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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Trump reacts to Macron's NATO criticism

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Trump reacts to Macron's NATO criticism
Trump reacts to Macron's NATO criticism

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that French President Emmanuel Macron had been "very insulting" by describing NATO as "brain dead" as the two leaders prepared to attend a NATO summit.

The attack echoed a similar volley of abuse by Trump ahead of NATO's July 2018 summit.

It will add to the growing doubts over the future of the bloc, described by Macron as "brain dead" in the run-up to a London meeting intended to be a 70th anniversary celebration.

"It's a tough statement, though, when you make a statement like that, that is a very, very nasty statement to essentially 28, including them, 28 countries," Trump told reporters as he met the head of NATO in London.

Explicitly linking his complaint that Europe does not pay enough for NATO's security missions to his staunch "America First" defence of U.S. commercial interests, Trump said it was time for Europe to "shape up" on both fronts.


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