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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Louisiana OMV offices still closed

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Louisiana OMV offices still closed
Louisiana OMV offices still closed
Louisiana OMV offices still closed

Us for news 15 at 5.

3 louisiana o-m-v offices are still being impacted two weeks after a ransomware 15's cassie schirm is in the studio with more on how louisiana is still in recovery mode and why its taking so long.

Well offices here in lafayette baton rouge and new orleans are back open but more than a dozen of louisiana's motor vehicle offices still remain closed as the effects from the cyber attack are lingering now i spoke with tech officials today who say getting things back and running could take some time for good reason.

Two weeks ago the state of louisiana was hit by a ransomware attack from what officials think was an email with a link that hit several state servers including at the office of motor can call it blackmail you can call mafia atever you want but it is it's affecting business is affecting government chris rader with rader solution_says it just takes a single click when a virus is download it starts encrypt in those files it doesn't just encrypt on that one computer that one server it connects to everything in that part of the domain or in that networkrader says two weeks really isnt that long when it comes to attacks like these.

"it's taking time and the reason it's taking time is because they have to take the network and completely rebuild the software in the network from scratch every single device and i can do one at a time or a few at a time or maybe a dozen at a time but it's a manual process."that process in the past for other government attacks has taken months."they have to assess what happened figure out where it came in and then not only rebuild it but obviously put security back in place you know if they miss one computer on that network and it has a virus on it it could contaminate the whole thing all over again."but louisiana isnt the only state to be attacked this year according to_check poin_ there have been more than 130 local and state goverments held hostage.

We're finding it very common in 2019..._kierk sanderli_ with checkpoin_ says there are seeing more cyber attacks on government agencies than ever before.

The hackers are taking their time and they're going exploring the environments and then when it's critical they will launch their attack and hold you hostageits these types of cyber attakcks where the payout could be big for hackers.not been able to process you know licenses not being able to pre-vied food stamps or other government services to folks that need these things is what they want to do and by doing that they're able to create pressure that forces you potentially to have to pay asking for a ransom of $500,000 $1 million but in order to effectively shut everything down rebuild and reconstruct the entire environment that could cost millions and millions of dollars so how can businesses and agencies protect says education is key.and email or link don't we can have the best or in right now but if an employee walks in here with her key and open the door and then they share the key all of the secuirity is compromised.

Now there is no timeline when all of the omv offices will be open but there are multiple agencies and staff working on making sure the servers are secure.

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