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Monday, January 25, 2021

Dispensary breaks ground in Illinois

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Dispensary breaks ground in Illinois
Dispensary breaks ground in Illinois

In less than a month, you'll be able to buy recreational marijuana in the state of Illinois.

Cold front moves through wisconsin.

In less than a month... you'll be able to buy recreational marijuana in the state of illinois.

Right now --illinois cities on the border are trying to attract customers from wisconsin too.

Rock county reporter adam duxter joins us from our bureau at the janesville gazette with what this means for police.

Eric and susan... we've known this would be the case for months now... but now that it's just a few weeks away..

The stateline is gearing up for legal weed.

This plot of land near i 39 90... will soon be south beloit's premiere cannibis dispensary.

It's as close to wisconsin as you could possibly get.

A little too close... for some.

((( , " "))) 6 10 35 we all recognize there will be wisconsin residents that will go down to illinois and are going to purchase marijuana down there that's actually what leaders in south beloit are hoping.

They say... it's a possibility for a multimillion dollar economic boom.

Something the dispensary's owner made very clear while pitching the mayor the idea.

5 55 12 our thought process is purely economic development.

They approached us.

For us, we never even entertained the thought of saying no.

And even though this dispensary is close to the rock county sheriff's office..

Sheriff troy knudson says... it's still illegal once you cross back into the badger state.

((( , " "))) 6 15 35 don't put yourself in a bad spot by trying to bring it back here to wiscosnin and then having to deal with a criminal charge or something on your record that you don't want when you're applying for a job.

And while wisconsin law enforcement prepares... knudson wants people to remember... it's illinois... not wisconsin..

Who is legalizing.

South beloit mayor ted rehl says he expects the dispensary to bring close to 500,000 dollars in tax revenue in 2020 alone.... sheriff knudson ys..

Despite everything..e's glad illinois is legalizing first... so that officers in wisconsin can learn more should wisconsin follow suit in years to come.


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