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Friday, January 15, 2021

day 2 impeachment hearings

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day 2 impeachment hearings
day 2 impeachment hearings
day 2 impeachment hearings

Hearings.... the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine testified before congress today that she felt shocked and threatened by the president's words about her during that now infamous july 25th phone call with ukraine's leader.

L3: abc 36 news white marie yovanovitch former us ambassador to ukraine before lawmakers and the american people..

Former us ambassador to ukraine, marie yovanovitch, recalled a chilling account of her final months as america's top dilpomat there.

It's not the way i wanted my career to end.

Yovanovitch publicly testifying that the president's personal attorney rudy giuliani orchestrated a smear campaign against her that was used to oust her from her post... and outlining how - early on - she allegedly became collateral damage -- of the president's apparent shadow diplomacy in ukraine.

"the world over, have learned how little it takes to remove an american ambassador who does not give them what they want" the 33 year veteran diplomat..

Also telling lawmakers she was "shocked" and 'devastated' to learn she was mentioned by the president in his july 25th phone call with ukraine's leader in which he called her "bad news" and remarked ""she's going to go through some things."" "it sounded lik a threat."

And mid-hearing the president continued his attack on yovanovitch on twitter.


"everywhere marie yovanovitch went turned bad" his words..

Prompting democrats to accuse him of witness tampering..

Schiff i want to let you to know, ambassador, that some of us here take witness intimidation very very seriously.

Meanwhile -- republicans pointed out that yovanovitch was removed in may..

Prior to the events at the center of the impeachment investigation.

Castor - "you don't have a lot of facts and information relating to the, the part of this that we're investigating" my mhmm.

Yes, that's correct.

Tag: and behind closed doors..

The house is also hearing from a new witness..

David holmes..

Holmes is the state department official who claims to have overheard president trump's july 26th phone call with eu, ambassador sondland, where trump allegedly inquired about the ukraine investigations.

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