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Holiday Shopping With WCBI - December 2, 2019

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Holiday Shopping With WCBI - December 2, 2019Join WCBI as we visit local shops for all your holiday shopping needs.

Holiday Shopping With WCBI - December 2, 2019

Met five o pa 1 o11 page 1 of 11 marianne: there's no place like home for the holidays, especially when you're shopping for christmas.

Here are some great gift ideas from stores near you.

Linda: one of my favorite spots in columbus is columbus vacuum and sewing center.

And this is big al.

I'm going to dust off your head.

How have you been?

Al: great.

Linda: i know.

And you've got the simplicity vacuum here for me.

Al: our vacuums really suck.

Linda: they do.

I know.

Show me.

And it got that shoe.

Al: actually it shuts itself off and protects your machine.

Linda: that's excellent.

What other name brands do you have?

Al: we have lindhaus, royal, miele.

It's very popular, miele.

And american made simplicity.

Linda: if you need a vacuum cleaner, this is where the best one- al: if you want quality, it's expected here.

Linda: but you're also the sewing center.

Al: you betcha.

We have recently taken on the brother line of sewing machines.

And we do so machine sales and repair.

We have a great selection.

Come see us at columbus vacuum and sewing center on main street in columbus.

Linda: buxton music central.

And lane is playing a yamaha p45 88-key weighted digital piano.

And desmond is playing a blue ridge br-160 adirondack spruce top acoustic.

And you may not know that buxton music central is one of the oldest and best stocked music stores in the state.

Lane: that's right, linda.

We've been here since 1950.

And we carry a large selection of peavey gear, yamaha keyboards of all types, takamine, ventura, blue ridge guitars, ukuleles, hunter harmonicas and music assessors of all types.

One of the largest inventories of musical accessories in the area linda: and i love that you had it even for the little ones, the children as well.

Lane: that's right.

Beginner guitars, violins, we got it.

Linda: that's in aberdeen.

Come see lane at buxton music central.

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Wcbi holiday shopping show two 2019 email transcript by rev.com page 2 of 11 linda: we're on busy gardner boulevard in columbus where we've stopped to check in on the sparks at freddie's.

It is so good to see mary and freddie again.

And we've been featuring family owned businesses.

And to mary and freddie everybody's family.

But let me ask freddie, what is new that's been going on at the furniture store this year?

Freddie: well we got a wide selection of bar sofa and love seats.

Mary: we have three pieces available for the accent chair, or either chaise lounge.

A lot of different brands we have here.

Linda: tell me if i'm wrong for freddie, but am i not seeing a lot more bedding than usual?

Freddie: yes.

We got a lot more bedding.

We also have the dressers, nightstand and the chests.

Linda: and don't forget to come back in the warehouse where freddie has a stash of great twin beds for the holidays.

And you can take your pick on headboards.

He's got a thousand of them.

Freddie: if anyone can beat me rocking these prizes down you can have my chair.

And that's for sure.

Speaker 8: merry christmas from pedal pushers.

We're so glad to have all of our friends back with us this year.

We always look forward to sharing this time with you, and to sharing with you what we believe are some of the hottest trends for the holiday season.

As always one of the things we focus here on petal pushers is the true reason for the season.

And we pride ourselves on a wide assortment of nativities, and nativity themed ornaments and gifts for home and for the garden.

We call this tree our peace on earth tree.

And it's just clad with all kind of mentos of nativity.

Speaker 8: and if you're like me and you love a traditional red and green christmas, we have two beautiful trees this year that can meet your needs.

We have one that's real formal and kind of elegant.

And one that's fun and whimsical.

Great for children, or great for anyone who's a kid at heart.

But we love a traditional christmas here at petal pushers.

Speaker 8: we always try to stay on trend here in petal pushers and give our clients what's popular.

So for those of you who love farmhouse and love milk glass, we have lots of milk glass trees, and ornaments, and santas and anything you need for your farmhouse look.

Speaker 8: and we're not only decorating here at petal pushers, we have a great selection of christmas gifts.

We're really your one stop shop for all of your holiday gift needs.

We have something for everyone on your list, whether it be those who need a corkcicle to keep their drinks cold.

We have hobo bags and purses.

Those are a hot item for anybody's list.

We have christopher radko ornaments, great candles, jewelry.

We have our locally made pat gavin pottery.

That's always a big hit.

And we have something new this transcript was exported on nov 28, 2019 - view latest version here.

Wcbi holiday shopping show two 2019 email transcript by rev.com page 3 of 11 this year, the bogg bag.

It's something we can't keep in stock.

Everybody loves these, whether it be for the beach, or the ballgame, or tailgating, just about anything.

Speaker 8: christmas is all about the children, or those who are a kid at heart like us at petal pushers.

So we haven't left out the kids.

We have great ornaments for them as well.

Gumballs, doughnut trucks, everything.

We want to wish you a merry christmas from petal pushers.

Please come by and see us.

Ben: hello y'all.

I'm ben earnest, one of the co- owners of blue deer candles alongside my wife leslie and it's holiday season at blue deer.

I want to take a few minutes to show you some of our most popular christmas scents, some of our best soaps and bath bombs.

And we hope to see you this year for the holidays.

This is our frazier fir candle.

It is our number one seller for the christmas season.

If you like the smell of a fresh cut evergreen tree, then this is the candle scent for you.

It consists of cypress, evergreen and a nice fir.

Ben: since blue deer is about all things mississippi, we couldn't go a holiday season without having a candle specifically named for mississippi.

Like to introduce you to our mississippi mistletoe, cranberry, cedar, citrus, lavender with a touch of fir.

Next we have pomegranate cider, which is a year round favorite geared towards the holidays.

And if you're having a hard time figuring it out, we also have a pre-made gift box that consists of our bestselling mason jars and bath bombs.

We hope this holiday season you'll choose to shop at blue deer in west point, mississippi.

Karen: hello everybody.

I'm dr. karen emerson, owner of emerson animal hospital here in west point.

And today i have with me my receptionist stephanie and these cute little guy is my new puppy ollie and what i want to talk about today is the different options of christmas.

What you can get family members that have pets, or what you can get your own pets at home.

There are so many different types of things out there on the markets, but we want to make sure you pick safe things.

Some of the things that we have here at the clinic is we have a lot of different types of treats that are hypoallergenic, and they're also good for the intestinal track.

So if you want to get your pets some snacks, but you don't want to get some that may mess his tummy up, this is a very, very good option.

We have so many to choose from, and so many different flavors.

Karen: another thing, if you've got children who have pets instead of grand babies, and you want to get them something we have so many options.

We actually have gift certificates, especially if they need help with getting a dental prophy, or they just need their vaccines and you want to help them out and give that as a christmas present.

All you have to do is come in and purchase a gift certificate.

Karen: we also have different types of candles that you can have in your home that help cover up any type of pet odor.

And we have different types of food.

Also, we have joint supplements.

All kinds of things.

And if you're trying to figure out what to get that special pet, or that special person that has pets give us a call.

And we can find out a little this transcript was exported on nov 28, 2019 - view latest version here.

Wcbi holiday shopping show two 2019 email transcript by rev.com page 4 of 11 bit more about that pet.

And help work you up even a gift basket.

Stephanie does all kinds of different types of gift baskets.

Karen: we also have a lot of dental chews, because dental disease is one of the big issues we see in veterinary medicine.

So there are so many different types of chews and treats out there for that that are very, very, very safe.

Ollie's going to get some new treats and stuff like that for christmas.

And also really good christmas toys.

And that's another thing that we can help you out.

If you want to figure out what's the safest toy, because one of the things we can see during christmas is toy ingestion of toys that aren't safe.

So that's something we can go through.

But if you're thinking about or need help figuring out a christmas gift for your pets or loved ones, give us a call.

We have so many options.

And we can help you out.

And i hope you guys have a merry, merry christmas.

Marianne: i you know aberdeen, you know b &amp; b furniture.

There's always specials going on at b &amp; b.

Everybody wants to relax during the holidays.

Why not a recliner starting at $179.

Need a new bedroom suit for that special family member?

Extra firm queen mattress set $449 regularly, on sale for this show only for $349.

Check out this two piece power recliner sectional.

For $699 while supplies last.

If you're looking for big, what's bigger than the three piece big men's sectional.

Regularly priced $2395, on sale for $1795.

Available in only two colors for this sale only.

Close out chair and ottoman only $349.

Come get it before i do.

Christmas is just around the corner.

Come to b &amp; b furniture where i know you can get a good deal.

Speaker 11: hey, welcome to diamond o western outlet hearing houston, mississippi.

Come on in and let me show you all the deals we have.

And we're going to start out with our kids boots.

We have durango, ariat, dan post, and several styles of justin.

Our prices range from $39.95 and up.

We have the deals that no one else does.

Speaker 11: next we have our men's cowboy boots.

Tony lama, old west, corral, justin, rios mercedes, and even ariats.

We have a selection of exotic skins, styles and colors.

We have round toe and square toe.

And if you're interested in the work boots, we have a huge selection of steel toe and non steel-toe.

And we can't leave out the ladies.

We have pointed toe, round toe and square toe in many styles and brands.

And we have more than just boots.

We have jeans for men, women, and kids.

Brands including ariat, cinch, wrangler, cruel girl, and rock 47 at great outlet store pricing.

Speaker 11: also for our men we have a huge selection of button-ups, t- shirts, camo jackets, carhartts, and sports jackets.

For the ladies we have a selection of dress shirts, buttonups.

For the little cowgirls and cowboys we have button-ups and t- shirts.

We have a selection of cowboy hats, and baseball caps.

For our horse lovers we have saddles, saddle racks, and tack.

Speaker 11: to make your shopping a little easier we already have pre-wrapped gifts that can be added to and taken away from.

And after november the 28th we will offer gift wrap, and it doesn't have to be merchandise from our store.

So come on by and take advantage of our great deals that make perfect christmas gifts.

We are located right this transcript was exported on nov 28, 2019 - view latest version here.

Wcbi holiday shopping show two 2019 email transcript by rev.com page 5 of 11 outside of houston, mississippi on highway eight.

You can't miss us.

We're the red and white striped building.

And merry christmas from diamond o western here in houston, mississippi.

Sam: welcome to durham's.

It's nice for you all to join us today.

Hey susan, can you believe how long we've been here?

Susan: 33 years.

Sam: all this time and still providing lots of different services for our patients.

Susan: we do.

We take all insurances.

We're going to have the lowest price.

We match anybody's price, and then we'll beat it.

It's important to us.

Sam: it is important.

We've been doing immunizations, flu, pneumonia and other immunizations, whatever that your doctor would prescribe.

We're happy to do that.

And then we also offer free delivery service.

Susan: we do.

And that helps people.

When you're sick, you don't feel like getting out, running all around town.

Sam: you don't.

It's been a great time.

We're thankful for being here in vernon.

And we're so glad that we came many years ago.

And it's our home now.

Susan: moving to vernon i definitely think was the best thing we ever did.

Speaker 13: here at durham's we sell ronaldo bracelet.

Each bracelet is made out 14 karat gold, artist wire, and sterling silver.

Susan: and every bracelet has a story.

One of my favorites is lift me up.

Come in and let us find your favorite.

Sam: our jewelry line mariana is made in israel.

It's sterling silver with 14 karat gold plating.

Come in and find your sparkle with mariana.

Speaker 14: every woman loves hobo.

We got a selection of wallets and purses in.

Speaker 15: and they're genuine leather.

And they're very soft.

Lexie: we have everything that you expect us to have in vera bradley from purses to wallets.

And our famous blankets that everyone knows and loves.

And this year we have many surprises for you like dog beds and dog blankets.

Speaker 17: and don't forget you get a free reusable tote bag with your vera purchase this christmas.

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Wcbi holiday shopping show two 2019 email transcript by rev.com page 6 of 11 speaker 18: we at durham florists have a new way of lighting your tree.

Never more fun and festive.

Speaker 19: we have the snowman and the angel this year.

Speaker 18: we also at durham florists do large events, weddings and funerals.

Speaker 19: but we also do every day events, birthdays, anniversaries, and get wells.

Here colton, i hope this brightens your mother's day.

Colton: thank you.

Lexie: it's time for the elves to report to santa.

Susan: and this year lexie, he has a new friend, the reindeer.

Lexie: yes.

Tell us all about it, susan.

Susan: well, to make a long story short, the reindeer has one perfect antler, and one short antler.

And it just goes to show none of us are perfect.

We should love and accept each other with all our good points, and our flaws.

And it's just in time for christmas.

Sam: it's christmas time again, and we'd like to take this moment to invite anyone who hasn't used our pharmacy to come and see us.

And let us take care of you and your family.

But from all of us at durham's, we'd like to say merry christmas.

Don't be a grinch.

Marianne: how would you like to have a golden tan all year long, especially during the holidays?

Crystal, tell me about your specials.

Crystal: yes, marianne, we have unlimited tannings starting at $24.95.

We have great spray tan packages available.

Just whatever fits your budget.

We carry a great selection of tanning lotions to nourish your skin while you're tanning.

We also carry tons of moisturizing lotion for the aftercare.

Moisturizing is key for that golden glow.

We offer four levels of tanning, and the mystic spray tan at each location.

Marianne: tell me a about these stocking stuffers.

Crystal: yes, marianne.

We have the cutest little bath bombs and soaps by skin candy.

We got scrunchies, the car candles, the bleachbright teeth systems. just so much to choose from.

Marianne: everybody loves stocking stuffers.

And tell us about your locations again.

Crystal: we have three locations: vernon, columbus, starkville.

Stop by and see us.

And everyone have a merry christmas.

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Wcbi holiday shopping show two 2019 email transcript by rev.com page 7 of 11 curt: welcome to that little store somewhere here in vernon, alabama.

Come with me.

I like to show you a few things about our store.

We do several things here at the store.

As you can see we do a lot of sublimation.

We do our own in house stuff.

Shirts, blankets.

We also do vinyl monogramming.

We do screen printing.

And do a lot of our stuff that we have here in the store in house.

Curt: here's one of our many vendors in here.

This is the rustic barn boutique.

She does a great job.

Keeps a lot of nice children's and ladies clothing in her booth.

I want to thank her for having a good selection of stuff.

Here's another one of our booths.

This is our metal art booth, and some of our home decor stuff.

Really cool stuff.

Perfect christmas gifts, or gifts for any time of the year.

Very unique gift items right here in this particular area.

And here we have another one of our vendors.

This is the crowing hen boutique.

She has a great selection of shoes, ladies clothing and home decor.

A lot of good gift ideas for this time of the season.

Marianne: we are here at rock bottom furniture mattresses and appliances in the gateway shopping center.

You know when families come in for the holidays, they always want a new mattress.

And so tell me what brand names you carry.

Speaker 25: we carry your top name brands.

Your serta, sealy, posturepedic, perfect sleeper.

We also have a mattress right now that is selling super quick.

It is our ultra plush treemont silk mattresses.

Very thick.

Got a pillow top on them.

And we've also got several finance options.

We have credit check finance options.

We have non credit check finance options.

We have a very easy laid back layaway.

All we require is $50 bucks down.

You pay on your own terms. with our finance options, we zero interest for 24 months through tower loan to the end of this year.

Marianne: so i see you also have layaway plan.

So would now be a great time to put something on layaway for christmas?

Speaker 25: now would be the perfect time to put something layaway for christmas.

Marianne: come see rock bottom furniture mattresses and appliances.

Marianne: we are here today at the beautiful brand new lucent medi spa.

And i'm here with brea.

Tell me about what you do here at lucent spa.

Brea: we are a full medi spa.

So we do manicures, pedicures, facials, several different types of facials.

We do massages with hot stones, without hot stones.

Marianne: perfect.

Brea: we also do coolsculpting.

We do microneedling.

This transcript was exported on nov 28, 2019 - view latest version here.

Wcbi holiday shopping show two 2019 email transcript by rev.com page 8 of 11 marianne: everything a woman desires they do here.

So come and visit.

And i think you're having a grand opening.

Brea: we are.

We are december 6th.

And we invite everyone in columbus, or the surrounding areas to come on in and get yourself a gift card, or get someone else a gift card.

We have lots of specials that will be going on during the christmas open house.

It will be all day from 9:00 to 7:00.

Marianne: tell me about your specials that you're having for christmas.

I see there's a silent night.

Brea: yes, that is 60 minute hot stone massage, our special oxygeneo super facial that is a three in one.

We do an eyebrow arch, and a peppermint pedicure all for $250.

Marianne: peppermint pedicure.

Brea: oh, yes.

Marianne: you just eat a peppermint while you're getting a pedicure?

Brea: no ma'am.

We use a peppermint lotion.

Marianne: and then the holiday sparkle.

Brea: the holiday sparkle is a 30 minute exfoliating facial, a make- over, with makeup.

We have youngblood makeup.

Manicure and peppermint pedicure.

Marianne: the comfort and joy?

Brea: is a 30 minute facial with an ultrasound, 30 minute massage, and a peppermint pedicure.

Marianne: all right.

So there's something for everybody, for every pocket book.

Come on in and see the place.

It's really beautiful.

And these are all great gift ideas for you husbands out there.

Brea: now on our open house on december 6th we will also be doing a 20% off on any services that are booked that day and paid for, and 20% off on any of our products.

And then gift cards, if you buy $100 worth, you will get a $20 additional gift card at no charge.

Marianne: that is something everyone needs to come by and check out.

Come to lucent medi spa and give the gift of relaxation.

Marianne: lowndes farms supply has everything you need for farm and garden, and plenty of gift ideas for your whole family.

You'll find all the best from carhartt, including a large this transcript was exported on nov 28, 2019 - view latest version here.

Wcbi holiday shopping show two 2019 email transcript by rev.com page 9 of 11 selection of warm, rugged winter coats, knit caps, in a variety of colors.

Insulated water repellent jackets, comfortable women's leggings, and heavyweight wool socks.

Lowndes farm supply also offers heavy duty gear for work and hunting from berne, camogear, and coveralls for kids and adults.

And warm insulated heavy coats.

Marianne: you've got to have your best footwear while hunting and on the job.

Boggs boots for men and women are tough, but they also look great.

And lowndes farm supply has plenty to cose from.

Also boots from lacrosse, rocky and other well known brands.

Don't miss their selection of fire resistant coveralls.

And toys for the kids.

And if you just can't decide, gift certificates are available.

This christmas season shop lowndes farm supply on 69 co- op road just off of highway 12.

Call 328-3481, and they're also on facebook.

Marianne: i am here at ashley home store in columbus, mississippi.

Ashley furniture is the largest manufacturer and retailer in the united states.

And i'm here with josh and he's the manager of the store.

Hi josh.

How are you?

Josh: good.

How are you?

Marianne: i love your shirt.

Josh: thank you.

Marianne: josh, you were telling me about the room packages.

Tell me what that consists of.

Josh: yes ma'am.

Right now we have three queen size beds to choose from.

That includes the matching chest and nightstand.

You also get a mattress set to go with that.

Marianne: oh, that's great.

And the price is how much?

Josh: well, there's more.

So after the bedroom group we move on to the living room set.

And you'll get a sofa and love seat, and a three piece table.

So it'd be a five piece living room group.

Then also we're going to include a dining room set, which would be a five piece dining room with table and four chairs.

And we've got those starting at $2599.

Marianne: so you could come in here and just furnish your entire home with this package deal.

Josh: absolutely.

And we also offer 12 months interest free financing with that deal.

Marianne: oh, well that helps a lot.

Especially at the holidays.

Josh: absolutely.

Marianne: we are here in a room full of mattresses.

Josh, tell me about your specials.

This transcript was exported on nov 28, 2019 - view latest version here.

Wcbi holiday shopping show two 2019 email transcript by rev.com page 10 of 11 josh: yes ma'am.

We have the largest mattress selection in the golden triangle.

Marianne: i can see that.

Josh: we carry tempur-pedic, which is the most highly recommended mattress.

Stearns and foster, sealy, and ashley- sleep.

Marianne: wow, so if you have trouble sleeping, this is the place to be.

Josh: absolutely.

Right now through the end of the year, we're going to have $1,000 off select mattresses.

Marianne: that is a great discount.


Come on in and grab you a mattress.

Josh, other than your package deals, what are other christmas savings do you have?

Josh: yes ma'am.

So now through the end of the year, we're going to have savings up to 30% off all of our bedroom, living room, ding room and accessories.

Or you can take advantage of our interest free financing for up to six years.

Marianne: you can't beat that.

From ashley home store in columbus, mississippi, josh and all of his crew merry christmas.

Marianne: i'm shopping at appearance salon today with my friend and owner, cary nath.

Cary, i love coming here.

Tell me how long you've been in business.

Cary: we've been in business 10 years.

Marianne: oh wow.

I guess it's been 10 years then since i've been coming.

One of my favorite people to be around.

Always a good time when i come into a appearance salon.

Cary, let's meet your team.

Cary: amy, kayla, dj.

And let's not forget our amazing nail tech, leigh.

Marianne: cary, will you offer gift certificates during the holidays?

Cary: yes, we will.

And the gift certificates from now through christmas are $5 off.

Marianne: oh, what a savings.

Are appointments necessary?

Cary: we do take walk-ins.

However, during the holiday season we recommend an appointment.

Marianne: i agree.

Book your appointments and look your best at appearance salon.

Highway 45 columbus.

Let appearance salon make you beautiful for christmas.

Merry christmas.

This transcript was exported on nov 28, 2019 - view latest version here.

Wcbi holiday shopping show two 2019 email transcript by rev.com page 11 of 11 marianne: hancock hardware in brooksville is so much more than hardware.

They have a great selection of clothing for men, women and children, especially from carhartt, one of the most trusted brands in hunting apparel.

Your kids will love a carhartt hoodie, coat, or jacket.

All you hunters out there, hancock has a huge selection of carhartt camo, hoodies, shirts, stocking caps, vests, and winter coats.

And also vests from drake.

Keep your hands and feet warm and dry while you're in the woods with bandit fleece hunting gloves.

And boots from several top name brands.

Marianne: hancock has you covered ladies with soft, warm and comfy slipper socks and leggings from charlie paige.

And socks from world's softest.

Make christmas memories for your little ones with holiday themed onesies and clothing.

Show your school spirit with college t-shirts, team flags, and pillows.

Need more christmas gift ideas?

Find mississippi made gourmet foods, holiday t- shirts, christmas and holiday decorations.

And be sure to check out hancock's garden flags, and selection of concrete statues.

Marianne: farmers, let hancock hardware help you take care of your vehicles with hydraulic fluid, gear lubricant, and cleaning solution.

We care for your livestock with horse and cattle feed, chicken feed, and alfalfa hay.

Hunters, hancock keeps you supplied with ryegrass seed, and deer corn.

When you're shopping for christmas, be sure to stop at hancock hardware.

You might just find everything you need.

Just outside of brooksville on highway 45, and also on facebook.

Jared: hey guys.

I'm jared owens, with owens outfitters here in starkville.

We have a new store located in the middleton court shopping center.

And i want to show you a bunch of things we've been working on for christmas gifts this winter.

First off, i'm going to introduce you to mr. patrick carroll who we call the shoe guru around here, and he's going to introduce you to some great shoes.

Patrick: thanks jd.

So over here we have bed stu, which is going to be the best quality shoe that we have in the store with genuine leather and a western look to them.

They're very stylish.

And over here we have roan, their sister company.

We also have men's shoes in bed stu, cole haan, roan, pikolino to keep the style and quality similar to the women's.

And don't forget about the boots.

We have dress, dress casual, work and hunting with danner, dan post, ariat, and lacrosse.

Jared: all right guys, let me close out with some gift ideas.

We have a barn full of all things yeti.

We have costa, maui jim sunglasses.

And if you need something mississippi state, we've got you covered.

So before you send your money off to the amazon, y'all come see us.

Marianne: thanks for watching.

And remember, it pays to shop local.

Merry christmas.

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