Snake Queen Shares Her Home With 70 Reptiles | BEAST BUDDIES
Snake Queen Shares Her Home With 70 Reptiles | BEAST BUDDIES

A YOUNG woman takes care of more than 70 reptiles – and they live with her at home.

21-year-old, Savi Serrott, has been dubbed the ‘Reptile Queen’ for her work with giant snakes and lizards.

Savi even goes out hunting for Burmese pythons in the Everglades during her spare time, something she chooses to do for the ‘conservation of the ecosystem’.

Savi, who resides in Miami, acknowledges that most of her pets have the potential to be deadly, but that is something that has never phased her.

She told Barcroft TV: “I’ve never been scared to interact with my animals because I trust myself pretty well.

Yes I share my house with more than 70 reptiles, but why wouldn’t I want to keep them in my house?

It’s the same reason you’d do that with your dog or cat – they’re my pets and they need to be taken care of.” Savi got her first reptile when she was just six years old.

Her mother, Michelle Serrott, said: “Savi has had a passion for reptiles since she was in diapers.” Savi added: “People are always scared when they visit my house.

Very few people even come into the reptile room.

Savi’s largest snake at home is Cookie, her eight-foot Argentine Boa constrictor.

“Cookie is really beautiful,” Savi said.

“Overall, I have two Argentine Boa constrictors, a Colombian Boa, Tree Boas, Ball pythons, Hognose snakes, turtles, tortoises, red-foot tortoises, iguanas, monitors – the list is endless.

I spend roughly $350 a month to feed them all.

All these reptiles are a lot to take care of sometimes, but it’s my passion and I wouldn’t trade it.” Savi has amassed a large following online, with more than 23,000 followers on Instagram loving her work.

Savi is now focusing her attention to adding to her reptile family and she can’t wait to see what her future holds in the animal world.

She added: “Look, I like animals more than I like people.”