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Monday, January 25, 2021

Student arrested for bringing gun to Sparkman High School

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Student arrested for bringing gun to Sparkman High School
Student arrested for bringing gun to Sparkman High School
Student arrested for bringing gun to Sparkman High School

Right now, investigators are working to learn why a 16- year-old brought an unloaded gun to sparkman high school.

That student is now facing charges.

Another student saw the gun and reported it to the school resource officer.

Thanks for joining us - i'm dan shaffer.

And i'm najahe sherman.

Waay31's megan reyna is live outside the school where parents are relieved the teen won't be back on campus.


Quick indeed.

It was an example of if you see something...say something.

In this instance... a student noticed a handgun in a backpack like this one... reported it to the school resource officer... and within just a few minutes... the student with the gun was taken into custody.

Natz patterson says:"everything we preach every single day to these kids, it worked today."

That's why brent patterson with the madison county sheriff's office says it's important to invest in resource officers.

It only took minutes to find the weapon reported... adn take the student into custody.

Patterson says:"our sro's are investigators themselves, they jump into action, and they know these schools better than anyone."

A scary situation... that had mother of two young kids... tiffany wozniak taken back.

She lives in a neighborhood across from the high school.

Wozniak says:"just to know that when they get older, stuff that this is still happening, and like you said, we're right here, and that's scary."

But she's relieved that the district has an s-r-o for each campus... with two at sparkman.

Wozniak says:"it is so good and comforting to know that there is somebody right there, right when you need them, in circumstances like that."

Parents were notified of the incident... but there was no need for a lockdown.

Students went about their day as usual.

Patterson says:"i love that our training is working in our schools."

The 16 year old is being charged for carrying a concealed weapon... and is now at the juvenile detention center.

The sparkman principal says he's not going to be allowed back on campus.

Reporting live in madison - mr waay31 news.

Sparkman high school is no stranger to controversies involving guns and threats in recent years.

Last year -- there were two gun threats that caused lockdowns on campus!

... those happened within a month of each other!

In february of 2018 -- a student was arrested for allegedly bringing a gun to school ... the school was locked down and evacuated -- but no gun was ever found.

And back in 2015 -- there was another shooting threat.


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