Jim Cramer's Advice to Jay Powell: 'Say Nothing'
Jim Cramer's Advice to Jay Powell: 'Say Nothing'

It's Fed day!

And it's looking like the Federal Reserve will be cutting rates.

Ahead of the decision, which will be announced at 2 pm E.T.

"I think that the greatest thing that could happen for the president is that Jerome Powell cuts and shuts up.

That's not gonna happen.

I advised that they stop doing this thing where they just take questions from Woodward high school and you know, the Bethesda area.

I mean he has to get control of those meetings.

If he did just submit questions and you submit 10 questions or take five questions.

But, because he's getting good at saying nothing, but he's got to say nothing for a short period of time.

So you cut and you wait for the data and if he says that cut and data-dependent, cut and get dependent, then you're fine.

If he just cut and done, which would be ridiculous.

But if he says that, then you're going to get a good chance to buy a lot of stocks," said Cramer.

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