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Thursday, September 23, 2021


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At (time) it's time now for our (day) morning sprint here on good morning northwest... we will check in with chief meteorologist kristin walls in just a minute but first heres a look at todays top stories.

Several female benton county employees have filed a complaint against sheriff jerry hatcher.

Commissioner jerome delvin said around four or five women filed the complaint earlier this year.

Hatcher's lawyer, says delvin is using false, politically motivated allegations against hatcher to get what he wants.

The full report is expected to be released at next week's board meeting.

A man bites a pasco police officer's leg -- but officers had a new trick up their sleeve meant for combatitive suspects... after a witness reported this man car prowling in the walmart parking lot... three officers were called in when the 6 foot two man started resisiting arrest... he was tased twice -- then bit officer brad leininger... the third officer used what you see on the man here -- a lateral vascular neck restraint -- to control him and get him cuffed... a 15-year-old boy has been arrested harassment for a reported school shooting threat at sunnyside high school.

The sunnyside school district reportedly received a "possible electronic threat" of a school shooting.

The teen allegedly told police he sent it to a friend as a joke and that it was not intended to be shared or posted on social media a second suspect in a 2016 attempted murder case was sentenced to more than 40 years in prison.

Freddy munoz razo and others reportedly kidnapped a woman, beat her, shot her in the head and left her for dead.

The woman survived, but still suffers from mental and physical injuries from the attack.

At a hearing yesterday morning, she was called into the courtroom to ask the judge to sentence razo for a long time.

("i think it's offensive, you know.

As tribal people, we're not mascots.") a new york cigarette producer is being sued over claims it used a local tribe's name on its product without permission.

Lawyer and yakama nation tribal member jack fiander says the tribe's name can't be used without explicit permission from the tribe fiander says the goal of the lawsuit is to get the company to stop making the yakama cigarettes about 300 people will soon lose their jobs... zirkle fruit company will be closing its apple packing portion of its prosser facility.... the company will start laying off 95 employees this week.

Zirkle will continue to store bulk fruit and run its winery operations year round in prosser.

The company says the need to remain efficient and respond to customer and industry requests contributed to its decision.

Today is the last day the richland school district will be offering a free flu shot clinic.

Shots are available for students four years and older.

Those interested just need to bring their insurance information and a parent consent form.

Appointments do not need to made.

The clinic will be at hanford high this afternoon from 3 p-m to 6 p-m.

("ásecurity systemá") several schools in walla walla have a new security system thanks to a 117-million dollar bond.

Some schools are equipped with an intercom system, similar to a ring doorbell.

When someone wants to enter the school, they hit the call button and staff members at the front office can see their face.

(toss to kristin) from the legends skycam network, here's a look from toppenish.

Dry and quiet out the door with plenty of clouds around the area.

Temps in the 40s.

Planning out your day look for a dry start with rain chances moving in by middday into the afternoon.

Look for highs today in the 60s.

Futurecast shows the wet weather arriving by afternoon and evening.

A few more rain showers thursday into friday.

On the 7day look for rain chances likely saturday with a few more sunday.

Temps over the next week will be in the 50s and 60's.

Drier by tuesday of next week.

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