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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Tuesday Morning Sprint

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Tuesday Morning Sprint
Tuesday Morning Sprint
Firefighters are fighting a fire in Sun Prairie in record-breaking temperatures.

It's 6:5 .... time for the morning sprint -- with the most local news to start your tuesday.

We begin with breaking news out of sun prairie.

Crews there are fighting a fire in this record- breaking cold weather.

The call came in around 6 a-m -- in the village of bristol.

Dispatchers tell us no one was hurt.

We have a crew headed there right now -- we'll bring you the latest over on channel 3000 dot com.

Today: mostly sunny and continued unseasonably cold.

High: 18; record low high for madison is 16 set in 1940 wind: nw bec.

Sw 6-12 mph tonight: becoming mostly cloudy, breezy, and quite cold.

Low: 7 in the evening; nearly steady/slowly rising temperatures into the teens wind: s/sw increasing to 10-20 mph as temperatures plunge across our area, staying indoors and warm is not always an option for some people.

The beacon day shelter in madison is opening early this morning to get people out of the cold.

Other shelters like porchlight waive restrictions when the windchills drop below 20 degrees at night.

Shelters across the area say they really need donations this time of year.

We have info on how you can help -- up on channel 3 thousand dot com.

The latest round of winter weather means loose leaf pick up is being delayed in janesville this week.

The city announced the change of plans on twitter.

Due to the unseasonal snowfall on monday... they had to delay loose-leaf pick-up to staff the plow trucks instead.

All pick-up dates have been pushed back by one day this week across janesville.

The arctic blast continues not only here in wisconsin... but across the entire country.

The coldest air of the season is coming to the eastern two- thirds of the u-s.

Snow is already falling in some states... and the national weather service says more than 300 cold- temperature records could be broken.

Roughly 70- percent of the u-s will have below-freezing temperatures... tonight into wednesday morning.

Property taxes for people in dane county will be going up ... after the board approved a 663- million dollar budget.

The average homeowner is going to see an increase of a little more than 25 dollars per year ... due to property values going up.

Madison's city council will decide whether to approve the 20-20 budget by the end of the week.

Today... there will be a public hearing to discuss the operating budget.

It's seeking 340- million dollars -- 8 million more than former mayor paul soglin's 20-19 budget.

The budget highlights investments in youth community centers and transportation..


But doesn't account for new police officer hires.

The wisconsin agriculture secretary has a new job after the gop- controlled senate fired him... brad pfaff has been hired as the director of business and rural development -- for the state department of administration.

This comes less than a week after his confirmation was rejected.

Republicans were upset with pfaff because he criticized them for not quickly releasing funding for farmer mental health services.

The mcfarland teacher accused of sexual assault and child enticement is due back in court this morning.

Andrew meeks faces charges of first-degree sexual assault of a child under 13... and enticement... among others.

Meeks used to teach at waubesa intermediate school in mcfarland.

He faces more than 100 years in prison if he's convicted.

A republican lawmaker is bringing back a resolution that would officially make the evergreen in the state capitol a 'christmas tree.'

Governor evers is calling it a 'holiday tree.'

Representative scott krug's resolution to call it the 'wisconsin state christmas tree' can't pass before the holidays since the assembly's last 20-19 floor session is today... and co- sponsors have until friday to sign onto the proposal.

The u-s supreme court will decide the fate of nearly 700- thousand 'dreamers' -- who were brought to the u-s as undocumented children.

President trump says in a tweet that many of the people in daca are quote 'far from angels.'

The trump administration has tried to roll back the program... but lower courts have ruled against those efforts.

Madison advocates for daca are meeting at the state capitol today at 11:30.

Former president jimmy carter is set to undergo surgery this morning to relieve pressure on his brain.

A spokeswoman says it was caused by bleeding from recent falls.

The former president was admittied to emory university hospital in atlanta overnight at 95 years old, he is our oldest living president.

More than 100 rockets were fired from gaza into southern and central israel tuesday morning.

Islamic jihadists have been responsible for all rocket- launches this year.

Two people were injured when a rocket narrowly missed their car as they were driving in the eastern outskirts of ashdod, the united hatzalah emergency service says.

The iowa county sheriff's office is searching for a caller who reported a fake crash.

According to the sheriff's office... the business in dodgeville said a caller began ordering food, and then said they were just involved in a three-vehicle crash with people trapped and injured.

First responders were unable to locate any crash... and say the phone number used to make the call was fake.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.

An area high school is working with the police department... after learning of a hate speach instagram account featuring the school.

A screenshot of the account was sent to the cap times... it was called 'madison west whites' after madison west high school.

The schoool sent out a letter to parents over the weekend... they say the account has been removed and officials are taking appropriate steps with those involved.

The school emphasizes the page was not created by west students.

City planners are looking to transform the oscar mayer plant on the city's north side that has been closed since 2016 city staff want to use the buildings that are still there to create a space for retail, commercial and residential purposes.

They're hoping this will help bring new opportunities to the area..

The planners don't expect this to get passed through council until the beginning of the year.

A historic beer company that started in wisconsin is coming home.

Pabst brewing started in milwaukee in the 18-40s... it's currently headquartered in los angeles but is slated to move the majority of production to the 'city brewery' facility in la crosse.

The company's website says the move will be done by 20-24... and the agreement lasts until 20-40.

6:5 now... let's turn it over to jason stone with a look at your first-alert traffic.

The westbound beltline is slowing down at stoughton road to west broadway, all other lanes are moving without delay.

And it's all clear on john nolen in both directions.

With your first alert traffic, i'm jason stone today: mostly sunny and continued unseasonably cold.

High: 18; record low high for madison is 16 set in 1940 wind: nw bec.

Sw 6-12 mph tonight: becoming mostly cloudy, breezy, and quite cold.

Low: 7 in the evening; nearly steady/slowly rising temperatures into the teens wind: s/sw increasing to 10-20 mph


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