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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Bantam and Biddy Mac & Cheese

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Bantam and Biddy Mac & Cheese
Bantam and Biddy Mac & Cheese

Lance Gummere of Bantam and Biddy makes us some Mac & Cheese like they serve in the "healthy southern cuisine" restaurant.

We are welcoming co- founder at the bantam and biddy restaurant.

Good morning lance thanks for joining us all right so you were gonna be making a dish that's of course available on the menu at bantam and betty what is this we're gonna be making our homemade macaroni and cheese so good we start with a little heavy cream and add some macaroni that we've cooked ahead of time we're just gonna reheat it and we're gonna bring that to a boil and thicken it with some cheddar cheese perfect so as you're getting that going a little bit about bantam and biddy.

Bantam and biddy opened in the newmarket city centre last fall and what we are is were take on a traditional southern diner but then we've got all the fried chicken and collard greens and mac and cheese low but the difference is we have a healthy aspect to our restaurant also so how are you taking these traditional you know comfort foods dire foods and putting a healthy twist on them well thank you for asking the difference is 75 percent or a million mew is gluten-free really yes and gluten for 3 million americans i have an allergic reaction to it all of our fried foods are completely gluten free how in the world do you make fried foods that are gluten free well i tried to go gluten-free one time just to you know be healthy and i could not do it because i love fried food right right well the base of our flour is a sea island red pea and rice and both of those are gluten free all right so you got that cheese starting to balance right and then while that's working we're also gonna show one of our spinach salads and what we have here is some organic spinach and we serve this in a restaurant with a little organic quinoa yeah it's a grain and very healthy if you eat that it's like vampire food you'll never die and these are some sunflower sprouts groans by redcliffe farms in north georgia and we like to source local stuff they also grow our and miller grits force and we're in the garnish this salad is as much as possible with some north georgia apples tell me what this cream drink over here y'all been telling me i need to try it i'm gonna try it oh the show's over but this is the green monster okay and we do love our fresh juices this is made with celery kale apples and lemon that we reduce all that daily and it comes out that beautiful color smells good it's so good i mean you're gonna actually that's really good throw in karate kicks and a few that's really good i can do that you keep mixing it yes all right we're open seven days a week for breakfast um we have a full breakfast menu until 11 o'clock on saturday and sunday we do a full brunch and breakfast till 3:00 p.m.

Y'all know i love a brunch and then some people still want more brunch so we have a couple breakfast items like a a waffle with banana bread waffle with pecan syrup that we offer all day every day so i was looking through your menu earlier and you found the way to my heart you have a chicken and waffle but it's not just any waffle it's a bacon cheddar waffle can i get bad all day please don't get that all day around the clock and it's one of our most popular sellers good well we are happy to have you in chattanooga so what's that cheese melts down what are we gonna do it then i see these biscuits here you know we're just gonna we're gonna what's that cheese melts we're just gonna garnish this macaroni and cheese with a little bit of bread crumbs and parsley that gives it a little bit of crunch at the end i'm kind of a biscuit connoisseur do you serve these just to the menu yeah no can we get the wing atom's the other oh yes how would you eat them you know we saw these booth biscuits and gravy that's my favorite but a lot of people like us to open them up and put fried chicken on the inside or mento cheese or eggs yes there's another way to my heart hey can you ask us you tell us what you want to put in there and basically we're gonna get taken care of i had a little birdie just tell me in my ear that there's a drink menu as well is that true we have a full bar actually we have two folks so you're telling me i can get a chicken and waffle or you know a pimento cheese biscuit and i can get a drink we have a full bar for we have a full bar where you can get a lot of local beers and then any craft cocktail you'd like but we have a second bar we also have an espresso bar which has all the coffee drinks and that's open all day long so you can come in get a coffee drink go to our display case and grab a couple desserts to go we're ready for you can't wait now you guys are our scenic city deal for this week so you have to do is visit wdf comm slash deals you can purchase a $25 gift certificate for half price go in and use it at bantam and biddy that is at wdef dot comm slash deals and you said you're open 7 days a week 7 days a week breakfast and brunch that's lunch and dinner so that gets nice and gooey stringing perfect and that's how we like to serve that sign of a good cheese as if it's stringy oh yeah you don't want to go too much it could break and then there's a little parsley breadcrumbs on top they give it back yum guys look at that mac and cheese salads green monster drinks full bar bacon cheddar biscuits chicken and waffles nice over roasted chicken gluten-free you name it they have it at bantam and biddy get your scenic city deal online right now wdef com they will sell out fast there is a limited availability guys we hope to have you back soon thank you for joining us thank


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