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Monday, January 25, 2021

Sports Express Wrap: October 19, 2019 (without Syracuse)

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Sports Express Wrap: October 19, 2019 (without Syracuse)
Sports Express Wrap: October 19, 2019 (without Syracuse)
Oneida and Proctor remain unbeaten; Comets beat Checkers

Warm on ay, with mostly sunny skies for sectionals as v-v-s goes up against c-v-a for's east.

Wk of theegular season and postseasonwo enter undefeated - only e as frankfort-schuylay when the regular season class d.

Usda and new hartford both ionals as v-v-s goesof this one will take home h in the class b east..

--- first - time for toni's first possession of the defeated - only one 1.

Zander farr - up the the regular season .

Extra point is good.

And new hartford both lead of the game.

R of this one will tak left in e class b east title.


Tyler potocki oneida's first posses kraft with a bullet up the the 11.

Zander farr touchdown.

New hartford on the board - int is good.

Ans so they still trail 7-6.


--- under two quarter ft in the first - spar from him - but stephen ki finds tight end lo huge run.

Quick cuts to the middle for the 1f for a big gain.

Indians fail to e board - but p-a-t iugh.

Ked so they still trawas .

--- final play og.

Potocki is brought down t all year from him -in wright... falone breaks off a this one.

Oneida added the inside and he's of insurance as they win s fail to score on tular season at 7-0 and capture re - it was mostly d.

S shining.

Potocki is come to sports r the sack by benjamin tures its first league scoring in this one.

Tight contest at new hartford.

Or insurance as they wiant games g the regular season at ations as well.

The class b east title east llo everyone and welc central valley academy o oneida captures its ferrill.

V-v-s nee 08 in a tight contess a win or cazenovia loss to clinch a spot.

Games going with pl red-hot plications as well.


Michael dihrberg ast - we go to ilion wdelines to cor demy hosts vernon-veroght in front o eds a win to get in -a up by seven.

Win or cazenovia loss five ch a spot.

---- in ton klosner off the hand-off r open the scoring.

Mane before being brought ass up the sidelines nder.

--- with nothing but dais one as well - phoenix -yard touchdown.

C-v-a throw to - he's hit - the to that five minuten murray recovers the fumble... nd-off - able to breas v- plane before being bl late.

They then hold on nder.

--- defense a factor in this one as wm - phoenix weydig witr playoff seeding.

- he's hit - the balting waterville in this rray recovers the fumble... ...ville up by six.

Cody spooner rolls out - finds late.

They thehold o short pass and he takes itin cl indians.

T this is for playoff ses g.

Frankfort-schuylerikes again.

Hand-off to is one.

--- third eaks through for the up by six.

Cody spoo0.

--- out - finds connor m knights trying to get and he takes it intodesarro takes it himself - s.

--- just over twt can't hang onto the ball.

Trikes again.

Hand-off mble - frankfor is over... for the score.

Indiafor by 20.

--- in the f waterville with a big ying to get anything going ff desarro takes it h warriors taking on the ain but can't hang oom the north country.

Picks up themble - rankfort threat is o azah takes the hand off h for coach mike batnd zone.

Comets up 21-0 at g road win.

Final 20-0.

In wter it's azah again.

Here he ing on the 5-1 cartha makes it look easy for country.

--- secondd their lead now to 28-0.

Ombo azah takes the haner - whitesboro gets on the nd zone.

Comets up 21es it off to nick sardina who the third quarter it endzone.

Warriors on the s the handoff and ma by 21.

Easy for carthage as theoo and their lead now t this one.

Azah runs all quarter - whitesboro gore... he board.

Zach britt n es it off to nick sardem on red alert into the endzone.


On the board - but st l down by 21.

--- on the cicero-north much for whitesboro they look to go 7-0 and the way in again forague title since 2015 on ke down whitesboro and puts them on r - on the one.

The sea parts e final.

Out in syr steps it over the line.

Two king on the cicero-no - but the raiders up 6-0.

They look to go 7-0 and rth ure their first league proctor goes for it - ectrum.

--- first saleh el tayeb in the end ne.

The sea parts forook-up.

Big play on steps it over the line0.

--- int conversion fails -e raiders continue to add - in the second - fowith nowhere to throw - finds the seam and takes it.

Andon rson hits e line and he's in there... for the 11-yard hook p.

Big play on fourthhstars 32-0 as they - late in the frame e the double-a two ue to add to the lead.

Peterson with the e to throw - finds thg for their first a-c-c win pile over the line and he's in re... ...proctor wouldgoals early on but the panthers 32-0 as they push tthe orange---just like north two championship.

T week---double-pass.

E syracuse orange loron matthews...43 yards and a as they hosted--- sburgh.

--- teams -b tommy devito gets y on but the panthers or backup clayton ange---just like northn end zone....are you week---double-pass.

Out taj harris - gone!

N matthews...43 yarde longest touchdown pass .

--- in the third -97...syracuse dow- gets injured - first play for ck.

Welch returns---a little ozy....from his own end zonaaron e you kidding me?

Air 6.

Syracuse somehow within a touchdown at 27-20... ngestouchdown pa as r the orange since 19ck effort falls just short as - syracuse - stormine 27-20.

Lch returns---a little on p pass underneath...afor sports express.

N for 6.

Syra somet to.

After the break... 27-20... ...but tha s as close as they gthe week who has helped alls just short as sy just one year's time.


That'll closheck out other scores from around the area in our ress.

Still plty master.

Et to.

After the break... f l introduce our latew to unveil our athlete of the week... ansform a program in just om that sat in the basement - let's check out ott could be competing for a section title this year.


Bumpback & athlete o express - it's tisville-eaton fl thlete of the week..

Retch the last few weeks.

M that sat in the baushed for over 100 yards with two d be ceting for a passed for nearly 250 yards with four t-s in e air.

Unior quarterback st week with nearly 250 yards ll team has had a mon and over 130 yards passing with a fortnight ago - he rod for nine total touchdowns two rushing touchdow his play has helped the 0 yards with four t-rd after going winless last that up last week with nearlyat being able to help his team turn things 30 yards passing with him - but that it's been made easy otal touchdowns in tng cast.


His play has h a lot, but i couldn't do it without coach g winless last ers, we have a lot of weapons and it draws his team tn tngs ...we're super excited about where we are, en made easyth a sst year isn't the most fun thing to do, but now th we're 3-1 're motived and d all the oth pl don johnson: logan is a great a it drawsattente kid.

Logan is a really fun player to watch, he's arobvisly going he has a good arm...he's been able to pick , but nothat we're 3-1re trying to read on the defense and he's done johnson:on is a great kid and he's a school athlete who is a really fun play of the week, here's our n his feet and he has a gomail, find us on social media!

The reads up, wh, parent, even a teammate - e defense and he's donet info - call, email, find us on social media!

If you're a coach, a-d, parent, even a teammate - just u would like to be nominated and why.

Give us some stats and a story and we'll give you a shot!

All featured athletes will receive a plaque courtesy of c-n-y awards and apparel.

That'll do it for the middle frame on sports express.

Up next - an update on game five of the a-l-c-s as the yankees look to avoid elimination.

Also - we'll shift gears to the ice where look tracuse crunch.

The team looked to keep o avoid elimination.

Against the defending to the ice where theharlotte check in unbeaten as they st the defending caldehael dipietro ban te checkers.

S first pro win on the syracuse crunch.

The team looked an midway through - kole ight against the defe - forces a turnover and charlotte checkers.

To carter camper who rings e at the aud - chae.

Comets on the board and notching his first pro four minutes day.

--- first peri- nikolay goldobin feeds to kole nwith the puts in the one-timer r and then centers i goal.

Utica's on top by o rings it off the post and in.

- alex nedeljkovic with up one.

--- less tagain.

Zack macewen hits omets keep in - nikolay go and the buffalo native puts it who puts in the one-tzing.

3-0 afte ofessional goal.

Utica on top by two.

--- - but can't solve a 20- alex nedeljkovic with med michael dipietro.


Zack macewen hitsy from david gust.

In front and the buffalto play uts it home.

The boysy kill.

Mishap on the blue --- checkers come out cks it up and comes in all alone - backhand - five-hole.

The all six goals in four games way from david gust.

--- with four minu-0 as they pour it on in the nalty kill.

Mishap on the blue line - reid boucher p.m.

[email protected] cometks @ comets, 7 p.m.

Orrisville st.

@ uc football, us... we'll see you back here next friday n houston for gamesix ion of sp!


-westmo/oriskany @


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