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Monday, March 1, 2021


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There and cut you some good fish for now, let's take it to the set to ck and taylor.

Thank you so much danielle will come.

We can normally note following as next week about coming up there it will be thanksgiving.

Believe i or not, and more go eat your piece once you dissipate in the stuffing strides.

It is a 5k race is coming up and joining u now is amy katcher good morning are you morning k thank you so much for having me to thank you so much for having me with morning because i thanksgiving could be her before you know it a chance this year has gone by thanksgivings even later than usual.

There's things that sliced is for christmas shoppin this year is about this event coming up is a great opportunity for you to go to a 5k line you can walk it pet friendly trailer family family family and then the good thing is after you exercise in the morning goes up yourself was stopped thing is exercised product.

The race can put it 30 is a time to raise okay if you wanted to like the does numbers that they are not me.

I'm one in time to raise and you know it's just a lot of fun all of the proceeds go to help just north of the river are unique.

Terry has the only help north of the river.

There's a lot of charities that help content to the area we simply happen.

Our site neighborhood house the gym.

Wilson finally decided in the middle school cited the bank with our partner with it.

So the comet in the race bring a canned goods for us.

The eagle academy north hamilton county elementary school, which is an after the program with trauma and to me all sorts of fun things and endows a volunteer fire department seem to find which is really cool.

There's a lot of charities that help you to make sure the kids have toys they actually take the kids out shopping to make sure they can buy presents for their family to join you and the development isaiah that only that's why you want to wonderful thing you on thanksgiving is well you can eat all day.

We all know what real leftovers even when i go out and this and it can be starting at what time it starts at eight this and it can be starting at what time it starts at 830 even registered that day was that around 730 or packet pickup wil be the day before one active .com up a sign out to search nothing strike on to bring the page right up to you.

It's a bargain it's $30 per rock walker runner-up or a family five a family 5 to 5 members pe $100 for the family can get out of it is the path of leslie is an important thing to participate in and raise awareness, unity, and he went to the seven years later it started about a taoist baptist church pastor can do again and city week is back with for this year they were just talking about th fact that there are poverty issues in northern hamilton county, but it doesn't get as much attention to what people live in chattanooga so there's more of a traded efforts, but you know north of the river.

They need help to as i was just how can we do something that really helped.

Just target those areas in seven years ago.

The stuffing start was born wonderful felt like a great event might help to get a study on thanks giving thanksgiving day which is november 28 got very late.

You 830 yards.

Chester prost parkinson is one of the prettiest ik in my opinion because were walking through chester ross in the fall as the leaves are turning.

It's a beautiful route stroller friendly at friendly and it is the time for thanks so much being here this morning and always get the theater plan to make a will promoting the right


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