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Monday, January 18, 2021

Council seat winner in Dayton concedes amid legal fight

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Council seat winner in Dayton concedes amid legal fight
Council seat winner in Dayton concedes amid legal fight
Council seat winner in Dayton concedes amid legal fight

Good evening, i'm jordan burrows.

Our top story tonight, there is a new representative in ward 3 in dayton.

Tyrone taylor has conceded his seat on the dayton town council.

It's a story we've been following since before last month's election.

News 18's anna darling was in the courtroom today when it was all made official, anna?

This all happened after a lawsuit saying taylor wasn't qualified.

The dayton town council race was easily the most contested and controversial in the viewing area.

Stanley kyger lost to tyrone taylor by 10 votes on november 5th.

But kyger took taylor to court, saying he was not eligible.

Taylor pleaded guilty to a theft charge 20 years ago, when he was 19 years old.

Indiana law says a person is disqualified from assuming or being a candidate for elected office if in a guilty plea hearing, the person pleads guilty.

Taylor was not in the courtroom today for the bench trial.

He wrote a letter to the court saying he's conceding on the advice of his lawyer.

Judge sean persin named stanley kyger the rightful ward 3 representative.

Kyger's attorney peter kovacs hopes this decision will help the town get past the controversy of the race.

"hopefully they can now get to the work of the town and doing the town's business for the next four years" kovacs says they did not expect taylor to concede.

But that he believes judge persin upheld indiana law today.

Kyger did not want to speak to us on camera.

The main controversy in dayton is who supports annexation.

Kyger is part of the professed "white shirt gang" in dayton.

This is the group that opposes adding more housing to the town.

Taylor is part of the "black shirt gang" which supports the growth.

Now that kyger has replaced taylor, the town council is 4 to 1 against annexation.

Anna darling news 18.


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