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Friday, January 22, 2021

Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman Get Candid

Credit: W Magazine
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Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman Get Candid
Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman Get Candid

In their screen test with W Editor-at-Large Lynn Hirschberg, the stars of Bombshell talk about what they’d order for their last meals (while teasing Nicole Kidman for her extremely highbrow taste), their first kisses, their most out-there red carpet moments and the best gifts they’ve ever received.

Bombshell is in theaters everywhere on December 13.

- [Lynn] Okay, so, do you see those fishin front of you?- Yes.- Yes, yes.- [Lynn] Take the little fish out of the--- [Charlize] Oh, there's one in there?- [Lynn] Yes, there's one in there.Put the fish in the palm of your hand.- Ooh.- Oh.- He's in a little bowl.- Oh, passionate.Head and tail moving.- Oh, Jesus.[laughs]It's not even, okay.- It is slippery though.- They are all so seriously passionate.- I think so.Well, hers is like lamely, likejust the tail flipped over.- No, he's flipping.- And I just hurt mine.- He's getting excited.- Sorry, I hurt him.- No, you can't cheat Nicole [laughs].- No, but I hurt him.The little dude is curling up.- What does that mean?- That we're all seriously passionate.- [Lynn] If it curls up itmeans that you're passionate.- See, I'm not dead inside.- No, you're not.[Margot laughing]- Want a gummy?- A baby?- [Nicole] How'd we get into this?- I'll have a baby.So I thought they werecalled gummy babies.I don't know why.- [mumbles] me when I want a baby.- I want a baby.- That's what I though they were called.- I thought somebody was pregnant,because there were pickles and olives--- Those were mine, okay?So shut the fuck up.[Nicole laughing]You have your writer, I have my writer.And I like some fuckingpickles and fucking olives.- I was like, someone is pregnant.- And I had about seven of them.So calm down.I will eat a pickled shoe.- [Margot] Do you pickleother things?- This is really a reallygood conversation--- [Lynn] So your lastmeal would be pickles?- Oh yeah, what would your last meal be?- No, not a pickle.- It would be amixture of a few things.It would have definitely,I think, udon noodleswith some pickles on the side, for sure.- Okay.- That's yeah,your last meal- [Charlize] You don't likeudon noodles?- No I don't like last meal.- Oh, the concept.- Just a really favorite food,I'm very partial to truffles.- Do you mean like the--- She's so expensive.- Chocolates or mushrooms?- I do like caviar.[women laughing]- Oh my god, that's amazing.- Truffles, champagne,and caviar.- [Charlize] And caviar.Can you imagine?They're like in Texas,they're like, "Dead man walking."- No, no, no, no.- Caviar!Oh, that's so funny.- I'm at like the oppositeend of the spectrum.I have the like a palette--- A burger?- Like bland palette.I like mashed potatoand like anything bland.- Like baby food?- Yep.- White food.- [mumbles] food.- Pasta, mashed potatoes, bread.- Food that you canjust push in your mouth?- Just [mumbles] food.- [Nicole] I would take--- Everybody's so fancy.- [Lynn] Which of thethree of you cannot cook?- Oh, I'm gonna say Nicole.- Thank you.Thanks, Charlie.- Well, she likes thingsthat come pre-packaged.- I think you're gonnasay she likes cat food.- Caviar, like, she likes pre-packaged,it was a, I'm just puttingall the clues together.But I also--- I can't cook.- Oh for really?- [Nicole] You can't?- I'm so bad.- Girls.Wow.- So bad at cooking.Can you not cook too?Is that true?- No, I can't.- Both of you can't cook?- No.- I'm banned from the kitchen.Like Thanksgiving andstuff I'm like, "Can I-"and everyone's like, "No."I married a man who can cook.- Well wait, was your--- [Lynn] Okay, which oneof you likes to clean?- Does anyone?- Oh, I like washing.- What?

[laughs]- I do, I like seeing the clothes go intothe washing machine andthen I love seeing themcome out clean.I love it.- It makes me feel good.- The smell is so good.Yeah, I get why people eat Tide Pods.I do, the smell is so amazing.I love that smell.- Really?- Like somebody's in the laundry--- I don't like stacking the dishwasher.- I don't like any of it.I mean, I do it.I just don't enjoy it I guess.But I understand thetherapeutic side of it.- I love cleaning.- Do you?- It's like, it's myfavorite thing to do in thewhole wide world, yeah.- What?Am I being a women wrong, like?- A dust buster--- No, you're a modern--- I'm really happy witha quick dust buster.- But I have like a weird OCD about it--- [Nicole] You're a millennial.- So it's not good.Yeah, I get a little obsessive.I clean my trailer.- Wow.- Yes, I will clean my trailer.I just like it.It's like a meditation, cleaning.I like to clean drawers and cabinets.- Order.- I can have likea mess around, but I like knowing thateverything that's closedlike I have a littlemental picture--- Is tidy.- Yes, and this is why I'm single.- [Lynn] Which one ofyou had your first kissduring a movie?- Lynn, you're notallowed to ask that again.- That was you.- That must be you then.- Oh you?Oh that's so cute.How old were you?Four [laughs].- I was, how old was I, 14 or something?- What movie?- Do you remember?- You're so bad, Lynn."The Shining."- What?- [Charlize] Oh my god.That's amazing.- No!- Very sex-ed.- I'm so weird.- That's amazing.- That's great.- Yeah.- [Charlize] Was it good?- That's amazing.- Yeah.- It was good?What was his name?- No [laughs].It was a tongue kiss.- Wow.- Wow, like did he actuallyknow what to do with his tongue?Or did he just shove it in there?- Oh god [laughs].He was a pretty good kisser.Got me into kissing,let's put it that way.- Impressive.Let me tell you, minedid not know what to dowith his tongue.- No, right?- Where were you?- In my backyard while hismother was in the drivewayhonking 'cause she was picking him up.So it was no pressure whatsoever."If we're gonna do this,we better, we gotta do this right now.Your mom is in the driveway," ah.He had braces, I cut my lip,it was amazing.- He cut your lip?- It was amazing.- It was amazing, the kiss?- No, I'm joking.- [Lynn] Margot's was amazing.- It was very romantic.It was on an island.- [Nicole] Lynn, how do you know all this?- How old?- That's like--- I was quite young.- What's that movie withBrooke Shields and the island?- Yeah, yeah, yeah, "Blue Lagoon."- "Blue Lagoon," that'svery "Blue Lagoon."- Oh, I have to watch it then.No it was pretty cool.- [Charlize] Did you getyour period in the water?- I didn't.- That's what happens in the movie.- Does that happen?Okay, great.- [Charlize] It's a comingof age story, Nicole.- [Nicole] Oh my god, you're so right.- Yes.- It's flooding back to me.- Yes.- [Lynn] Which one of youhad a red carpet outfitthat was shall we say, many colors?- I don't know.- Was it me?- You wore a clown suit?- Did you evergo to the Logies?Did you ever Australian TV?- Oh no.I went to the Logies.I wore something questionablethe first time I went.- I wore something outrageous.- Please don't Google it.Nobody Google what I wore to the Logies.Don't even bring it up, cut that, Lynn.- What is a Logie, by the way?Like a loogie?- What did you wear to the Logies?- I wore this outrageousdress that was liketiered colors and reallyshort at the frontand really long at the back.- Mine was really short all around.- Yeah, just very shiny and just,I loved it at the time though, no regrets.The Logies are the Australianversion of the Emmys.- Yep.- They should change the name.- I like it.- I'm just sayingLogies is like loogies.- What's a loogie?- We don't say,we don't say loogie in Australia.- You know when you go like that?That's a loogie.- [Lynn] Charlize, what was yourfirst red carpet outfit?- I remember it very vividly.It was for "Two Days in the Valley,"and Armani sent me a little slipand it was really sweet'cause I had never hadanybody send me anything.It was black, it was like a little slipwith, I think, white lace that I've--- So chic, I was not chic.- I definitelywas like, well, I didn't pick it.He has taste, guys.Mr. Armani, not that hepicked it himself, I'm sure.- Oh, you are special.You got sent something from Armani.I had to--- I know, and by the way,at that age--- I had to pay for somethingto be made.- Yeah, same.- And it was not good andthen I spent so much moneythat I had to wear it.- I definitely,I felt very special, for sure.I did not take it for granted.And then we got into the limoand my stupid friends got super excitedand they were try to opena bottle of champagne,and the whole thing exploded all over me.And I just remember Iwas on the red carpetand my thighs were stickingtogether as I was walking'cause I was like covered in champagneand it just dried on my skin.- That's really sweet.- [Lynn] What's the bestgift you've ever received?- My friends threw me abirthday party last year.That was pretty fucking epic.And it went on for a long time.It was so cool and I felt so loved.And I could literally choke up right now.- [Lynn] You consider that a gift?- Well, yeah, they paid for it.I think that makes it a gift.- Gift of the giant party.- Party's don't come free.- [Nicole] That's expensive.- Probably the best gift someone gave me,my cousin made like a scrapbook for meand it was very sentimental.- I got a party.I win.- Mine was better.- Well, the non-cook.When I got married, Iwas given a book of allthe favorite recipes likefrom my whole family.Each recipe had some story attached to it.Keith's mother put in--- And then you never cookedany of them.- I have cooked thechocolate pudding from it.- Then you can cook.- I cooked it for Keithwith my daughter Faith,and I'm telling you, he was so thrilledbecause it was the puddinghe ate when he was a child.I did get this diamond ring, too.- And some caviar--- No.This was after 10 years of marriage.


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