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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Trump says he doesn’t expect to be impeached

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Trump says he doesn’t expect to be impeached
Trump says he doesn’t expect to be impeached
Trump says he doesn’t expect to be impeached

President donald trump says he does not expect to be impeached.trump tells fox news that democrats have bsolutely nothing incriminating ... despite days of public testimony by witnesses who say he withheld aid from ukraine to press the country to investigate his political rivals.trump says if the house did vote to impeach him ... he would welcome a trial in the 55's cody butler spoke with senators from indiana and ohio about their thoughts on the impeachment inquiry.

The article of impeachment from the house is like charges from a prosecutor.the senate acts as the court and jury ... tasked with removing someone from office.and senators on both side of the aisle tell me they're not sure president donald trump should be removed from office.

Right now we are in the first phase of three phases of impeachment ... the investigation.this is where congress collects all the facts.indiana senator mike braun says this week's hearings aren't nothing new.

Ohio senator sherrod brown 3 disagrees.

Once the investigation is done ... the next step is to vote on the articles of impeachment ... and whether to bring formal charges.if the house of representatives passes the articles of impeachment by a simple majority ... the defendant ... in this case president donald trump ... is officially impeached.

3 the final step is the trial in the senate which will decide whether to remove the president from office.former president bill clinton was impeached but not removed.

Senator brown says the same should happen with president trump.

Braun says it should be up to the voters.

3 the house judiciary committee still has to decide if it will draft the articles of impeachment.cody butler ... fox 55 news.


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