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Friday, January 22, 2021

Educator of the Week - West Point Career Tech - 11/22/19

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Educator of the Week - West Point Career Tech - 11/22/19
Educator of the Week - West Point Career Tech - 11/22/19
Construction Instructor Scott Hudson is WCBI's Educator of the Week.

Prepare to walk into construction zone made up of students... getting hands- on...real world experience!

Here's renae skinner with our educator of the week track: if you're going to learn about construction and carpentry...a blue print first..... sot: scott hudson/constru ction teacher- "first year students work on basic safety hand tools..power tools...just the beginning of the trades really" track: you've got to be in the right frame of mind... and it probably wouldn't hurt to be good with your hands!

But to teach it.... sot: scott hudson/constru ction instructor: "you've got to like people..and you've got to really like the subject you teach..i really like construction anyway..

Track: so for instructor scott hudson... combining his two passions....all in the same setting... sot: scott hudson--my enthusiasm kinda bleeds over to them and they kind of pick it up to" track: would be like hitting the nail.... right on the head.... sot: scott hudson--"vocatio nal is coming back around...people are beginning to understand that practical skills are very important and we've got to train the next generation" track: at the west point career tech hudson is training these students on how to build a frame for a home... and how to make a winning christmas float... sot: scott hudson-"it gives the kids an opportunity to put the things they learned out of the books into practical applications..the y can build things...look at it and see that they have accomplished it's a different way of learning" track: but little do they know....there's a spark that happens... sot: scott hudson--"they're reaction is my reaction... track: after the saw dust has cleared....and the project is finished.... sot: scott hudson--"when they're light bub goes off in their head that's what really helps me...i get a charge out of it" track: and so do we!

Now for the finishing touches...a surprise...with a certificate... mr. hudson was nominated by a teacher!

To nominate your favorite teacher...visit wcbi dot


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