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Wednesday Morning Sprint

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Wednesday Morning Sprint
An Edgerton family was displaced by an overnight house fire.

It's 6:5 ... time for the morning sprint as we get your day started with more local news.

We start with breaking news overnight... an edgerton family is waking up somewhere else this morning... after an overnight house fire.

All family members and pets managed to get out safely... ... but we're told there's extensive smoke damage throughout the entire home.

Crews got the call just after 10 last night ... and found a fire in the house's laundry room.

The fire was put out quickly ... but had parts of highway 59 closed for more than an hour.

Also breaking overnight ... madison police are looking for two teenagers who they say beat and stole from a father in front of his 14- year-old daughter on the city's west side.

It happened just before 10 last night ... in the parking lot outside burlington coat factory on odana road.

Police say the suspects had a gun and took the man's cash, while also damaging his clothing ... clinton police are still looking for two men who they say stabbed an 18-year-old on monday... police say it happened at the village terrace mobile home park.

Two masked men allegedly broke into a home...and stabbed the man repeatedly.

Police believe it was a targeted attack..

And that the public isn't in any danger this morning.

The trial continues today for a portage county man accused of killing his wife.

Almost a year and a half after his wife was last seen, jason sypher was arrested and charged with her murder.

Police say g-p-s data shows sypher's car was at a gas station near a dumpster in plover... where they later found a bag of evidence.

Surveillance video confirms sypher's car was there.

Krista sypher's body has not been found.

Today: mostly cloudy, windy and chilly.

High: 47 wind: nw 15-25 mph tonight: becoming partly cloudy and cooler; areas of frost possible overnight low: 35 wind: nw 5-10 mph so when we think about materials used to create art we think about oil paints, pencil, maybe water color..

But this new exhibit uses plastic.

And it's just behind me inside the chazen's doors.

The exhibit is called plastic entanglements.

The director of the chazen says not all of the peices are made out of plastic, although many are, they all however encourage you to think about how you use plastic in our everyday life.

And the exhibit is also ecouraging local students to think too.

Thanks to a grant from environmenal groups all bus tranpsortation is free for local schools and community groups.

Who get to see all differnt artists inperpretation of this up close.

The event is going through january fifth!


President trump is tweeting this morning... saying there's no way anyone on stage at last night's debates could become president.

It was the largest debate in modern history... with 12 leading candidates.

They discussed how they'd solve problems like health care, income inequality, and opioid abuse... though each said they support the impeachment inquiry into the president..

Congressional democrats are opting not to hold a full vote on an impeachment inquiry.

Some of the president's allies have said that without one... the inquiry isn't valid.

But house speaker nancy pelosi says a vote is unnecessary... because the constitution doesn't require it.

Turkey's president is rejecting a white house call to end the fighting in northern syria.

Last week.

The turkish military launched an offensive against the region's kurdish population... shortly after president trump ordered u-s troops to withdraw from the area.

Vice president pence is heading to turkey today to try to convince them to agree to a ceasefire.

Today marks one month since the general motors strike began... ... but it might be nearing an end.

The company's c-e-o was at the negotiating table yesterday... and suggests g-m and the united auto workers are making progress.

The union also called its local officers to detroit this week... possibly to vote on a tentative agreement.

The father of a sandy hook victim will get 4 hundred-50 thosuand dollars...after he sued a local conspiracy theorest for emotional distress.

Lenny pozner, who lost his 6 year old son, noah, in the sandy hook massacre nearly 7 years ago, says james fetzer's book, "nobody died at sandy hook," ha caused him to receive threats...and is defamatory.

Fetzer's attorneys say he didn't intend to incite violence...or encourage anyone to threaten pozner.

Republicans at the state capitol are starting a push to limit the governor's veto powers... with a hearing on a proposed constitutional amendment.

The amendment would stop governor evers from being able to issue partial vetos to increase spending.

Right now... the governor is able to strike words, numbers and punctuation in spending bills.

One in four undergraduate women at uw- madison say they've been sexually assaulted.

The numbers at uw's campus are higher than the national average...of one-in-five the university says they're taking action... by planning to add more staff positions to the title nine program and university health services.

University leaders are also inviting students and staff to give feedback at three forums happening in november.

Dane county executive joe parisi is planning to buy more than 80 acres in north dane county... as a way to mitigate flood damage.

A resolution will go before the county board later this week to buy land from the (cook) koch family in the town of vienna.

Parisiet aside 3 million dollars in his 2020 budget for land purchases, through creation of a flood risk reduction fund.

You have one last chance to see the forward madison team before the start of the off- season.

The team is hosting a thank you party at breese stevens field at the stadium store from 5 to 8 tonight.

Players will make appearances between 6 and 7:30.

In their first year in madison... the flamingos led the u-s-l league one in attendance... with more than 4-thousand fans per game.

6:5 now... let's turn it over to jason stone with a look at your first-alert traffic.

Regular crowding on the westbound beltline has started near stoughton road and clearing before west broadway, all other lanes are at the posted speed limit.

No issues for commuters heading downtown on john nolen, short lines at the rimrock and olin intersections.

And a disabled vehicle is blocking the right turn lane from aberg ave to stoughton road, delays have occured.

With your first alert traffic, i'm jason stone today: mostly cloudy, windy and chilly.

High: 47 wind: nw 15-25 mph tonight: becoming partly cloudy and cooler; areas of frost possible overnight low: 35 wind: nw 5-10 mph

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