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Monday, January 25, 2021

Living Hope Lutheran Church

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Living Hope Lutheran Church
Living Hope Lutheran Church

Living Hope Lutheran Church present a free Christmas concert on Friday by Him and Her.

Watching jack and december at time for us all get into the smith barrett lutheran church, and to help us do that with a christmas concert as you heard that right here to sell the detailed as passer aircraft is doing at their fasb back.

We were the thing we can't believe it's december.

I know i just talked with a sermon this past week we just had thanksgiving at her house or some christmas is coming soon so get ready, ready or not right to tell you you have not been perfect, and yes, it's a big thing you want to highlight your living hope is this friday at 630 december 6 got a free christmas concert coming up is put on by worship duo called him and hurts husban- and-wife seth and jenna to put man our concert where you are our favorite christmas songs an also some of their own original as well so excited to have been traveling the country actually allotted for churches all aroun the country.

The nashville righ now.

I was to review the meters by the end of the so excited to have seth and jen and everyone is an original amine is everyone to be able to attend.

Yes you will invite the community to come on out to be hosted in for diaz space.

The chattanooga event center just across the interstate, where were we worship him as place mall.

There, so we'd like to put up to come on out and join us for thi free event at greatest attending event center is a great locatio so that it can be plenty of roo for everyone and listen to the concert.

You know, as a church you are partnering is the wording the forgotten child find and we all get involved if we plan to attend the concert friday.

How can we can get with the parties in the last couple months here reviewing some packing days for them coming up on tuesday nights but everyone comes to this.

This freed him and her christmas concert really having a white forgotten child fund box there when you come to the event would encourage you t bring along a toy or coat and place it in that box will have under christmas tree and i that will be taken those donations t forgotten child fund and help them sort goes to get the families and children in need that many will begin the other christmas resins this year.

Subsequently, the concert we love to have as anyone who's there.

Bring along a free gift to hand off temple way to help out the community.

Of course, is well.

I said i would go back to him and her worship a little better concerta course we mention it is to be a concert there's gonna be some christmas themes to have a little bit mor about what talent think they are and what we can do it, and expand jenna the just videos of him to hear and noticed that more of acoustic title christmas music from the cool original songs to some i'm hoping that we hear from you as well, but i yet it kind of got a very clean, pure sounds are the really awesome.

I've actually done the pleasure the countertop own on excited to free concert.

This is open to the entire community is happening this friday at the chattanooga enter being freakin out if you feel glad to do bring a coat to laptop and not forgotten child.


Tell us little bit more about christmas or is it happening with you guys yes we do a christmas eve service this year.

It's always kind of upping the meter is there social is christmas but it's a it's a good place that chattanooga event center were heaven is concert same place for you to be having a christmas ev worship service down to 6 o'clock on december 24.

So there were excited to be of a host something there.

The owner tabitha got a plug for her and she is awesome.

She's been so great drawing us to have a worship service there christmas eve.

So the whole community is invited to join us for an act on christmas day that think is correct.

Next is and the concert help is this friday we are better.


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