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Sunday, April 11, 2021

new details released in shooting

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new details released in shooting
new details released in shooting
new details released in shooting


Fire is on scene, and i'm waiting for another car."

A frantic call from evansville police?

Seconds after an ??d officer shoots a man?

Following a car crash.

Police say the incident became fatal when the man refused to comply with the officer's commands?

Starting with asking for his license and registration.

But instead?

The officer says he grabbed a dark object under the front seat of his car?

And started moving toward the officer.

Joylyn bukovac responded to the scene moments after.

She's been following this story and joins us now with more.


Amanda and ma?

Tonight i spoke with a woman who saw terry chanley?

Just*minutes before he was shot.

She tells me what happened last night was heart wrenching.

That deadly office?

Involved shootin?

Started as a seemingly simple single vehicle accident near morgan avenue and theater drive?

ámonday evening.

"shots fired!

Shots fired!

Let me see your hands let me see your hands!"

(gunfire) a situation that took a*fatal turn in a matter of minutes.

"it was very scary and it was very unusual for this area."

45 year old terry chanley of posey county an electrical pole just ábefore 6:30 monday night,.

One witness explains what they saw.

"he was being really weird and at that point i was like, 'i'm turning around.

I don't know what's going on."

Little did she know this incident was going to take a bloody turn.

"our officer asked chanley for his driver's license and registration to which chanley merely shook his head and began reaching under his seat."

Evansville police say*that's when chanley pulled out a blac?handled hammer?

Pointing it at the officer while approaching him.

At the time the officer thought it was a gun.

He shot at chanley*four times "subject down he still has a gun underneath his stomach.

He's still moving."

Eventually ending chanley's life.

Investigators say this took a deadly turn within a matter of minutes.

The same witness tells 44new?

By the time she turned her car aroun?

Chanley was*shot.

"to come around and see that he did end up getting killed, it was just very emotional for me because this town is becoming so unsafe for no reason.

We are killing our own people.

We are trying to be hostile towards police."

Evansville police say the department supports their officers' actions.

"he was advancing on the officer with a hammer i'm here to tell you a hammer is a deadly weapon."

Police say the officer involved in that deadly shooting was not hurt?

But his name has not yet been released.

He's been place on paid administrative leave for at least three days?

Which is common in situations like this.

Authorities say they'll release body camera video of the incident at some point tomorrow.

Joylyn bukovac 44news.



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