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Monday, January 25, 2021

Pete Buttigieg visits North Iowa

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Pete Buttigieg visits North Iowa
Pete Buttigieg visits North Iowa
Sunday marks one year until the next presidential election.

Infrastructur e projects./// today marks one year until the next presidential election.

And with the road to campaign 2020 running through iowa (first... several democratic hopefuls made the political rounds there this weekend.

South bend, indiana mayor and presidential hopeful pete buttigieg is stopping in north iowa to make his case to constituents.

Kimt news 3's alex jirgens was at the rally in charles city today á and spoke with voters on what they would like to here at the elks lodge in charles city, many people came out to hear what presidential hopeful pete buttigieg had to say as he's making his case known to voters ahead of the february caucus.

Nat of pete "every election they say it's the most important election.

Look where we are right now."

With the american flag as a backdrop á people were packed inside to hear what the twoátime indiana mayor and navy reserve vet had to say about his vision for the country if elected.

Everything from climate change to immigration reform á campaign finance reform to implementing a single payer healthcare system.

Even the audience got in on the action á asking policy questions like dealing with the country's debt á maintaining population in rural areas á and education.

Glen prouty has seen many candidates come through north iowa this election cycle á including at the democratic wing ding.

With so many candidates running á he feels he could pull for buttigieg.

"he seems like a real good candidate.

He's probably as interested and devoted as the other candidates are in doing what's right for this country.

I would be willing to support him."

In charles city polling released over the weekends shows that nationally this is still a threeá way race between senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and former vice president joe biden.

In iowa á buttigieg has slipped into third place.

Today marks 92 days until the


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