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Sunday, February 28, 2021

PSU Veterans Ceremony

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PSU Veterans Ceremony
PSU Veterans Ceremony
A ceremony at Pitt State focused on Education.


Missouri southern recognize veterans today with a free lunch and a flag ceremony at the oval.

The ceremony at pitts stay focused on education.

Local 6 graders got the chance to honor service members and learn about the meaning of veterans day koam kaitlyn shive is in the studio now with more.

>> now that's right and today i got to speak with one student who use that opportunity to figure out his own future.

>> military.

>> being a part have that good.

>> he along with his classmates, listen to stories of how veteran stay came to be during the psu veterans day ceremony, seeing the different divisions of military being honored got him thinking of his own future serving his country and i know light.

>> what they did i know that.

The pentagon what i want to choose.

Have a little knowledge.

>> the veterans day ceremony, not only honors fence but educate students each year, major kevin stalled as historical interpretation and wears an old world war, one uniform as a tribute to that time.

But he says the younger generation doesn't always know what or who he is representing say what war 2 i represent.

>> they said revolutionary war.

Twice i heard that from a young student and i think i'm in it to win it after he said that if the elk and now maybe not that that they just don't get enough hissed.

>> stoll says it's important to continue remembering those that made that defining choice so it doesn't get lost within generations to come support the kids know where they come from they know the country's history.

>> the heroes of the past that established the freedom that they enjoy the day.

>> put their life on the line.

They could have died for.

>> following the ceremony


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