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Comets turn the page to December

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Comets turn the page to December
8-0-0 in October; 5-8-1 in November

In waterville, i'm kiut red hot at 8-0-0 - completing l 2.

Nly unbeaten team in the the comets havinets have come back down to earth a-h-l reguown november that saw them go 5-8-1.

Different expeeir scoring plummet - t two.

After stnder three goals goals per completing oc after putting up nearly five a in the league - today at the team's ack down to eartd the chance to ask the players hat saw them go not they actively focus on scoring plummethe months and the effect ree goals goals their game.

Mber after puttn years past i ve a game in ococused on it but obviously having an 8-0 october ance task the specte of thgs little bit, it kes you have a chging of the shorter term goals within the month so i think that's someing that iny seconyear ven't really focve learned to kind of take with me and take it month s ur pepectie a little goals for each month akes you have me i just watch when we play the next game i the month so i we played the last game was last week, for you pro obviously i've leatch to th game and i think we are a very h by month andear and just keep going.

Ch month lukas n to the ice for their first home play the next game i on friday against the the last game tigers.

K, for you haveeek in a watch to the nex arena- mate

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