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Monday, January 18, 2021

TYLER Henderson County Schools Search Policy

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TYLER Henderson County Schools Search Policy
TYLER Henderson County Schools Search Policy
TYLER Henderson County Schools Search Policy

S in henderson county are now using hand held metal detectors in all schools to make sure students don't sneak weapons in the buildings.

Tyler druin has been following this story and reports tonight from henderson.

Its a metal detector just like this one right here, that school administrator s in henderson county will be using to search students at random to keep your child safe.

"i have three kids in henderson county schools, one that goes tot the high school, i think its a great ide?

I dont want to get a phone call one day that there was a shooter and my kid was hurt."

An idea that nearly every parent we've spoke to within the school district agrees with?

That policy change comes just weeks after school officials say a student was found with a gun in his backpack on the high school campus.

"weve had metal detector wands in all of our schools in henderson county for several years, administrators will use the wands as a screen process that is random.

We do ask our parents that they do know what is in their child's backpack" a letter that went home with high schoolers this wee?


The board policy in depth saying quote " examples of random groups may include, all students in classrooms, all students in a hallway or that is tardy to class, all students leaving or entering a door way, or all students on a school bus" the numbers are astounding, according to sandy hook promise dot org, since january this year?

T there have been 45 school shootings nationwide.

That's nearly one school shooting a week, the united states is leading the globe when it comes to mass school shooting?

Each day eight school aged child dies, and another 32 are shot and injured.

Car crashes are the leaded cause of death in childre?

Firearm deaths followed closely at number 2.

"safety is a top priority for our student and our staff and our families, we just wanted to take the next step and add another layer of security" "i think its totally disheartening that parents would be apposed to the policy when at the end of the day their kids are going to be just as safe" school officials say they are within the legal limits of the kentucky state law to search students at random, in henderson, tyler druin


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