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WCBI News at Ten - Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019

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WCBI News at Ten - Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019WCBI News at Ten - Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019

WCBI News at Ten - Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019

Thank you for joining us tonight// thank you for joining us tonight// it may seem hard to believe, but the 20-20 presidential campaign still has 11 months left in it.

The democratic field has already faced off on the debate stage several times, and candidates are already beginning to drop out, including senator kamala harris.

But 2 new candidates have joined the fray, and one of those newcomers was in the magnolia state today.

Courtney ann jackson has more on what brings michael bloomberg to mississippi.

No script available her to the presidential candidate back in september jacket leadership it will all just focus in tuesday's roundtable at work trying to address sports controversy for years right off the same opening remarks to the group and to reporters later in the practice of stop and frisk certainly got it wrong and i regret that and i'm sorry you'll see an opportunity to criminal justice reforms with the proposed places like jackson different challenges different opportunities in different perspectives and other parts of the country but the challenges facing the people of the city of the challenges that are party has to confront him on his aimed at reducing the prison population continued incarceration and half crying with community-based programs and i know that we can do it because in new york city we showed how much progress is possible donald trump supporters help find a way to the street from around is not a brussels for the great job you give them another four years is legally during this country around or disagree saying there are two key he wants to see the second term for donald trump and to stop pulling people apartfurther actn on a short term rental ordinance in starkville will have to wait until next year..

Tonight alderman held a public hearing on the adoption of the ordinance.

Several members of the board had hoped to vote on the measure tonight.

But---after almost 2 hours of debate---alderme n voted 5 to 2 to table the issue.

The motion came after several starkville residents and some aldermen members raised concerns that the ordinance discrimates against short- term rentals while long term rentals are left alone.

The city of columbus's budget looks a lot different than it did this time last year - and in a green way// after being over 71-thousand dollars in the hole in october of 2018, as of october of this year the city's general fund is over 1-point-1 million dollars.

Last year mayor robert smith designed a saving plan to get the city back on track.

That plan included generating money from salaries and benefits from positions that were left open, including nine in the police department... that alone saved the city nearly 500 thousand dollars.

Total employee savings were from 32 open positions across several departments.

Including an assistant police chief position which mayor smith says will be filled in 2020.

Wipe to vo plans are moving forward to upgrade street lights in columbus// at tonights city council meeting a member from path company talks about the benefits of l-e-d lights// in all, more than 43-hundred of the energy efficient fixtures are expected to light up the friendly city// mayor smith says lights still need to be placed along the riverwalk// if all of the equipment arrives on time, work should begin in january..

A police department in our area will soon be without an officer for about a year, as he is deployed with the u-s army reserve.

As allie martin reports, it is not the first time the small department has had to make accommodations as its officers are called to wear a different uniform,..

Things are always busy for new albany police sergeant joe keaton.

He and his wife are foster parents, he is a deacon at his church and he also serves as a platoon sergeant with the u s army reserve.

" i just wanted to come in, serve the community and help people."

Next month, sergeant keaton will be deployed to afghanistan.

He has been in the army reserve for 31 years and has had one prior deployment.

Keaton says being deployed once before makes things a little easier, but he will still miss his family and friends.

"nothing really different, different site, same job, different site."

Sergeant keaton isn't the only officer on the force to be deployed.

Corporal stephen nolen is in the mississippi national guard and recently returned from his first deployment as part of a nato peacekeeping mission in kosovo.

Corporal nolen says having a boss who supports servicemembers helped a great deal.

"my job was very easy cause, new albany police is very military supportive, had no issues whatsoever with my job, very good leadership here."

Standup bridge of course when an officer is deployed, crime doesn't stop and calls for service still must be answered.

So new albany police chief chris robertson and the entire force make necessary adjustments.

"most agencies, me included, we either use reserve officers, or we do a conditional hire type thing.

An officer comes in, works for up to a year and then, with understanding when officer who is deployed comes back, he will have to resume his duties."

Both keaton and nolen say they take great pride in serving their community and their country.

In new albany, allie martin, wcbi news chief robertson has had as many as three officers deployed at one time.

First look stinger first look summary: nice and seasonable weather will continue for the next 2 days.

A quick moving system will give us some showers thursday night into friday.

Most of the weekend is looking ok but more rain and perhaps even a few storms will return by monday afternoon and evening.

Tuesday night: scattered high clouds early with mainly clear conditions developing.

Lows in the 30s.

Winds light and variable.

Wednesday: mostly sunny and pleasant.

Highs around 60.

Winds wnw 5-10 mph.

Wednesday night: partly cloudy and quiet.

Lows in the upper 30s.

Thursday: increasing clouds but dry.

Highs in the low 60s.

A man is dead after an apparent industrial accident in louisville.

The incident happened at winston plywood and veneer about 11 this morning.

Now, an investigation is underway.

Our stephanie poole spent the day in louisville and has more.

Winston plywood and veneer looks quiet from the outside but inside the longstanding winston county facility, a tragic work-related death has a community in shock.

" at approximately 11:21 a.m ths morning the 911 received a call from 1160 south church avenue at winston plywood and veneer and that there was an industrial accident.

Sources tell wcbi that brandon foster was working on a wood chipping machine when the incident happened.

Investigators have not released an official cause or what machine foster was working on.

Louisville police chief sean holiness says it's likely debris was a factor in the accident.

"at approximately 11:27a.m.

Fire and patient care arrived on scene and a couple of us police officers because we really didn't know what we had to maintain the scene and give care to the individual."

Coroner scott gregory says foster died at the scene of the accident, inside the plant.

Louisville mayor will hill says it's in times of tragedy the winston county community comes together.

"as being the face and voice of louisville to some degree we as a community must come together to be there to support those who lost.

Whether it's possessions or the most important thing lost of life.

We want to be there for our industrial partners.

Winston plywood is such a community partner and their apart of our community in so many ways."

Atlas holdings bought the plywood mill in 2014 and later rebuilt after a devastating tornado hit the facility that year.

It officially reopened in 2017 and employed more than 300 people, at the time.

Mayor hill says compassion will hold the town and the folks that work at winston plywood together.

"it's a tough day anytime you're dealing with tragedy, your friends and neighbors, some of which you may not know, this is what community is all about."

The plant is temporarily closed.

Osha is investigating the apparent accident, along with local officials.

Coroner gregory says an autopsy has been ordered for foster.

Winston plywood and veneer released a statement late this afternoon, saying in part it is working with investigators, clergy, and crisis support personnel.

Ceo bruce warren says quote... "winston plywood is devastated by the loss of our friend and colleague as a result of this accident.

Our team at the mill is a family in every way, and our family has suffered a heart-wrenching loss today.

We don't have any words to express our profound grief, and we are praying with his family."

End quote.

Stinger summary: nice and seasonable weather will continue for the next 2 days.

A quick moving system will give us some showers thursday night into friday.

Most of the weekend is looking ok but more rain and perhaps even a few storms will return by monday afternoon and evening.

Tuesday night: scattered high clouds early with mainly clear conditions developing.

Lows in the 30s.

Winds light and variable.

Wednesday: mostly sunny and pleasant.

Highs around 60.

Winds wnw 5-10 mph.

Wednesday night: partly cloudy and quiet.

Lows in the upper 30s.

Thursday: increasing clouds but dry.

Highs in the low 60s.

Thursday night: mostly cloudy with showers developing.

Lows in the mid 40s.

Friday: mostly cloudy with areas of showers.

The chance of rain is 70%.

Highs top out n the 50s.

Some rain is possible n the hattiesburg area so anybody traveling to the high school football championships may want to pack a poncho to be on the safe side.

Weekend: things are looking pretty good overall.

Highs should to out around 60 both saturday and sunday.

While some isolated showers can't be ruled out on sunday we're keeping the chance at just 20% for now.

Monday: warmer with highs in the upper 60s.

The day may start off dry but odds of rain and perhaps a few storms will go up heading into the afternoon and evening.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and the wcbi news app take vo off top system will give us some showers thursday night into friday.

Most of the weekend is looking ok but more rain and perhaps even a few storms will return by monday afternoon and evening.

Tuesday night: scattered high clouds early with mainly clear conditions developing.

Lows in the 30s.

Winds light and variable.

Wednesday: mostly sunny and pleasant.

Highs around 60.

Winds wnw 5-10 mph.

Wednesday night: partly cloudy and quiet.

Lows in the upper 30s.

Thursday: increasing clouds but dry.

Highs in the low 60s.

The 71st annual reed's tupelo christmas parade rolled through the streets tonight// crowds lined the streets to catch sight of their favorite floats and old saint nick himself// this year's theme was a christmas of peace and harmony// first place winners in tonights parade were i-c-c, tupelo buffalo park, and royalty dance company// stinger christmas is a time of giving - but for some it's also a time of ?taking?// we find out how to keep the grinches at bay when if you ordered gifts online, any day now, packages will start showing up on the doorstep.

Holiday package delivery usually means a spike in "porch pirates" - people waiting to take those packages while you're not home.

Our cash matlock has more on how local law enforcement are working to prevent this.

It never fails.... ... every year, thousands of packages are stolen off people's doorsteps and porches.

Lieutenant andy long with the amory police department says getting caught taking something that's not yours... can land a person serious jail time.

"if they take it off the porch, in the state of mississippi that would be tresspassing, which is a misdemeanor and then the theft of it would be determined on the amount of the product, depending on what you had delivered, or what they wind up taking."

If the stolen item is worth a thousand dollars or more, long says that's considered grand larceny, which is a felony.

Aberdeen police chief henry randle says there are several steps you can take to prevent something like this from happening to you.

"make sure you got somebody there to pick it up because you do know that holiday season brings about a lot of activity that's unwanted."

"make sure you're talking to your neighbors.

Neighborhood watch could be as many as you and your neighbor."


Long says so far this holiday season, they haven't had any reports of stolen packages, but they did have one earlier this year.

"thanks to a doorbell video, with high quality video, we were able to identify that suspect and successfully prosecute them."

If you see someone taking your delivery or your neighbor's... police advise you to ?not?

Confront the thief.

"if you see someone that's not from the neighborhood or you see someone in the backyard, please pick up the phone, call 9- 1-1 or your local agency to get a car in that area because a brief description of someone goes a long way."

"keep your eyes on them.

Don't try to interact with them.

Don't try to stop them to hold them.

You'll wind up possibly having some civil or possibly criminal issue going on with your self."

A recent study by comcast shows 1 in 4 people have had a package stolen from their home.

Again, police say if you have anything stolen, or see something suspicious in your neighborhood, call 9-1-1.

Stinger it's awarded to the best collegiate football player in the state of mississippi...your 24th annual conerly award recipient when we spx open hosting 24th ranked butler ole miss head coach kermit davis was stressing for the rebels to do a better job with the team's transition defense the rebels did...only giving up 2 pts in transition...unfo rtunately, it was butler guard kamar baldwin serving as the rebels achilles heel to oxford... ole miss welcoming number 24 ranked butler into the pavillion.

1st half.

Bulldogs getting things rolling early.

Guard aaron thompson on the drive, dots the corner.

Guard kamar baldwin pulls up and knocks down the 3.

Rebs trail 7-2.

Baldwin is just getting started.

Rebs on the break.

Guard devontae shuler bounce pass to guard bryce williams who makes an acrobatic layup.

Rebs trail 9-6.

Later in the half.

Shuler comes off the screen and finds an open forward khadim sy for the alley oop slam!!

Ole miss goes into half trailing 31- 22.

2nd half.

Shuler with the ball.

Hesitation dribble before pulling up for the trey!!

It's good.

Ole miss trailing 36-27.

Rebs tryna hang tough.

Guard breein tyree takes the handoff and fights his way to the rim, gets fouled and makes the layup!!

Rebs down 12 now butler in transition.

Forward jordan tucker finds baldwin at the top of the key!!

He pulls up and drains it!!

Bulldogs take a 16 point lead.

Later, tucker's pass is stolen by tyree who gets a 2 hand jam on the break.

Rebs cut the deficit back to 12.

Tyree with the rock, he does a crossover step back 3 and drains it!!

Rebs only down 6 but butler would respond.

Baldwin with the isolation, putson the mesforenog wn the fadeaway midrae he would go ont to have 31 tonight!!

Ldwin'31 ints push the llgs passthrels--- 58ole mi fls to 5..head coach davis' thoughts on his team after the game avis: uys, we he o guyswho weren fit d second teaall-se and we're rugging.

We're struling.

Theye 10-26 andwe'rdot now.hey'reryin just righ w e way our team's bui ose two ys he to score for us."

When you think running back's in the state of mississippi...chan ces are mississippi state's kylin hill comes to mind the columbus native is already known as the southeastern conference's leading rusher...after tonight will be remembered as one of the best collegiate players in the state of mississippi hill was honored as the 24th recipient of the annual c spire conerly trophy which recognizes the best college football player in mississippi hill's season stats speak volumes...1,347 yards rushing for 10 touchdowns.... as a born and raised mississippian, no honor could be better for the columbus native to earn hill: "they have great athletes.

Plumlee had an incredible season so for me to win it was huge.

To grow up as a kid this is the award every mississippi athlete should want to win."

Moorhead: "that he loves me?

I love him too.

I have three children at home and 120 sons in the program.

There's an old saying that's if you don't treat them right you can't teach them right.

I think kylin knows i care more about him as a student and a person as i do a player.

It tugged at my heartstrings to hear him say that."

Rivalry hoops...the lowndes county clash between new hope and caledonia lady feds trailing in the third....shante kidd knocks down the triple from the wing.... new hope would squash any chance of a caledonia comeback anna prince with the sweet dish inside to juquala sherrod for the two...lady trojans up double digits... and adding to the lead in the fourth.....swing pass to reed mcglothin.....driv es baseline, and pulls up for the floater for two... new hope dominates it's rival....62-21 running it back with the boys...two undefeated, new hope and caledonia face off feds get on the board first.....leigh for three....nylon.... wouldn't take long for new hope to answer....r.l.

Mattix jumps the outlet pass.....goes strong to the rim, hoop plus the harm....tie ball game early in the first... quarter coming to a close....new hope with numbers....taylon stevenson finds a wide open aijah brownlee for three......trojans take the lead... but caledonia cuts into it right before the horn....in transition...leigh finds cooper mcclusky in rhythm.....money in the bank... trojans would stay in command of the ball game.... completing the sweep of its rivals..... still to come..

Chief meteorologist keith gibson returns with tonights last look.

You are watching ... sidebar 61 ounce increase thursday syllable numbers by series of rain friday night 52- week it should be okay on the role of the shower 70 and other bidders he is monday at now going to have to worry about any hard rain during fighting

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