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Monday, January 18, 2021

Bryce Patterson

Credit: WTHI
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Bryce Patterson
Bryce Patterson
Clay City sprinter signs with ISU

Over the lady braves since 2004... over in clay city, senior sprinter bryce patterson fulfilled his child hood dream by officially becoming a sycamore.

The eel won two sectional titles last a junior bryce made it to state in the 100 meter dash .... now the senior is learning how to handle being a roll model for future generations.

<what i tell the kids that want to run track is just follow your dreams you know.

As a little kid i just remembering wanting to play d-1 and go d-1 and look where i am now.

I'm this skinny kid who looks like a cross country kid and look where i am.

I'm a sprinter for a d-1 track team so


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