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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Turkey says will begin repatriation of IS prisoners

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Turkey says will begin repatriation of IS prisoners
Turkey says will begin repatriation of IS prisoners

Turkey's interior minister says they will begin to repatriate captured Islamic State militants to their home countries as of Monday.

Emily Spychal reports.

Turkey has long criticised its European allies for refusing to take back Islamic State fighters who are their citizens.

And on Friday the country's Interior Minister warned they were taking matters in to their own hands.

Saying Turkey would start sending back captured jihadists from Monday even if their citizenship had been revoked.

(SOUNDBITE)(Turkish) TURKISH INTERIOR MINISTER, SULEYMAN SOYLU, SAYING: "We are telling them: 'We'll repatriate these people to you' and we are starting as of Monday (November 11).

We will repatriate these people no matter what they (European countries) do.

They'll object and say: 'we revoked their citizenship, do whatever you want (with them)'." The announcement comes as a senior Kurdish leader warns the European Union could face a wave of returning battle-hardened Islamic State fighters from Syria unless it gets much tougher with Turkey.

President Donald Trump's announcement that he was pulling U.S. forces from northeast Syria paved the way for a Turkish offensive against the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia.

They had been at the forefront of fighting against Islamic State and later guarding them as prisoners.

The Kurds are warning that fighters will try to cross the Syrian-Turkish border.

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