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Monday, January 18, 2021

CAR TALK 12-04-19

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CAR TALK 12-04-19
CAR TALK 12-04-19
CAR TALK 12-04-19

16 before the hour.

Glad to have you waking up with us as we continue on this wednesday morning time for some expert core peer advice and it's free.

Her buddy chuck miller sorting search are good to see your point, but i want a phone eula is here to kick things off you will a welcome to the broadcast ... eula are you there ... my good morning god will not drive my car but i want to know why i don't drive up and down on the net that on a hot question, yes ma'am, it will actually what you need to do is get it up and and started at least once a week or once every two weeks and take a drive down the road, get the goods a circulate the engine through th transmission and through the differential so that everything is stay lubricated.

What happens when it sits like that is condensation moisture gets all in the car and the engine and if you don't start up around up in that moisture will start calls rustin called proms in your bearings in your engine and the transmission several places in the car like a domino effect when something like that agains athletic and certainly call something else to go ride when asked also related to the rules question in a situation like the car sitting up or extended period of time the fluids tend to break down or separate or anything like that actually do and a car that's driven take someone who drops 5060 70 miles a day to work is easily a car that'll do half 1 million miles right we get someone who drives five or 10 miles.

They said i don't drive it that much will accidents harder on your car short distances than it is to get it out.

Get it up to operating temperature is some miles on the car many see these cases and we have customers that's got over 500,000 miles o the car out there people that drive a lot every day.

You know innately extend or will change if you have each angel every 3000 miles because all doesn't break down as much credit sits is much harder on the cards being driven by jw is up next j what is your question for chuck ... i to talk to her friends in a mileage, but all you change all but three months.

All were, the quicker so why you would have to change you know for the mileage you have to change it.

That goes back to the conversation we jus had car this not been driven that much that all is not started up is not yet operating temperature and is not breaking down the stuff inside the car.

That should so you need to keep the change more often.

Actually if your car is not being driven than you do.

Now if the cars no been driven at all.

You can probably change it once every six months or so, but if it's not been driven that often you need to you need to drive it.

You do we need to change the oil or frequently gets really cold.

As a hostess for summer temperature really doesn't make a difference in it to cause our cars, especially the lesson.

Your cars 96 up are designed to be at operating temperature and under 60 seconds.

So i mean by the time you got your neighborhood for most people it started operating temperature.

Now i can see my dad right now does play in his day.

He had a little formula for how long you had to weigh car warm-up before you put it in.

What is the situation that was true with the older car with the newer cars it's actually worse if you let the car sit there and i.

I don't use much fuel.

It's not like hi contact law fuel or whatever but all is the again is not circulating issues, sit in thei online the coolant is not work like knowles really not circulate not to get up and get the rpms going so sexy better, uses less fuel and keep your intake and stuff cleaner if you just started up in the cargo and with the new cars like you said in a couple minutes.

It's artie getting warm.

Finally this morning as we get into the really cold temperatures.

We've seen a couple mornings like tha so many of you were looking at that right now.

What is the bes way.

The safest way to get ice off the windshield and also windshield wipers really the only way to do it is with a kennedy officer.

Now if you go out in the evenings and put a blanket or tarp are some of you windshield in your gonna be okay but if you go out in the morning it's all the scrape it to write it or get a kennedy asser inscribed words really unless you scrape the whole windshield.

It's really not siphoning him because of you got up in the morning going on the road to see someone trying to look up underneath words just defrost and at the bottom.

Ever time we have weather like that, plus the choir, it's really either get a kennedy asser and you probably needed anyway.

Sometimes we have a right not before the locks are result so the officer will help with that too, but spray kennedy's asser on it.

Keep your winter washer fluid full and clean remedies roster on it with winter washer fluid down the road very quickly.

Just a few seconds.

This of the icer help if you have to manually unlock your core with it will ill help of any that night you'll have to crack the whole (and push it in there but the asser help but to juggle her tell us where we can stop by or expert advice cars maintain 5128 five right next to 128 x5 also call them at 875 also call them at 875-2276.

The website is transmission millers like you very much to away from 7 o'clock in her sportsman's


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