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Friday, January 15, 2021

LA Auto Show

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LA Auto Show
LA Auto Show

We get a sneak peak at some of the latest developments being showcased at the LA auto show!

Highlights the latest in the world of automotive from the newest models and special additions, to advancements in safety and technology and a sneak peek at some of the cars of the future.

While the show doesn't open to the public until friday, we're getting a sneak peek with michael harley, kelley blue book's executive editor.

Welcome to the show, michael.

Michael harley: thank you for having me on.

Speaker 1: well thank you for being with us and let's get right to it.

What are some of the trends that are dominating the auto industry this year?

Michael harley: that's a great question because things are changing very, very rapidly.

Cars are moving to electrification and hybridization and those are two big words.

It basically means that cars are getting rid of those old school combustion engines where you'd go to the gas pump every three or four days and then becoming electrified and automakers are taking the engine out and replacing them with motors and that's the new term.

So what you're seeing is pure evs, vehicles that just run a hundred percent electricity, and then you have combustion vehicles that use electricity and motors mated to this combustion engines just to be more efficient.

That's the bottom line for consumers; you're going to get more miles per gallon.

Speaker 1: wonderful.

Can you share some of the new model reveals that might be coming up?

Michael harley: there's a whole bunch of stuff happening in la this week.

We've got the brand new ford mustang mach-e, which is a ford's brand new electrified crossover.

You've got a nissan sentra, a mazda cx-30 and i'm in the kia booth right now and they've got a 2021 seltos that they're going to reveal in about six hours; five passenger compact crossover, a four cylinder plus turbo power, two wheel drive, four wheel drive.

That's one of the hottest segments right now is this compact crossover and i believe kia has probably got a home run in their hands.

Speaker 1: wow, awesome.

What's the coolest thing that you've seen so far?

Michael harley: the coolest thing is probably over in the porsche booth and that it's called the taycan.

It's a four- door sports sedan, does zero to 60 in two and a half seconds, which is about three times faster than most cars on the road today.

Tops about 170 miles an hour, which i always say is about a hundred miles an hour faster than you can legally go anywhere in the country.

You've got to go over to germany to do that, but that's pretty amazing and it does all this stuff without one drop of gasoline.

Speaker 1: wow, that is really amazing.

Are the auto shows just for car shoppers or can anyone come?

Michael harley: that's a really good question.

In the old days, auto shows were nothing more than glorified car showrooms. but today, auto shows are very interactive.

They're family friendly.

There are things you can crawl around all the displays and play with things.

There are things for the little kids to do.

You can even go out in the parking lot and test drive cars, but of course if you're old school and traditional, you could still crawl around in the cars, play with the steering wheel and push every single button to your heart's content.

Speaker 1: me and my kids will be doing that.

Where can viewers go for more information?

Michael harley: i like kelley blue book of course, information on all 300 new cars and trucks.

For more information about the kia behind me, go to

Speaker 1: awesome.


Thank you for being with us, michael.

We really appreciate it.

Michael harley: thanks for having me on.

Still ahead... today is a day you can have your cake and eat it too.... it's national cake day!

And thanksgiving sides are just as important as the main course... so what is the most googled side in kentucky?

We'll tell you in our talkers.

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