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Interview: National Pasta Day

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Interview: National Pasta Day

Interview: National Pasta Day

Ernie Pitts from Carrabba's Itallian Grill in Macon stopped by to celebrate National Pasta Day with us.


C1 3 c1 3 b13 whether you re a fan spaghetti or penne, pasta fan spaghetti whether you re whether you re a fan spaghetti whether you re a fan spaghetti or penne, pasta is comfort food most people love.

And today we re celebrating this dish because..it s national pasta day!

This morning we re joined by ernie pitts from carrabba s italian grill in macon.

He s here to teach us how make a c1 3 b13 apostolate of reviewer from the special crawls through sunday for 10 dollars that includes so good to you, doris october starts with the basic onions here, garlic ... and you are all boiled zero your submission.

Recently suppressed and we resulting those of liquid.

I am uneasy for couples reviewing website.

It is on website and all the ingredients really basic ingredients.

The acute abuse ingredients are that the first hundred of the apostle courses old onion.

This course garlic difficult garlic ... one companies and go from there.

The ... put the 'running yourself to usual golden brown ... you see a will you ... years ago, ... then the maturity was assaulted at up nicely ... so useful golden brown.

Your ... so with his business.

He brought wine of red with the red sauce for the your way around but you both will garlic and how long do we talk a user to towards a almost localized and will redo your as the tomatoes in the interest is on website.

Once you "are the garlic unit discourse on the upper the last piece of plastic pieces of tomatoes.

I and in the last part is the first refusal this ... using pressure the matters of armored situated also for the garlic as well.

Freshness is will first go to google twice get the guidance in this garlic was also well notices a "char doctor tomatoes what he had to peeled for camino to assist with the recipes on website.

I ... know it's infrastructure that really cook at three ... alex and then to put that and this is what it looks like at the end chat ... so with this and you want to do what you bound to do spaghetti or new and old letters of possibly ever there.

We also have spaghetti and wheels of tony so the deposit will also pending to come in the can choose the console and the soft with this boston creek ... five for six apostles we have to offer coupling a little thin pasta you don't i now find rsis ... can you do anything for posterity.

More people like ... daddy was the with the spaghetti just for the fact that it ... its israel is good to hear to the to the sauce, but i ... right over here to live inside the marker about how i will do as he does it the salsa breakdown ... corporate that ... you is your post going.

We do with apostolate to have a result the water before ... and will support after will sweep the cost ... explains you have seasoning with ... sewage disposal, but also reschedule ... that we thought he would help it's a different ... district to ... the people at will as well.

You will edelman assault man is a pencil software for the flavor is probably the guard was busy to this looks like a meal that you have ready start to finish.

Yes building minute it is the primary resources very quick ... is a very quick sauce is very simple and cost efficient and bright with the ... nobody before you know maybe 50 before the ... make it possible caught ... take about two minutes cook ... now i know i put cheese on top of their past you you like ... this to you now plane accident case, for user model.

She's over your mom.

She has a elsewhere john first which you have the table when you come to the restaurant mortgage company records arterial.

Also the have your preference ... .

You will also belittle the this is good.

You, the ... commuter promises more pungent in the russell's ... okay this all comes to nicely but is parmesan adoption of the restaurant yes we of your parmesan is offered ourselves on caesar salad.

And when you have a ... look at the positive ... bring up the model for arms are both which i like ... likable.

Sounds good this all smells

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