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Monday, March 1, 2021

A look at Chris Zachar's homicide trial experience

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A look at Chris Zachar's homicide trial experience
A look at Chris Zachar's homicide trial experience
A look at Chris Zachar's homicide trial experience

The homicide trial of eric sackett will continue on monday... with the defense calling its witnesses.

Sackett is being represented by attorney christopher zachar... who some might remember from a high profile stabbing case in at a la crosse kwik trip in 2013.

News 8's mal meyer looks at the attorney's experience with homicide trials.

It was a day like any other at the cass street kwik trip on sunday, june 2, 2013.

That was until mitrel anderson entered the store at 3:12 a-m.

Dec 10, 2014: "it is absolutely undisputed that mitrel swung a knife and killed demario lee.

Security camera footage shows anderson and a group of men near the restroom.

That's where he stabbed demario lee.

Dec 16, 2014 anderson "no, i didn't want to kill him."

The state argued he didn't check on his victim or try to get help.

His attorney's... which included christopher zachar... claimed it was self defense.

Dec 10, 2014: "there is a tremendous difference legally between someone who swings in anger andsomeone who is put into a position where he reaasonably fears for his life."

It was a strategy that ultimately paid off for the defense.

After about six and a half hours of deliberation... the jury found anderson not guilty of first- degree intentional homicide.

Dec 19, 2014 anderson: "the justice system really works."

But a different homicide case that zacher also took to trial... did not have the same outcome.

Police alleged zachary nathan davis and his partner stabbed someone they were staying with at the econolodge hotel in tomah.

April 24, 2015"he was on the floor just within the door of room 118.

There was broken glass on the floor, blood on the walls and on the floor," said investigator rob walenski.

The defense claimed davis killed derek magnuson because the victim tried to assault his girlfriend.

But the jury thought otherwise... and convicted davis of 1st degree intentional homicide, armed robbery with use of force and driving or operating a vehicle without consent.

He's serving a life sentence.

In la crosse, mal meyer, news 8.

Christopher zachar and his client erik sackett will be in court monday... to present their case.

The defense will start to call its witnesses after court returns around 8-45 a-m.

News 8 will continue to stream the trial live on our facebook page and website... that's news 8000 dot

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