and the latest


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