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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Mason Dixon Research Poll

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Mason Dixon Research Poll
Mason Dixon Research Poll

A new Mason Dixon research poll shows that Mississippi voters are still firmly behind president Donald Trump.

A new mason dixon research poll shows that mississippi voters are still firmly behind president donald trump.// the new numbers released this morning show that only 34% of likely voters say the president should be removed from office.

// a healthy 56% are against the impeachment proceedings with 10% undecided.// breaking the numbers down by region show north mississippi is solidly trump country... 66% of voters in the northern part of the state are opposed to the current impeachment proceedings with only 27% thinking it's a good idea.// 7% of voters don't have an opinion on the move.// the gap is a little closer here in the golden triangle where 31% are okay with removing trump while 58% think that's a bad idea...the poll comes just days before the president is scheduled to campaign in tupelo on behalf of tate reeves.

// the same poll shows reeves with 46% of the vote while jim hood is backed by 43%.

The 9% undecided vote will settle who is the next governor.//


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